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Southern Baptist Convention 2021 offers a Trump and critical race theory litmus test

Want a preview of the 2022 election cycle? Look no further than the Southern Baptist Convention, or SBC, starting this week in Nashville, Tennessee. The Republican "culture wars" playbook will be front and center at this high-profile meeting of America's largest Protestant denomination. The SBC is set to tackle buzzy topics like critical race theory, or CRT, sex abuse and women's role in ministry. But the most pressing question is how will a denomination that formed in part to defend slavery deal with racism. Will it condemn CRT and risk losing Black churches and members? Or will it strike a middle ground?
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Jesus’ Love Is Stronger Than Your Failures

Your failures are not the point of your story. To be completely honest with you, I see a lot of myself in Peter. He is very impulsive. He is going to do it, say it, and he would rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission. The same guy that gets out the boat and falls for lack of faith is also the first one bold enough to call Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. Peter’s highs are really high and his lows are really low. When Jesus begins calling the disciples to follow him, do you remember how he calls Peter?
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U.K. churchgoers stunned as Bidens join them at Sunday service

Churchgoers in a seaside resort in England say they have been left “gobsmacked” when U.S. President Joe Biden and the first lady Jill Biden dropped in for a Sunday service. The Bidens are in Cornwall, southwest England, where the U.S. president is attending a Group of Seven wealthy democracies summit.
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Two leaders of very different Catholic values

I suspect that many left-leaning Roman Catholics regard the fact that Boris Johnson is Britain’s first Catholic prime minister as more a matter of regret than pride, and certainly not “a watershed moment” for the nation’s Catholics, as Catherine Pepinster suggests (A Catholic prime minister in No 10 is a watershed moment, 11 June).
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US Catholic bishops meet amid divisions on Communion policy

When U.S. Catholic bishops convene virtually for a national meeting Wednesday, they will be divided ideologically as well as physically. They’re split over whether to press ahead with an initiative that could — at least implicitly — rebuke President Joe Biden for receiving Communion while supporting abortion rights. For a...

Are the Ten Commandments still in effect today and does it name the worst sin?

Q: Are the Ten Commandments still in effect today and does it name the worst sin? — W.S. A: The Ten Commandments are founded on God’s great love for mankind and are designed to help us live obedient lives. They are just as valid today as they were when God gave them. They reflect the moral character of God, and they also provide the foundation of right living with others.
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Pastor Paula White-Cain On Faith During The Pandemic

Pastor Paula White-Cain says her faith never wavered throughout the Pandemic. That’s one reason she has been a reliable resource for thousands who questioned theirs during the long months of lockdowns, fears, conflicting information, mask mandates, and vaccines in 2020 and 2021. Churchgoers across the country who were no longer able to congregate, tuned in by the millions to worship services and faith teachings streaming into their homes from online sources like Paula White Ministries and the City of Destiny Church in the Orlando area, which White-Cain leads as Senior Pastor.

'The Queer Bible' Is Open Love Letter To Queer Community

'The Queer Bible,' is a powerful and intimate essay collection of gratitude to the queer community. Contributors include Elton John, Tan France, Graham Norton and many more. Editor of the book, Jack Guinness, talks about his inspiration behind the project.
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America is in crisis. Many Christians are making it worse

In America today, people’s worst impulses seem to be winning out. Democrats and Republicans don’t just disagree, they despise each other. The COVID-19 pandemic has become part of the culture wars, instead of a shared foe. Americans, in general, are suffering from a breakdown in relationships. There’s growing racial, economic...