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New Prenatal Test Can Tell You If You’ve Abnormal IVF Embryos Within Two Hours

A new prenatal test called STORK (Short-read Transpore Rapid Karyotyping) can detect chromosomal abnormalities and deliver the results within two Hours. A new prenatal test developed by Columbia University Fertility Center researchers can assess if a fetus or embryo has the correct number of chromosomes in a fraction of the time and expense of currently available clinical genetic tests.
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Researchers Reveal Surprising Secrets Of One Of Our Oldest Ancestors

For paleobiologists, it’s one step forward and one step back. A large, international team led by Shuhai Xiao, a paleobiologist with the Department of Geosciences in the Virginia Tech College of Science, is examining Saccorhytus, a roughly 535 million-year-old microfossil found in rocks in China by two scientists who were each formerly visiting professors in Xiao’s lab.

As Much As 56% Of People Will Never Know They Were Ever Infected With Omicron, Finds New Study

“More than one in every two people who were infected with Omicron didn’t know they had it,” according to a new study. A new study from Cedars-Sinai researchers found that most people who were likely infected with the COVID-19-causing Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 didn’t know they had the virus. The study results were published in the online journal JAMA Network Open.

Big Oil’s Fossil Fuel Plans Are Inconsistent With The Paris Agreement

Decarbonization scenarios by BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and Equinor are inconsistent with Paris Agreement’s aims for a clean and livable Earth. This is the conclusion of a new study that shows how the global decarbonization scenarios proposed by these energy companies indicate slowed reductions in fossil fuel consumption and risk overshooting crucial climate goals. The findings of the study, which were led by the research organization Climate Analytics and included contributors from Imperial College London, were published today in Nature Communications.

New Study Finds The One That Causes Fear And Tells You – Be Afraid Or “Stay Away”

Scientists at Salk have found a molecular pathway that turns scary sights, sounds, and smells into a short message: Be afraid. A molecule called CGRP makes it possible for neurons in two different parts of the brain to combine threatening sensory cues into a single signal, label it as bad, and send it to the amygdala, which interprets the signal as fear.

Blue Crab’s strange feeding habits caught on unprecedented video: “It was really hot—95 degrees”

It was amazing to witness an aquatic predator—one that breeds, lives, and feeds solely underwater—eating out of the water at a scorching-hot temperature of 95 degrees. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s Dr. David Johnson has spent more than 20 years studying salt marshes at locations all along the East and Gulf coastlines of the United States.