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T-Mobile Robbery Results In Multiple Deaths

Christopher RansomPhoto from Christopher Ransom's Facebook. Usually, the consequences of a bad joke are some groans from loved ones. While dad jokes have taken flight with many comedians and paternal figures, most are forgotten faster than the joke is told. Nobody gets shot.
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Women Charged With Stealing Money In Manhattan

The stripper with a heart of gold stereotype has been around forever. It makes people feel better about sex workers; it eases their prejudices. However, the story of the stripper hustlers does not lend itself to that particular stereotype. In fact, The women in this story delight in the fact that they stole money from men, leaving some with next to no money.
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Bradley Beal Is Able To Play In Brooklyn, but Not Kyrie Irving

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Bradley Beal has made it more then clear he’s not in favor or interested in the vaccine. Yet for some reason he was allowed to play at the Barclays last night. Brooklyn Nets All Star Kyrie Irving has been away from the team due to his views on the shot and is not allowed by law to play with his team in New York. Yet Bradley Beal is.

The Ultimate FUCHKA CHALLENGE in NYC!! Bengali Street Food in Queens, NY

With my second trip to New York City in less than a month well underway, I wanted to do something unique for my next food adventure. Come with me as my friends and I do the ultimate fuchka challenge in NYC and eat lots of Bengali street food in Queens! We traveled to Jackson Heights to Tong Bangali Street Food, the very first fuchka street food cart in America! The owner, Naeem, would be assisting my friends Steve, Tasos, and I as we try to eat as many fuchkas as we can!

Halloween Dog Parade, New York City: Adorable Dog Costumes 2021

The annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade took place last Sunday, October 24th at the East River Amphitheater on New York's Lower East Side, bringing together thousands of New Yorkers and their costumed pets from all over the New York metro area. While the parade is no longer held at Tompkins Square Park, the event is the largest Halloween Dog costume event in the world. Photographers and Videographers James and Karla Murray witnessed first hand the canine costumes and shared in their YouTube video many of the cutest and most creative choices, including the ultimate grand prize winner, Essential Workers by Ruben Santana & his cute dog Amun. The other adorable winners include a sweet Cavechon rescue, DogNamed89 dressed as the Presidential Portrait "Bark Obama by Kehinde Woofy", a dog dressed as Jeff Bezos, the founder and chairmen of Amazon rocketing off with his Blue Origin rocket accompanied by the owner in an Amazon Prime-inspired outfit, a dressed to the nines Snoop Dog and his over the top posse, a huge Great Dane and his flamboyant owner dressed in Maleficent costumes complete with large wings and horns from the dark fantasy adventure film directed by Robert Stromberg, a family and their dog dressed as characters from Crazy Rich Asians, the romantic comedy-drama film directed by Jon M. Chu, a small chihuahua dressed as a gorgeous butterfly. There are so many other costumes which show off the owners creativity and love for their four-legged friends.

Finding the Best Dollar Pizza in Midtown Manhattan | NYC

Ross and I went on a search to find the best dollar pizza in Midtown Manhattan. We tried 5 different dollar pizza spots across Midtown, and let you know our opinion of all of them, so you can make sure to get the best possible dollar pizza option near whatever attraction you're heading to see. If you have a favorite dollar pizza place already, let us know what it is in the comments!hjn

NYC Daily Roundup: When to expect the COVID-19 vaccine for city kids, what to do this Halloween and more news for 10/26

(Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) (NEW YORK) Happy Tuesday, fellow New Yorkers! Today is Oct. 26 and if you haven't been outside today, consider yourself lucky. It is the best day this week to stay indoors if possible as the rain will be ongoing as a Nor'easter passes through with flood watches in effect across the tri-state area.

Millbrook Vineyards & Winery | Best Winery in Hudson Valley | New York Local Wines | Places to Visit

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Millbrook Winery! This place is located 2 Hrs away from NYC and it is a perfect weekend spot for those people who love wines, nature and gorgeous views of Upstate NY. They do have tours and they do have tastings (starting from $15.00), and of course - wines for sale. Most of their wines are local, which means that they were made out of local grapes grown here in New York State. The place is awesome and it is worth of visiting. For more information go here: <a href=""></a> The location of this place: 26 Wing Road, Millbrook, NY 12545

Is New York Giants Rookie Azeez Ojulari a Frontrunner for DROY?

After a legitimate outing in Week 7, New York Giants rookie linebacker Azeez Ojulari may have found his way into the defensive rookie of the year conversation. Ojulari fell to the Giants in the second round of the draft after a knee problem was flagged. The Giants looked at taking Ojulari in the first round prior to his knee issues. His being available in the second round felt meant to be.

Local Bagel Shop Owner Shaves His Head to Show Customer That She's Not Alone

10-year-old Megan Ragucci has Alopecia Universalis and has been living with her diagnosis since the first grade. At times, living with her diagnosis has been difficult. Her mother explained, "She can't go anywhere without someone staring or asking if she's sick," so when a kind bagel shop owner approached Megan to tell her that he wanted to shave his head to match hers, her mother was blown away.

7 Free Ways to Celebrate This Year's Halloween in NYC

It's now "Happy Halloween" time in the City That Never Sleeps.(Dave Bledsoe/Flickr) New York City — Because time is short and fun is long, particularly on Halloween, you don't need me to remind you how fast time flies. Especially during a New York Minute! And so, in hopes of saving New Yorkers some precious time, here's a quick list of seven free ways to celebrate this year's Halloween.

Traditional ALBANIAN FOOD in MANHATTAN!! Elbasan Tava, Qebapi & Fli | NYC

With my time in New York City coming to a close, I decided to go on one last hurrah with some Albanian food! Come with me as I enjoy some incredible Albanian food in the East Village in Manhattan, NYC! For this adventure, I’d be joined by my friend Diana at Dua Kafe, a small, traditional, and intimate spot that lots of famous people have visited! We’d have a mix of tavas and other favorites like flija and more!

Eating INDIAN CHINESE FOOD in Queens!!

While I had explored quite a bit of Indian food so far on my trip to New York City, I hadn’t had much Indo-Chinese food. I decided to remedy that by heading out to Queens to eat some of this savory and unique fusion food. Come with me as I try Indian Chinese food in Queens, NYC! For this epic food adventure, I linked up with my cousin Paulina to take her to Tangra Asian Fusion, which serves delicious Indo-Chinese food! Indo-Chinese cuisine originates in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Chinese people who immigrated to Kolkata brought their food with them, but started making them using Indian ingredients and spices!