Midwest Boy Gets Greeted Everyday After School by His Huge Dog

If only everyone were as loyal as this boy's dog. A new video share shows a Midwestern boy who gets greeted everyday after school by his huge loving dog. Based on the video description, this is the routine for a family in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Maggie the family dog goes out and watches the little boy get on the school bus then faithfully waits for him to return.
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Watch a Young Midwest Boy Who’s 3 Best Friends are Horses

Some people are just born with a love of horses. That definitely includes a very young Midwestern boy who has 3 best friends and they are all of an equestrian nature. No specific city is mentioned, but I do know this happened in Michigan based on the video description. This little boy is something of a savant with horses as his family shared:
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This Illinois Woman is a Raccoon Rehabber Covered with Babies

What would you consider a life career goal? If you're this Illinois woman, you've dreamed of rehabbing raccoons as a new video shows she is covered in tiny raccoon babies. This sweet animal moment was shared out of Oswego, Illinois near Chicago a few days ago with this backstory:. Rehabber...

The State of Illinois Lost a huge company this time to Florida

The CEO reportedly said that his employees were asking to leave Illinois, and their wish got granted, as another company moves their headquarters out of Illinois this time to Florida. According to an article from, a company called Citadel is moving its headquarters out of Chicago, Illinois, and headed...

Illinois State Police Warn of Increasing Road Rage Reports

Illinois tops the list for the state with the biggest distracted driving accidents, but now there is a new warning out for Illinois drivers. The Illinois State Police put out a warning on their Facebook page about increasing reports of road rage that they are seeing on Illinois expressways. The number of road rage reports resulting in expressway shootings is increasing, according to the Facebook post.

Illinois Woman Terrified After DoorDash Driver Threatens Her Family

DoorDash is a common service in Illinois and has been since for a few years. It's safe to say the coronavirus pandemic helped make the delivery service even more relevant. I was a "DoorDasher" for a day and quickly learned it was not for me. Uber and Lyft were more enjoyable for me. Both services take steps to ensure driver safety but what about the safety of the customer?

Illinois Maid Of Honor Never Expected Her Epic ‘Speech’ To Go Viral

99% of wedding receptions have toasts (or speeches) and they are usually fundamentally the same. As a part-time wedding DJ/master of ceremonies, I can say this with authority. Typically, the maid of honor's toast evokes emotion and laughter and the best man brings more embarrassing moments that are safe enough to not get anyone in trouble. Only a few times have I full-on cringed to a best man's speech and only once have I cut one off completely like that scene in The Wedding Singer.

How Illinois Residents Can Find Farmers And Avoid High Grocery Prices

It is no secret that inflammation is happening everywhere. The most talked-about form is easily gas prices. The other day I came across a Facebook memory complaining about the cost of gas being $3.67 a gallon. How great would it be if prices were that cheap today? But, it isn't just gas that's crushing the average person's bank account.

Surprise: Illinois is One of America’s Most Fun States

The fun has been had, in dozens of ways, and all the numbers have been crunched. If your goal in life is always to have fun, you should live in Illinois. If you disagree, you're not paying attention. If you're not having fun living in Illinois, you need to start Googling the right things to do, then you need to put your phone down and do them.

Kip Moore Announces 2022 Fire on Wheels Tour

Kip Moore has added 21 tour dates to his 2022 calendar. The Fire on Wheels Tour will begin Sept. 8 in Utah and stretch across the country before it ends on Nov. 12 in Cleveland. The Fire on Wheels Tour gets its name from Moore's new single, "Fire on Wheels."...

Illinois and Wisconsin Share the Same Favorite 4th of July Food

The 4th of July is right around the corner and as it turns out, folks in Illinois like to throw the same thing on the grill as our neighbors to the north. A comprehensive deep dive by Pantry and Larder, a food tips and tricks website, took an inside look at what we're chowing down on Independence Day, and the results were kind of surprising.

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

In a landmark decision on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision came while the high court was considering a case out of Mississippi where the state attempted to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Conservative Justice Samuel Alito...

Illinois County Fairs Will Be Missing One Major Thing in 2022

We've all heard that the bird flu is a major problem this year, but we're really starting to see the effects of the outbreak this summer. First, we were warned not to feed the birds or fill our bird feeders, then there was the issue of rapidly rising egg prices, and now we're seeing birds disappear from several of our favorite attractions this summer.

Two Wisconsin Cities That Simply Reek, Bad.

North of the border there are two cities and need some Axe Body Spray, a breath mint, and maybe a tree hanging from EVERY mirror. Here is the stinky story of Wisconsin. Plug your nose, and hold your we go. Remember the Peanuts character, "Pigpen?" He was the stinky...

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers in Wisconsin Pay More For Brew and Don’t Care

"We don't care how much the beer costs, we just wanna get Wisconsin wasted!" - Not an actual quote by anyone, but it fits this story. Oh Wisconsin, you do love your beer and apparently cost isn't a big thing. A new report just came out about the cost of beer in different states. Fact: Wisconsin pays more for beer than Illinois people. Fact: Wisconsin doesn't care.

Luke Combs Knew He Wanted Miranda Lambert to Sing on New Song ‘Outrunnin’ Your Memory’

Luke Combs will release his third studio album, Growin' Up, on Friday (June 24), and included on the project is a duet with Miranda Lambert called "Outrunnin' Your Memory." The song was a co-write between Combs and Lambert and is the only collaboration on his 12-track album. Although the artists eventually decided to collaborate on the tune vocally, Combs tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul he didn't originally set out to write a duet.