Shoppers hesitant to use self-checkout

woman at self-checkoutPhoto by Ben Schumin (Creative Commons) Have you noticed that when you go shopping there are often more self-checkouts at stores and fewer cashiers there to ring up purchases for you? Self-checkout can be faster and more convenient at times. The key factor for employers is that self-checkout reduces labor costs. When you have a lot of stores, the savings starts to add up. There are over 170 Walmarts in Ohio alone. And Walmart is expected to be going fully to self-checkout. (source) Walmart can decide staff each store with multiple cashiers or you can have one area of self-checkouts.
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Toys R Us Makes Return to Middletown, NY This October

We don't want to grow up, we're Toys R Us kids! Thankfully we don't have to grow up, since Toys R Us returns to the Hudson Valley this fall. Can you believe that Toys R Us locations across the Hudson Valley and the US closed their doors almost 5 years ago? In 2018 Toys R Us locations were struggling to stay afloat thanks to stiff competition from the online shopping world and found themselves in billions of dollars of debt.
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Spaghetti With Eggplant Caponata

Think of caponata as the Sicilian version of ratatouille. With a tumble of eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, caponata is a celebration of late-summer produce, brought to life with an invigorating agrodolce—a sweet-sour condiment of vinegar, sugar, and sometimes fruit. Here, the oven provides a hands-off route to the same destination, with tender, concentrated vegetables in a puddle of butter and olive oil. A judicious use of pasta water and energetic stirring is essential for the harmonious wedding of vegetables, honey-drunken raisins, and spaghetti. Make a double batch of the caponata and the raisin agrodolce, and save half to serve alongside grilled crusty bread, roasted fish or lamb, or tucked into a grilled cheese sandwich.
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Creamy Mushroom and Green Bean Masala

Creamy mushroom fans: Here is a saucy Indian gravy that uses the power of mushrooms to give you a cozy fall dish in less than an hour. It’s made with a mix of mushrooms (crimini, button, oyster, and beech) but will be great using just one variety as well. Deglazing the fond with water ensures you get those delicious browned bits at the bottom of the pot, and adding heavy cream provides richness while rounding out the spices. Don’t forget to sauté the mushrooms in batches; it may seem like an unnecessary step, but it will create caramelized edges, further adding richness to your spiced gravy. Use green beans or snap peas for more texture and an extra helping of vegetables.

Titanium EDC multitool

The team of designers at Antpockettool have returned to Kickstarter once again to introduce their new E-one EDC multitool. Created to provide users with a convenient tool machined from titanium to provide a unique set of tools including screwdriver, ruler, firestarter, prybar, bottle opener and more. Featuring a magnetic bit driver with a dual mount system the multitool enables users to store a single screwdriver bit from one of the provided selection and also features a removable pocket clip depending on whether you would like to use a cord or clip.
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Crispy Coconutty Zucchini Fritters

Inspired by bhajia, crispy fried snacks with origins in the Indian subcontinent, these zucchini fritters avoid the pitfalls of becoming an average soggy mess. The moisture released from salting the sliced zucchini and onion hydrates the chickpea flour without introducing any other binder—minimizing the need for a liquid yields a fritter that’s actually crispy. The coconut adds a subtle sweetness and flair that complements the fresh herbs well. Rice flour is optional, but if you can get your hands on it, it’ll improve the overall crisp factor of the fritters. You can serve these as is, but a tangy yogurt always makes things better; this one features a bit of cumin to invoke raita vibes.
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Spicy Green Bean Ditalini With Caramelized Lemon

Briny, crunchy, lemony, and faintly spicy, this pasta salad of sorts hits all the high notes flawlessly. Barely blanched green beans and a handful of aromatics are “cold fried”—that is, they start in a pool of cool oil and gently sizzle and brown as the heat catches up. This is an easier splatter-free approach than dropping it all in a skillet of hot oil. Shreds of fresh mozzarella offer cool, creamy comfort and hold up well for a few hours at room temperature. Any small, tubular pasta will do in place of the ditalini.

Kim Kardashian brings her signature all-neutral style to Beats

Kim’s signature style is entering a new frontier. Kim Kardashian announced her Beats x Kim collection today, modeling three neutral-toned versions of the brand’s popular Fit Pro earbuds of her own design. In an Instagram teaser video she posted earlier today, the reality star wore a metallic bronze zip-front crop top and matching bike shorts as a team applied her makeup and adjusted the headphones in her ear. In another post, Kardashian models what appears to be the Skims Essential Scoop Neck Bodysuit ($68) with a pair of her brand’s Utility Sport Shorts ($58), all in a bone shade close to one...
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Shrimp and Tomato Toasts

This is a drippy, messy, fork-and-knife toast, full of punchy, smoky, Spanish-inspired flavors. I leave the tails on the shrimp because they’re easy to remove as you go with utensils—if you’d prefer to remove them first, simply do so before adding them to the pan. Either way, be sure to cut your bread into thick slices to ensure it can stand up to the hefty load of toppings.
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Broken Meatball Lasagna

Lasagna doesn’t always have to be a gut bomb in a casserole dish. This lighter, brighter version shatters the mold and sheds the layers with ground chicken, zucchini, and lots of lemon and herbs. Peeling the zucchini and grating it on the small holes of a box grater ensures that it melts away into the meatballs as they cook, leaving them tender and juicy. Making meatballs, browning them, and then breaking them apart feels counterintuitive, but it’s an easy, efficient way to get deep brown color and the accompanying rich flavor without overcooking the meat. The meatball mixture will be loose and slump as it cooks—that’s okay! Perfection is not the goal here. Shards of regular—rather than no-boil—lasagna noodles are essential in this pursuit of pasta freedom.
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Eggplant Tortas Milanesa

Guevara’s, a vegan café and market in Brooklyn, was the site of my first eggplant torta milanesa, a textural marvel of a sandwich with battered and shallow-fried eggplant as the star (in place of the traditional chicken, pork, or even steak cutlet you’ll often find getting the breaded and pan-fried milanesa treatment). This version is inspired by that meal, but is distinctly not vegan, due to the mayonnaise and queso Oaxaca.

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls Are Under Fire

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