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Aruba: The Caribbean Island That Will Surprise You (In a Good Way)

If you’re not a seasoned traveler to the Caribbean, you may be under the impression that no matter which island you choose to visit, you’ll likely have the same experience: white sand, sun, crystal blue waters. Aruba, an island in the Lesser Antilles of the region has all that, but many of its features make for a different kind of Caribbean getaway for families. We checked it out for ourselves and and the full scoop on the best things to do in Aruba with kids.
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Ride On: Our Favorite Amusement Parks Near NYC

It’s not really summer if you don’t go to an amusement park with the kids at some point, right? But which one is best for your family? We rounded up our favorite amusement parks near NYC, with kiddie rides for little kids, thrill rides for bigger kids and extra fun like water parks and beaches if you need it. For more fun this season, see our list of Must-Dos for summer 2022, our guide to Coney Island this year and our picks for the best outdoor water parks near NYC.
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Sweet Stay: Incredibly Cool Hotels In & Around NYC

Looking for a way to take your next family vacation to the next level? We suggest booking a stay in a hotel that’s extra special. We found unique and fun hotels neat NYC with themed rooms (forest, treehouse, jungle); hotels in trains, boats and a helicopter, and even a hotel created by one of the members of the B-52s. Plus: cool hotels right here in NYC for your next staycation. For more ideas on where to stay, check out our favorite babymoon ideas, our picks for airbnbs for large groups where we go when we want to do some glamping near NYC.

Stein of the Times: Beer Gardens Where Kids Are Welcome

Looking for good food, great beer and plenty of space for your kids to roam free this season? New York City is brimming with beer gardens, taprooms and breweries with large, open spaces indoors and outdoors. Most welcome kids, many welcome pets and you can even enjoy a hearty or healthy meal with your beverage of choice. Each one has its own personality and vibe, so read on for the best kid-friendly beer gardens in NYC, and then get set to chill. For more places to eat with kids in NYC, try these spots for brunch, these places where your kids can run a little wild and our favorite places to dine outside with kids.

Amelia Island: The Florida Family Vacation Spot You Don’t Know About — But Should

Lots of people hear “Florida vacation” and think of one thing: a certain mouse. We love the guy, and his home of Orlando (evidence here), but there’s a different kind of family vacation awaiting you on Amelia Island, a 13-mile-long strip of land off the coast of Jacksonville. Amelia Island offers a winning combination of seaside fun, natural beauty, southern charm and history. Plus: a healthy dash of pirate. Even better, it’s a destination that can flex to your family’s needs, whether you want to relax, explore nature, eat and drink well or live the really good life. (Of course, you can choose to do it all, which we highly recommend.) Need more vacay ideas? Check out our favorite family travel blogs, consider an unplugged vacation this year or maybe make it a family affair with the grandparents.

NYC’s Best Restaurants Where You Can Let the Kids Run Wild

It’s ok to say it out loud: going out to eat with kids, especially toddlers, can be a little stressful. Kids are kids, and they like to squirm, run around, sometimes spill things, etc. Key parent hack: a go-to list of kid-friendly restaurants where children can do their thing, and you can relax. (Either because it’s super casual or lots of other parents are there—usually both.) Bonus: many of these spots are outdoors, making them perfect for enjoying some al fresco dining with the family. For more recs on dining out with kids in NYC, check out our favorite brunch spots and our top picks for the best pancakes in NYC. And if you’re looking for more ways to keep your toddler happy and engaged, read this!

Hot Dog! Your Guide to Visiting Coney Island with Kids

Even if you missed the Mermaid Parade on June 18, there are still plenty of reasons to head to the seaside fun spot Coney Island. In addition to the Cyclone celebrating a landmark birthday (95!), you’ll also find new rides, new eats, new art — and all the old sun and sand favorites, too. Here’s what’s happening on, and along, the boardwalk. For more things to do with the kids, check out our Summer 2022 Bucket List, our favorite playgrounds with sprinklers and where to enjoy a meal outside with the kids.

The 2022 NYC Summer Bucket List: What You Must Do with the Kids

If you thought last summer was happening, you better brace yourself for the wild ride that is Summer 2022 in NYC. It’s hard to hit all the “hot” spots during a typical summer, this year it’s gonna be downright impossible. (Which is just how we like it.) Bonus: tons of activities are free. Buckle up: here’s our list of things to do with kids in NYC, summer 2022 edition. Now slather on some sunscreen and get busy! (Looking to make an escape at some point this summer? Try these weekend getaways from NYC, these mellow beach towns, and these kid-friendly international destinations.)

The Time Is Ripe: Where to Pick Your Own Berries Near NYC

Don’t let summer pass by without heading out to some kind of field to pick your own berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries—take your pick! (Get it?) There are lots of farms near NYC where you can pick your own berries—and in some cases, even flowers! If you’re lucky, there still might be time to get the last cherries, too. Check business social feeds for the latest info on what’s ripe and crop supply. (For more summer adventures outside the city, take a day trip to one of our favorite family-friendly wineries or breweries.)

