My Cancer is Back…and it’s Not Playing Nice.

I come to you today with a heavy heart. You haven’t heard from me in a while, and I apologize for that. I haven’t been feeling great (understatement) and wanted to wait until I had answers before saying anything. There’s no easy way to say this. After five months of...
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DIY Halter Top from Button-Up Shirt

I feel like I’m always posting holiday content on the day of said holiday. Sure, it’s timely and relevant, but my procrastinate-y posting schedule doesn’t always give you guys time to actually execute said holiday project for said holiday. Today that all changes!. I’m doing a 4th of July refashion,...
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Snap Front Duster to Peachy Keen Day Dress Refashion

That’s right. I’m bringing back some seriously old slang for today’s refashion (that totally makes sense if you look at the lil preview pic of the “after” above). It’s gonna be the bee’s knees ya’ll!. When I found this dress on the $1 rack at the thrift store, I thought...

Easy No-Sew Halter Top Refashion

I think everyone’s mom had a shirt like this in the ’80s. It’s shoulder padded. It’s sort of nautical. It’s not especially flattering. I realize I haven’t done a no-sew refashion in a while. This refashion took all of one minute. Yes. It was that easy. First, I made a...

Tie-Dye Coverup to Kaftan Mini Dress Refashion

When I saw this tie-dye swimsuit coverup on the $1 clearance rack at the thrift store, I almost passed it over. I mean…it’s pretty tacky. That red and yellow tie dye is LOUD…and vaguely evocative of a lava flow. But the fabric is so soooo soft! When I touched it...

Easy Strapless Summer Dress Refashion

I just love a simple summery refashion, don’t you?. I wonder what the cashiers at the thrift stores where I source my “before” pieces think when I buy dresses like this:. I’m really surprised that almost no one asks why I’m buying all of these frumpy frocks. Exactly ONE cashier asked if I did costumes for a local theater, but that is the only time anyone has questioned my odd purchases.

Rosé Festival Dress Refashion

Dress to Skirt & Top Refashion: Refashionista in Denver!. When I discovered the annual Drink Pink Rosé Festival (which was cancelled last year) was on this year, my heart did a happy flutter dance. Four hours of sampling different rosés and nibbling on cheeses with friends? Don’t mind if I...

Dress to Skirt & Top Refashion: Refashionista in Denver!

Last week, Mr. Refashionista and I took a nice little trip to Denver, Colorado!. Neither of us had been before. We found a cheap flight. Mr. R has a bajillion PTO days stocked up. In other words, the stars aligned to grant us a wonderful getaway…the first we’ve had together since having to flee Ireland on Day 3 of what was supposed to be our honeymoon as the world began to shut down.

The Best Thrift Stores in Austin, TX!

If you want to get to know what the people in a city are like, go thrifting. Whenever I go out of town, I make it a priority to explore that area’s thrift shops. Not only do I score amazing finds, but I also get to learn about the people in that community from their castoffs. I feel a bit like a part thrifter/part anthropologist.

Back in Austin: Brown Spring Floral Dress Refashion

You guys! I’m so SO happy! Last week, I got to fly to Austin to visit my much-missed friend Susan and do research for an upcoming Thrifting in Austin blog post!. We’ve been friends for years and years. She used to live here in Columbia, SC but moved to one of my favorite cities about six years ago. While we’ve been pretty good at visiting each other and keeping in touch, 2020 made that…difficult.

1940s-ish(?) Dress Refashion with Repurposed Sleeve Sash

So…I’m not totally stoked about this refashion you guys. It turned out fine, but I wish I had thought through what I was doing more and gone in a different direction. Don’t you just hate when that happens?. Luckily, the original piece was only $1, so the stakes weren’t that...

Best Sewing Supplies for Beginners: The Essential List

Learning how to sew can be really intimidating at first. Worrying about how well you’ll be able to pick up this new skill is stressful enough. Add picking out the equipment you need to get started on your sewing journey, and watch the analysis paralysis kick in!. Not everyone has...

Sailor Collar Maternity Dress Refashion

90s Babydoll Dress Refashion with Repurposed Face Mask Collar Mini Sewing Machine Review: Are They Any Good?. Sartorial options for pregnant women used to be fairly abysmal my friends. Women must have really really really wanted kids back then. Why else would they suffer the indignities of wearing dresses like...

Mini Sewing Machine Review: Are They Any Good?

My friends, I am on a quest. In coming months, I’m planning on traveling a bit to research the best thrift stores in a few different cities so I can start writing corresponding thrifting travel guides. I know…cool right?!?!. While I’m out of town, I still want to refashion as...

DIY Drawstring T-shirt from Nightgown

My friend Katie is a vintage reseller. This means she scours thrift stores for items to sell in her vintage pop-up store at our weekly farmer’s market. Do I have a problem with resellers? Absolutely not. Not everyone is a thrifter. Some people are willing to pay a premium to have a carefully curated selection presented to them. It’s a good way for folks who have a good eye for what will sell to earn a living in some pretty uncertain times.

’80s Dress to One Shoulder Dress Refashion

When I first donned this ’80s-tastic dress, the song Lady in Red began playing on a constant loop in my brain. This dress has a lot going on, doesn’t it? But I actually like a lot about it!. Let’s take a closer look at that fab fabric…. I love that...

How to Make a Muumuu into a Dress

I loooove muumuus! Living in South Carolina means you have to prepare yourself (mentally and physically) for extreme heat and humidity. Since muumuus are just about always made from soft lightweight fabrics, they’re perfect for our hot climate. And the bright splashy prints they typically contain? That’s just an added bonus!