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We Have an Update on Margaret Josephs and Joe Benigno’s Marriage

Margaret Josephs is sharing her gratitude for her husband, Joe Benigno. In a recent Instagram post, The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member dedicated a heartfelt message to her spouse in honor of their wedding anniversary. On June 19, Margaret took to Instagram to give her hubby a sweet...
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Toxic Woman Begs To Move In With Brother After Accusing Him Of Cheating On Wife

When someone in our family has a significant other it's important to make them feel welcomed into the family, nobody likes to feel like they're not good enough. But there is definitely a line between making someone feel included, and placing them on a higher caliber than your actual family member. 50% of marriages end in divorce, but even though they happen all the time, they can be extremely difficult to manage. What someone definitely does not need to deal with while going through a divorce, is their sister vouching for their ex. If you're not going to side with your family member, maybe just don't comment on the divorce at all.
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Bridezilla Karen Goes On Unhinged Rant When Friends And Family Won’t Fund Her Wedding

Weddings are sold to us as one of the best days of our lives. Unfortunately, the preparation that goes into them can turn out to be some of the worst. For a day that's supposed to be filled with happiness and love, it sure seems to bring out the exact opposite in a lot of people. Otherwise normal women become raging Bridezillas, freaking out over dress codes and having meltdowns over gift registries. The sense of entitlement that is gained for the sake of a ring on their finger can be completely off the charts.

Ben and Erin Napier Reveal Details in Keeping Their Romance Alive

Erin Napier and Ben Napier have been the hosts of Home Town since 2016. Years before starring on the HGTV series, the Napiers wed in 2008 after meeting while they were both students at the University of Mississippi. How do the pair manage to keep their romance alive? They spoke about this very topic recently while appearing on the At Home With Linda and Drew Scott Podcast, per

Ask Amy: Widower ponders the ticktock of moving on

Dear Amy: It’s been four months since losing my wife of 40 years. She made me promise to move on with life. To keep that promise, I have removed my wedding ring. I have started dating. I am moving slowly, wanting to develop a friendship before a serious relationship. My...

Celebrating 10 Years of Black Love and Marriage [Video]

When you choose a spouse, you’re choosing a teammate for everything. The person you will stand next to in every loss and win. The person who you will work through every struggle with. You’re making a huge investment into your life. Every investment comes with risk, and when you choose wisely, some come with a major payoff. The partner you choose impacts your quality of life, for better or for worse. I am grateful everyday to have Yvette as my teammate, my partner in all things, especially in parenthood, because every investment I make into her she gives back to me tenfold. There’s no doubt in my mind that Yvette is the best investment of time, energy, and trust I could have made almost eleven years ago. I only hope I can make her feel as blessed as I do.
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‘He doesn’t buy flowers or cook romantic meals, but he always pushes the grocery cart.’: Woman claims ‘love is found’ in small gestures, learns to accept husband as is

Get more stories like this in your inbox! Sign up for Smile, our free daily good news email read by over 825K people!. “He always pushes the grocery cart. And when we get back to the truck, he always unlocks the doors immediately so that I can get in, and then proceeds to unload the groceries while I’m sat in the truck with the seat warmers on. Rain or shine. Every time. This is our grocery game plan.

Contemplating Divorce? Try a 'Parenting Marriage' First

Being at a crossroads with your marriage is difficult. There are certain scenarios in which a parenting marriage works well. Staying for the kids is a viable option that can Be short-term or longer-term. When your marriage is in trouble, you don't have any options without pain or sacrifice. You...
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Should I disinvite my unsupportive family from my wedding?

My partner and I are getting married this summer. It is a small wedding, and I have invited my mum and siblings. However, most of my family members are not supportive of my relationship, probably because we are both women. I didn’t expect coming out to be easy or welcomed, but I never imagined that the fallout would last this long. My mum has consistently treated my sexuality as a problem and has often been very cold towards my partner.

Olympian Greg Louganis' Husband Files for Divorce

6:23 PM PT -- Greg tells TMZ ... he and Johnny are mutually ending their marriage. Despite the split, Greg says they feel grateful to have been among the first gay couples to be able to marry legally, and he's thanking those who supported the couple over the years. Olympic...

Vulnerability Is Endearing Despite Some Risk

Vulnerability in others often resonates with our own experiences and longings. The risks of vulnerability are reduced when trust is established. Being authentic in close relationships is the best antidote to loneliness. Being vulnerable is an openness about one's feelings, successes, failures, strengths, and inadequacies as well as hopes and...
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Couple breaks up after being handcuffed together for 123 days

Talk about dumping the old ball and chain. After being handcuffed together for a staggering 123 days — using the bathroom in front of one another and taking turns showering mere inches apart — troubled Ukrainian lovers Alexandr Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova have taken their shackles off and are moving on from one another.

‘Married to Medicine’ Star Kari Wells Spills Tea on Dr. Scott + Dr. Contessa Files for Divorce?

Dr. Scott Metcalfe and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe aren’t in the best place. “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is having a very emotional season. She’s been open about her marriage issues with Dr. Scott Metcalfe. They clashed with Contessa decided she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. After they were able to get past that, they had tension over Contessa going to grad school in another state. Now Contessa and Scott are having even more problems. Contessa has been feeling a disconnect between them. So she was hoping they could try to use therapy to overcome that. However, Scott didn’t want to see a therapist.