MASSIVE Plant And Animal Based Milk Recall In Iowa

When is it time to cut your losses when you have to recall a lot of your products? Over the last few months, I have read over a number of recalls from companies that affect stores in Iowa and other states across the country, but none of them were as long as this one.
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Eastern Iowa Native Maddie Poppe Releases New Music [LISTEN]

The Clarksville native and season 16 'American Idol' winner Maddie Poppe is back with a new song. It has been quite a year for the Iowa star. The singer has been on tour after a few noteworthy career moments. Poppe returned to the Idol stage earlier this year when she performed a duet for 'The Great Idol Reunion' special.

Century Old Dubuque Company Continues US Expansion

It’s always cool to watch a local company succeed, especially one that’s roots span back 100 years. This is the case for a lumberyard whose roots have been in Northeast Iowa since the United States President was Theodore Roosevelt in 1904. Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., headquartered in...

Iowa Man Sentenced to Nearly Three Decades for Child Pornography

In July of 2021, an investigation was launched into Chase Duncan when multiple cyber tips were sent in to law enforcement regarding a specific Google account that he was using -- the tips contained suspected child pornography. Once the Des Moines Police Department obtained a search warrant for Duncan's associated...

Iowa Needs a More Exciting Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

We vote with our tastebuds every day for a favorite something, right? Unless someone else dictates your every meal, chances are you find something you want to eat, and chances are that you have a favorite dish of some sort. What about when it comes to dessert? Let me be...

Iowa High School Golfer Loses Clubs, Still Places Second

*Above is a stock photo and not the stolen golf clubs mentioned in this story. If your goal is to succeed in a sport and maybe do it professionally someday, you take your game and gear a little bit more seriously than if you're just hitting the links for fun. Someone like Tiger Woods can afford to just get new clubs, and it's also more likely his would somehow miraculously turn back up after a period of time. For a high school kid working towards his future, it was necessary to make a backup plan when his clubs turned up missing. It's amazing how well he still did under the circumstances.

I Can’t Believe They Still Have These in Iowa

I had no clue these things still existed until my fiance and I moved to Iowa. I started to believe these were just something we saw in movies or on tv. In all seriousness, I'm not sure I've ever seen one of these in my life. I'm pretty sure where I grew up in Minneapolis they had their own spots they would set up and you had to go to them.

Cow Causes Thousands Of Dollars In Damages In Northeast Iowa

When you’re driving at night, you must be paying close attention to your surroundings. It's dark out, animals can jump out at any second, or even the road conditions can make it so your drive is that much more dangerous. When you are watching out for animals on the...

Drake Gets His First Face Tattoo

Drake has joined the face tattoo club. Drizzy already has several tattoos. On Thursday night (Aug. 11), the billionaire(?) rap star shared a series of photos on Instagram, the first of which features his latest bit of ink: initials under his eye. In the picture, the letters “s” and “g” are seen in lower-case old English script. In the caption of the post, Drizzy revealed the tattoo is a dedication to his mother Sandra “Sandi” Gayle Graham.

Gene LeBell, Inspiration For Brad Pitt’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Character, Dies at 89

Actor, stuntman, professional wrestler, and mixed martial artist Gene LeBell died in his sleep earlier this week at the age of 89. While not really a household name, LeBell lived a fascinating life. He was the referee for the famous boxer versus wrestler match between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki. He got into a notorious altercation with actor Steven Seagal which, according to legend, ended with Seagal unconscious or worse. And he was once tried (although not convicted) on a murder charge. (A related conviction as an accessory to this same murder was later overturned on appeal.)

Why Millie Bobby Brown Stepped Away From Social Media

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is now getting candid about her hiatus from social media. In a new interview with Allure, she shared that she had been in a relationship with TikTok personality Hunter Ecimovic, but that she decided to cut ties with him in January 2021. However, he would go on to claim later on that the two were in a "sexual relationship when Brown was a minor," Entertainment Tonight reports.

Iowa Has Some of the Thriftiest People In The Country

Who doesn't love a good trip to the thrift store? According to a recent study, Iowans may love it a little more than the rest of America. There are more than 25,000 consignment or resale stores in the United States, according to the U.S. Census. Thrifting is a multi-billion dollar...

Influencer Slammed for ‘Demanding’ Free Dog From Rescue Shelter

Often times there is a symbiotic relationship between an influencer and a specific brand, however, things can occasionally turn sour between the two. The Mirror reports that an unknown influencer took to Reddit to share their experience and the reason why they are "demanding" a free dog for the work that they would do.