‘PLEASE HELP:’ Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Spikes Thanks to Reddit Investors, Immediately Falls

Over the past few months Bed Bath & Beyond has emerged as Wall Street Bets' favorite new meme stock thanks to GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen taking a 10 percent stake back in March. While the company has seen its stock rally at various points, its underlying business has been struggling and Cohen himself has pushed for the company to reign in spending and restructure its operations.
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Serena Williams announces her retirement from tennis

Tennis legend Serena Williams announced her retirement in a Vogue article published Tuesday. "I have never liked the word 'retirement,'" Williams wrote. "Maybe the best word to describe what I'm up to is 'evolution.'" She said she will retire after the U.S. Open, which will run from late August into...

Why Reddit Is Accusing Aldi Of Shrinkflation

If you've been around long enough, you've probably witnessed inflation and its effects. Inflation can occur when the prices of goods rise as a result of increases in production costs, or when there is an upswing in the demand for certain products and services (via Investopedia). No businesses are immune...

Weird Apex Bug is Giving Legends the Wrong Abilities

Clips have surfaced of a new Apex Legend bug where Legends have been stuck with the wrong abilites. Yesterday, Apex Legends launched its latest Season, Hunted. As with most season launches, new content has been rolled out including brand new Legend Vantage. While a season launch should be a cause for celebration, a strange new bug has been leaving players feeling confused.
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Reddit Integrates FTX Pay To Roll Out Tokenized Community Points

Crypto exchange FTX has struck a deal with Reddit to integrate FTX Pay with the social media platform and Ethereum layer-2 solution Arbitrum, allowing users to pay gas fees on Reddit's Community Points tokens via fiat. FTX revealed in a blog post dated Aug. 9 that its crypto-to-fiat exchange platform...

What Is Reddit Anonymous Browsing and How Does It Work?

Reddit is an information goldmine. With over 430 million monthly active users, it's one of the most popular websites in the world. There's a subreddit for almost everything, and with its upvoting and downvoting system, the community is self-regulating. But that's not all there is to this social media platform....

The Hamtramck Music Festival brings four days of music and dozens of artists

The Detroit enclave of Hamtramck’s annual music festival is back, with dozens of local artists across more than 20 venues packed inside two square miles. Like our former Metro Times Blowout festival, the Hamtramck Music Festival is a chance to catch local artists before some of them inevitably blow up, and in recent years, the festival has moved from its typical March date to a new summertime setting. This year’s fest features acts like Zilched, Audra Kubat, Gabriel Brass Band, and the Amino Acids, among many others.

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich That's Enraging Reddit

Popeyes has historically been known for its fried chicken and delicious buttermilk biscuits, though since August 2019 and the advent of the chicken sandwich wars, consumers have been flocking to buy their chicken sandwich, with foot traffic in 2021 even surpassing pre-pandemic levels (per Yahoo Finance). Developing the sandwich was serious business, a project two years in the making that entailed using a special flour, applying the same buttery topping used in their famous biscuits to the bun, and cutting thick, barrel-cured pickles that outsized the competition's, according to QSR.

New Apex Legends Bug Mashes Up Legend Abilities

Apex Legends Season 14 released on August 9 and comes with a pretty unique--if not extremely fun--bug. Similar to a character mashup, the bug apparently gives Legends the ability of other Legends. For example, one player said they were able to use Ash equipped with Loba's teleportation bracelet. The teleport actually worked, and the player dubbed the mashup "Ashloba."