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40-Ton humpback whale jumps out of the water – It’s really fascinating

Humpback whales are massive, with males being about 14 meters long, and females even longer for a few meters. They have enormous and dark bodies which are flanked by huge pectoral flippers growing up to around a third of their body length. They are still graceful and tuneful and sing some of the most complex and longest songs in the animal kingdom, so they are virtuosos of the deep, and masters of melody.
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32 pounds of methamphetamine, 4 pounds of cocaine, 56 grams of heroin and 14 guns were seized by a multi-agency drug task force in Pennington County

Rapid City, SD – According to the police officials, these drugs and weapons were seized between October and December of last year. The Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team aims to stop the trafficking of illegal drugs in South Dakota, comprised of Pennington County Sheriff’s deputies and Rapid City Police officers. They...
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The RCPG is looking for a suspect in the killing of an 82-year-old woman who they identified through forensic testing of evidence found at the scene

Rapid City, SD – According to the police officials, the investigators have identified the suspect believed responsible for her death through forensic testing. Rapid City Police Department officers are currently searching for 45-year-old James Jumping Eagle of Rapid City in connection with McGovern’s homicide. Evidence recovered during the homicide investigation...
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Do you use dryer sheets when doing laundry? They can be really dangerous and here’s why!

Dryer sheets aren’t as innocent as you might think! Dryer sheets seem like the best thing since sliced bread. You only need one sheet and your laundry comes out of the tumble dryer smelling absolutely lovely. What more do you want? It’s not that difficult to understand why so many people use them. Unfortunately, those useful sheets aren’t as innocent as many people think. They can even be toxic!
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Try adding some aspirin to your washing machine - The result is amazing

When I was doing my laundry at the local laundromat in New York City, one old lady told me about this method and I've been using it ever since. Even if you use those laundry detergents that promise you your white clothes will come out whiter than white, you can’t avoid greyish spots and yellow armpits. With every wash, white clothes seem to become duller and greyer.
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Boil a white shirt in a pot with lemon slices and you might end up with this amazing result

Making sure white clothes remain white seems like an impossible task sometimes. White socks discolour after a few wears already and end up looking more like grey socks. Then there are white shirts, which transform into grey-white items in no time at all, it seems. Luckily, there’s an easy trick that will help you turn your white shirt back to its original bright white self. My aunt from Houston, Texas told me about this trick and it worked quite well.