It’s Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy and Violence

In the wake of the massacre in Buffalo , we have all, naturally, tried to understand what could have caused someone to commit such a horrific act of violence . This young white man linked his motivations to fears about demographic and cultural changes in the U.S., dynamics that he believed were resulting in the replacement of “the white race.”

Christianity and marriage

According to Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, American parents were recently polled regarding their greatest fears for their children and decision to marry. “In the old days parents would worry about their children marrying outside their religion or outside their race,” Goodwin says. She then goes on to cite the recent poll which indicates that today, a parent’s worst fear is a child marrying outside of the parent’s political party. This marks a very troubling reality for both America and the Christian faith.

Rare Book From 1698 Reveals Belief In Extraterrestrial Life On Saturn And Jupiter

A rare book, written in the 17th century and predicting alien life on Saturn and Jupiter, has been discovered in England – and now it may sell for thousands at auction. Back in the dark ages, things were a lot simpler. Humanity knew its place in the universe, and that place was right in the center, surrounded by the orbiting Sun, Moon, six other planets, and eventually, some kind of large star-flecked dome that held the whole thing like a gigantic snow globe.

Should Americans look to faith for help making business decisions?

As tensions rise over the rights of religious business owners who oppose same-sex marriage, research shows Americans are divided over the role faith should play in professional choices. Fifty-one percent of U.S. adults think someone’s “religious beliefs and values” shouldn’t influence their business decisions, while 48% think they should, according...

Church founded by St David pupil to hold final service

A church founded by a pupil of St David, the patron saint of Wales, is set to hold its final service due to dwindling congregations. Believed to have been started in 583, St Madoc of Ferns in Haroldston West is closing 1,439 years after being used as a place of worship.

Guns, Rhymes, God, and Politics: Shyne’s Epic Fall and Rise

Click here to read the full article. At an empty beach bar in Corozal, a shaggy town of a few thousand people just minutes from where northern Belize meets Mexico’s share of the Yucatan Peninsula, waves crash into a jagged, rocky breakwater. It’s 9 p.m., the kitchenis about to close, and the only people left are some young, very loud, and very sober American missionaries. Another languid Caribbean day is winding down, but my dinner companion, Moses Michael Levi “Shyne” Barrow, has no desire to linger over a meal and conversation. He’s shoveling in his fried fish, rice, and beans...