Oh Pie! Where to Pick Your Own Cherries near NYC

Cherry-picking season is a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of deal. If you’re thinking of picking some fresh cherries for your favorite pie or jam recipe, you’ll have to head out from around mid-June to early July. There are a number of fantastic farms in the NYC area where you can pick your own cherries—and cherries are the perfect size for tiny hands to pick. Farms recommend coming earlier rather than later, as it’s picking while supplies last. (Your best bet is to check a farm’s social media feeds before heading out.) Cherries are typically gone by early July, but you can still pick your own berries at one of these farms near NYC, and pick your own flowers at these farms. Just can’t get enough of farm life? How about a farm stay?

Where to Celebrate Pride with Kids in NYC

June is Pride Month in NYC (and everywhere!) and the city is ready to celebrate. The official and legendary NYC Pride Parade is June 26. (If you and the kids don’t like crowds, maybe steer clear. It gets packed.) But the parade is far from the only way to celebrate pride with the kids. (NYC Pride is also hosting Youth Pride and Family Movie Night.) Read on for all the family-friendly NYC pride events happening around town, all month long. For more fun in the sun, hit our favorite playgrounds with water features, pick some cherries while you can (June is the time), and be sure to take advantage of all the free and fun events around the city this month.

Top of the Pops: How to Celebrate Father’s Day in NYC

Heads up: Father’s Day is on its way. Looking for a gift idea that goes beyond a tie or some whisky stones? Taking a page from our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we’re recommending experiences over things for Father’s Day in NYC. (Which is also Juneteenth this year.) From activities to do as a family to fun or adventurous outings for dad and partner or friend, here are ways to let the dad in your life know he’s the main man. For more fun this month see our favorite June events for families (many are free and consider heading out to pick some cherries, because now is the time to do it!

NYC Kids Weekend Events: June 3-5

It’s pretty much summer, right? Seems a good time for some champion dart competitions, classic marionettes, hitting up a spring festival and busting out the bikes for World Biking Day. Don’t forget to go kayaking on Brooklyn’s shores, celebrate Caribbean culture or cool off in a sprinkler if it gets so hot again. It might be a nice weekend to cruise to a kid-friendly winery or brewery, see what’s happening in the Hamptons or just dine al fresco with the family.

Air Time: NYC’s Best Places to Eat Outdoors with Kids

It’s summer! And that’s just one reason why you might be looking for a restaurant with outdoor dining. But we know you can’t just take the kids anywhere there’s a cafe set up on the sidewalk. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best, most kid-friendly restaurants with outdoor dining NYC has to offer. Whether you want your own personal bubble or hut, a cozy backyard or maybe even a river view, we have something for you and your brood. For more of our picks on where to eat in NYC with kids, try these brunch spots, our favorite places for pancakes and for an extra special treat, these NYC theme restaurants.

Stay Cool! NYC Parks with Sprinklers

It’s hot out there, and an NYC park with a sprinkler where the kids can cool down is a lifesaver right about now. New York is home to playgrounds and splash pads of all kinds, and you can find these refreshing spots — of all shapes, sizes, themes and intensity — in every borough. We’ve rounded up our favorite playgrounds with water features in NYC, including parks for tiny tots, the best Central Park sprinklers, places to spend almost the whole day, and more! For more ways to keep cool, check out our favorite shady playgrounds, our pics for kid-friendly movie theaters and the best NYC museum shows for kids right now.

NYC Kids Weekend Events: May 27-29

Coming in hot for the summer! It’s Memorial Day Weekend, so pack up a picnic, celebrate Fleet Week(end) at the Intrepid, explore a local park and swing by a festive market for food and fun in the Bronx. Nice outside? Go for a hike Rainy? Check out a movie at one of our favorite theaters for kids. Or get out of town and go on a day trip!

Splash Down: Indoor Water Parks Near NYC

Looking for a quick and cool summer getaway? Indoor water parks near NYC are open and ready for you and the kids to splash down. Whether the family is in need of a one-day fun day or a longer escape, there are plenty of indoor water parks nearby in spots like New Jersey, the Poconos and upstate. Of course, you can also visit an outdoor water park ( these are our favorites), or stay local and hit an NYC playground with a sprinkler. And don’t forget: there’s always an NYC beach or one worthy of a trip.

Things To Do With Kids in the Hamptons, Summer 2022 Edition

Headed out to the Hamptons with the kids and wondering what to do with them for the weekend—or even the summer? No matter which shore or fork you find yourself on, we can help, with ideas for rainy days, places to eat, museums to visit and more. Read on for our favorite family-friendly activities in the Hamptons. For more summer activity inspiration, check out our kid-friendly winery and breweries, beaches you can get to by train and NYC’s best playgrounds with water for cooling down.

Basket Place: The Best Picnic Spots in NYC

It’s Goldilocks time in NYC. Not too hot, not too cold, just right for spreading out and having a picnic. Of course, there are dozens of places to picnic in the city, but why not dine at one of the best? Read on for the classics, new parks, and even under-the-radar picnic spots worth a look. While you’re outside, consider one of our fave urban hikes, bike rides with kids, or NYC playgrounds.

NYC Kids Weekend Events: May 20-22

Fun is happening inside and out! See elephants fall from the sky at a huge block party, check out free music all around Park Slope Brooklyn, be one of the first to see the new and improved Northwest Coast Hall at AMNH, and lots more. For more springtime fun, try a trip to an area winery, have brunch with the family, or go talk to all kinds of animals!