The Unexpected Ingredient Anne Burrell Uses In Deviled Eggs

You can find deviled eggs on the menu in almost any setting. Fancy restaurant? Deviled eggs. Backyard barbecue? Deviled eggs. Holiday party? You guessed it. This easy appetizer can be made with as few as two ingredients: eggs and mayonnaise. However, those who have made them before often like to put their own twist on the dish. Seasonings such as salt and paprika are commonly used to add flavor, though Food Network suggests adding avocado, pickles, or bacon.
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Crab Salad

This website may contain affiliate links and advertising so that we can provide recipes to you. Read my privacy policy. This delicious crab salad is hearty and cool, perfect for sandwiches or a side dish! Each bite is loaded with meaty crab, lemon, fresh herbs, and a hint of spice for flavor you won’t be able to resist. It’s the perfect companion for all of your summer get-togethers!
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Boost the Flavor in Sheet Pan Salmon with Green Sofrito, Miso, and Lemon

When you're looking for a low-lift meal (with an equally quick cleanup) nothing beats a sheet pan recipe. We have ones that range from Spring Onion and Salami Sheet Pan Pizza to a sheet pan quiche — and in this episode of Last-Minute Meals with Paola, Paola Velez has another great addition to the list. Her recipe for Quick-Brined Salmon with Lemon, Miso, and Sofrito — a riff on this one from former Food & Wine Senior Test Kitchen Editor Kay Chun — manages to be both incredibly simple and packed with flavor. The first step is to brine the salmon fillets in a salt and water solution before baking; the second is to top them with a buttery sofrito mixture, bolstered with shiro miso, fresh lemon juice, and grated garlic. The fillets bake on a sheet pan, and pair perfectly with side dishes like rice pilaf or chofán, a fried rice dish popularized by Chinese immigrants in the Dominican Republic.
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Baci di Dama – Italian Hazelnut Cookies Recipe

The term, Baci di dama or lady’s kisses, comes from the cookie’s similarity to 2 lips bent on giving a kiss. Italian hazelnut cookies (Baci di Dama): 2 sweet hazelnut cookies crammed along with a splotch of dark chocolate. Tips that will help you make perfect Italian hazelnut...

Chicken, Mango, and Piña Skewers

Line a large rimmed baking sheet with foil; set a metal rack inside baking sheet. Working with 1 skewer at a time, add 1 piece of pineapple followed by a red or green bell pepper (alternate so half of skewers have 1 red and 2 green, and half have 2 red and one green), 1 or 2 pieces of onion, 1 piece of mango and finally 1 piece of chicken. Repeat threading on each skewer 2 more times. Place on prepared rack. Repeat with remaining 7 skewers.
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18 Dinner Ideas for Two That Work For Any Occasion

Cooking for two sounds romantic, but it can be a challenge. Not only do you have to decide what the two of you want to share, but many meals are portioned for larger groups or put together from various components that are just too much for a pair. These recipes are ideal for two adults dining together, and may yield just a few leftovers, so you can enjoy the deliciousness one more time.

25 Decadent Milkshake Recipes to Make Right Now

Ice cream is great and all, but a milkshake is every bit as effective when it comes to satisfying sweet cravings and beating the heat—and it’s mess-free, to boot. Without further ado, here’s a roundup of milkshake recipes to suit every lifestyle, whether you’re looking for something that’s keto-friendly, sugar-free or straight-up sinful. Read on and pick your poison.
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This Chickpea Salad Is Loaded with Vegetables and Topped with Fried Cheese Croutons

When you need to make dinner and you're short on time, pantry staples always come in handy. Case in point — this episode of Last-Minute Meals with Paola shows how to turn canned chickpeas into a flavorful meal that's ready in just 30 minutes. Pastry chef Paola Velez shares her recipe for Marinated Chickpea Salad with Radishes, Cucumber, and Queso de Freir, a riff on this recipe from former Food & Wine Test Kitchen Supervisor Marcia Kiesel. The recipe features a lemon-garlic and cumin dressing, fresh vegetables, and crispy, dreamy slices of fried cheese. It's easy to throw together on a weeknight, and would also be great for summer picnics and cookouts.
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Mad Chocolate Fudge Cake

