WATCH: Hungry Bear Steals Box of Snacks Outside New Hampshire Home

Nature and wildlife can sure be funny sometimes, as a New Hampshire couple discovered when they realized that a Hungryroot food delivery was missing from their front steps. Dave DiMatteo recently posted this security cam video to the u local New Hampshire Facebook group, and people are getting an absolute kick out of it.
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Is it Illegal to Feed a Seagull in Maine?

One of the birds that happens to be synonymous with Maine is the seagull. In slang terms, it has been given several different nicknames like a rat with wings or a trash chicken. But seagulls in Maine, specifically on beaches and oceanfront towns, seem inescapable. Part of the reason is that seagulls in Maine have just enough access to food and shelter that they simply don't want to leave. While there's food to be had from the vast ocean, seagulls also don't mind a taste of "people" food either. So is it illegal in Maine to actually feed seagulls?
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5 Beach Boys Connections to New England You Never Knew About

2022 marks the 60th Anniversary of The Beach Boys. But despite promises of grand celebrations and perhaps even reunion events…well, as The Boys sang themselves, “It won't be long ‘til summertime is through…”. The band did release an expanded version of its “Sounds of Summer” compilation,...

Is This Really the “Weirdest” New England Thing?

There are many things and places that we can only find in New England. Of course, to outsiders, some things that we have here could be a bit confusing. Some things that you will only find in New England are stones/rocks put down to mark land properties, Market Basket, Richie's Slush, and Del's Lemonade.

How To Find Out If The State Of Maine Owes You Money

There is a good chance the State of Maine could be holding money that belongs to you! Technically, the state doesn't really owe you money, the state's treasury is simply holding on to the money that belongs to you. In fact, according to WABI, as of the beginning of the...

The Largest State Park In Maine Is Worth A Multi-Day Adventure

If you love Maine's wilderness, there is a good chance that you have visited Baxter State Park at least once. The park, which is home to Mount Katahdin, is the largest state park in the State of Maine. However, you may be surprised to find out just how massive the park really is! it is so large that you really need several days to fully explore the park.

Is Maine a Good Place to Scuba Dive?

Uhhh… Depends who you ask, I guess. Technically, Maine does have good dive spots and there is some wildlife you can see but if you’re going to compare it to other dive spots around the U.S., it's not necessarily the best place to go under. Is There Scuba...

Coastal Trash is Being Transformed into Beautiful Art in Bristol, Maine

It’s a sad reality that you seldom go to the beach or spend time out in nature without finding trash and pieces of plastic where they shouldn’t be. We’ve turned the world into one big garbage can and some inherently lazy people can’t be bothered to put their trash and recyclables where they belong.

Jersey Mike’s Set to Open First Location in Portland, Maine

Just a couple years ago, one of the fastest growing chain restaurants in America, Jersey Mike's, had a grand total of zero locations in Maine. Fast forward to now, and Jersey Mike's aggressive expansion into Vacationland is continuing at a rapid pace. The sandwich chain already has 3 operational locations in Scarborough, Windham, and Brunswick. Jersey Mike's plans on opening an additional 4 locations soon, including their first in Portland.

Justice for Harmony: Missing NH Girl’s Case Now a Homicide Investigation

The search for Harmony Montgomery, missing since 2019 but only reported to police in December, has turned into a murder investigation. State Attorney General John Formela said in an announcement on Thursday afternoon that investigators believe Harmony was murdered in early December 2019 when she was five years old. No arrests have been made, and no mention was made about her father Adam Montgomery or her stepmother Kayla Montgomery.

A New 250-Seat Restaurant, Micro-Brewery? You’ll Have to Visit Auburn, Maine

Mason's Brewing Company in Brewer, Maine has a plan to open a second location 100 miles south in Auburn that sounds like it's going to be epic. In a Facebook post on Thursday, Mason's Brewing announced that they will start construction this fall on a two-story, 250-seat restaurant, micro-brewery and distillery on Main Street in Auburn right on the banks of the Androscoggin River. It will be built on land near the intersection of Main and Drummond Street which is right next to two existing buildings, including one that is home to Maine Gourmet Chocolates.

Brittany Says Goodbye to Q97.9

I’ve been keeping a secret for the last two months so let me just say it, I’m leaving The Q Morning Show. I’ll tell you everything, but first I want to look back. Come with me if you like or feel free to scroll to the deets at the end.

Can You Tell What’s Wrong With This Shaw’s in Scarborough?

I love this old-school Shaw's. But it's set up wrong!. Do you see it? You sure would if you went to enter. The doors are on the wrong side. The exit is on the left and the entrance on the right. 99% of the rest of the world it's the other way around!

Chef Andrew Zimmern Finds Any Excuse to Keep Coming Back to Maine

This time his excuse was finding the perfect lobster roll. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. Andrew loves Maine. According to an article in the Press Herald about an episode of his show, The Zimmern List, set in Portland, Andrew had good reason to love Maine. His dad, Robert Zimmern, who was 89 when he died in 2015 lived the last 10 years of his life near Portland’s Back Cove. Andrew would come to visit his dad and his dad's husband. They were foodies and helped Andrew fall in love with the immense food scene in Portland.