This wicked chocolate fudge cake is so rich, chocolatey and packed delicious flavor, ideal for chocoholics everywhere! Plus, it is very simple and easy to make! You will need around half an hour to prepare it and you are getting a beautiful and moist chocolate fudge cake that you will love it! Here is the recipe: Servings 10 to 12 Ingredients: For the Cake: 175 grams (6 oz.) self-rising flour 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 150 grams (5 oz.) caster sugar 30 ml (2 tablespoons) golden syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 medium eggs, beaten 150 ml (1/4 pint) whole milk 150 ml (5 oz.) vegetable oil For the...
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The Ultimate Red Éclair Cake

It’s a strawberry season – one of my favorite fruits for making desserts! And this easy strawberry éclair cake is so creamy and delicious – you got to try it! You will need just 30 minutes to prepare it, plus a few hours to set. Here is the recipe: Servings 24  Ingredients: 1-1/2 cups cold milk 4 oz. (1 package) vanilla flavor instant pudding 8 oz. (1 tub) whipped topping, thawed (I used Cool Whip) 2-1/2 cups fresh strawberries, sliced 24 graham crackers 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 1-1/2 packages (4 oz. each) semi-sweet chocolate (6 oz.), broken into pieces Instructions: Using an electric mixer, whip milk and pudding mix (around 2 minutes). Stir in whipped topping. Layer 1/3 of the graham crackers, ½ of the pudding mix and 1 cup strawberries in 13 by 9-in. pan, breaking crackers as necessary to fit in the dish; repeat layers. Finish with remaining crackers. Melt chocolate and butter together in a microwave or on a low heat, just until well incorporated. Remove and spread over crackers. Place in the fridge to set for around 2-3 hours. Slice and serve. Bon Appétit! The post The Ultimate Red Éclair Cake appeared first on Italian Choco.

Potato Salad Perfection

Potato salad isn’t supposed to be a main event. Its humble job is to support other dishes as a kind of chunky mayonnaise — a creamy and tangy mortar between the important dishes. But the other day while I was enjoying some BBQ, the potato salad next to my epic piece of brisket almost stole the show.

Mango and Pineapple Give Chicken Skewers Some Island Heat

If skewers are one of your favorite summer meals, this episode of Last-Minute Meals with Paola is for you. Pastry chef Paola Velez shares her recipe for Chicken, Mango, and Piña Skewers, which are colorful, loaded with fruits and vegetables, and easy to make. All you need to do is prep your ingredients, toss them with some spices, oil, and fresh lime juice, and thread them on skewers. After roasting them in the oven for just under 30 minutes and then giving them a quick dive under the broiler, they're ready to go. Serve them at your next dinner party — they'd make a striking (and delicious) presentation on your table.
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Add Crunch to Chicken Tenders with Crushed Plantain Chips

How do you like your chicken tenders? Covered in breadcrumbs? Crusted in Cheez-Its? Swathed in golden, crunchy batter? In this episode of Last-Minute Meals with Paola, Paola Velez takes an extra crunchy route, using a combination of panko and ground plantain chips, which team up with a buttermilk brine and seasoned flour mixture to create the ultimate tender coating. Velez pairs the resulting crispy tenders with equally crispy air-fried yuca fries, dusted with adobo seasoning for a kick of flavor. As for the dipping sauce? The classic combination of mayo and ketchup, which comes together in seconds.
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Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake

This fabulous fudgy chocolate layer cake is so rich, creamy, and chocolatey, which makes it a dream dessert for all chocoholics out there! It includes simple ingredients and simple preparation process. Therefore, you can make it anytime and for any occasion.  Here is the recipe: Ingredients: For the cake: 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 cups sugar 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoons baking soda A pinch of salt 3 large eggs 1 cup buttermilk 5 ½ tablespoons unsalted butter, softened 1 cup freshly brewed coffee or cocoa, hot 1 tablespoon vanilla extract For The post Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake appeared first on Jamie's Feast.