The Astros Hit 5 Home Runs in One Inning Against the Red Sox

The Houston Astros just tied an MLB record last night and it was a beautiful sight. Here is what makes this moment so much better, it happened against the Boston Red Sox! The Houston Astros hit 5 home runs during the 2nd inning of last night's game. it was the eighth time that it has happened in MLB history and the first time for the Astros. Their previous record was four home runs in an inning on Sept. 8, 2004, when Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman, and Mike Lamb each homered in the first against the Reds.
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CAUTION: Rattlesnakes Could Be Hiding in This Pool Accessory

Snakes are really making their presence known as the temperatures heat up. According to USA TODAY, A family was hanging out at the pool and stumbled upon the reptile when someone picked up a pool noodle and a large rattlesnake snake fell out. A short time later, the family found that several baby snakes were still inside. After this happened, the Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department posted this warning accompanied by this picture.

More Than 10 Hilarious Summer Floats To Up Your Water Game

If you have spent even just a millisecond in Texas during the summer, you know IT GETS HOT. That's why most Texans take advantage of the weather and dip their toes in the water. The rivers are hot spots in Texas during those uncomfortably hot days. If you and your...

Texas 2 Year Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers On His Moms Phone

Texas 2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers From His Mom's Phone. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so it should not come as such a surprise that a sweet 2-year-old Texas boy took matters into his own hands, and with his mother's phone, ordered a little something, something to eat!

Win a Pop In From Q92 and Tropical Smoothie Café This Summer

Cooldown this summer with delicious, ice-cold smoothies. Q92 and Tropical Smoothie Cafe want to pop into your workplace and get you and your coworkers into tropic time. Just tell us where you're listening to Q92 at work (using the form below) and we will hand-deliver smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe for you and your coworkers.

Mass Shooting In The City of Buffalo, New York

The City of Buffalo endured an unspeakable tragedy on Saturday. According to the Buffalo Police Department, a mass shooting occurred at the Tops on Jefferson Avenue in the City of Buffalo on Saturday afternoon. 10 people were killed and 13 total were shot, according to police. The latest on the...

Britney Spears Announces the Loss of Her ‘Miracle Baby’

Britney Spears announced the tragic loss of their unborn baby. On Saturday (May 14), the couple announced their pregnancy loss via a joint Instagram statement. "It is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy," they wrote. "This is a devastating time for any parent. Perhaps we should have waited to announce until we were further along, however, we were overly excited to share the good news."

Texas Woman Goes Insanely Viral After Posting Her Botched Eyebrows

A Texas woman is facing, no pun intended, a huge, embarrassing disaster. Crystal Weinstock of Richmond got the shock of her life after walking out of Kai Brow Bar in Houston. Weinstock went in for a microblading session, which consists of an artist tattooing realistic natural-looking eyebrows over the natural eye hair in an area. However, Weinstock got something that looks like it came out of a comic book.

8 Year Old Cancer Survivor Hosting Lemonade Stand in Victoria

Crossroads Make Plans to Attend Lemonade for Cancer Saturday. This Saturday, May 14th starting at 10 am, 8-year-old Cullen Kickendahl will be out with his family and friends at the Tropical Smoothie parking lot at 3202 N Navarro St. selling lemonade for kids he knows in the community who are battling cancer, something Cullen is all too familiar with.

Young Texas Deputy Sadly Killed After Smashing Into 18 Wheeler

A Texas sheriff deputy was killed after he crashed into the back of a semi-trailer. The 27-year-old Harris County sheriff’s deputy, Robert Adam Howard, was traveling down hwy 249 in Houston. The deputy was in his patrol vehicle when he clipped the back of an 18-wheeler; the semi-truck was...

Why Don’t We Take Some Drugs And Steal A Yacht in Texas

Ah, the joys of joyriding in the summertime in Texas. Except of course if your joyride is completely illegal. In what looks to be a complete drug haze, one Texas woman, 45-year-old Renee Waguespack, has been arrested for stealing a 52-foot yacht in Galveston and taking that bad boy for a joyride along the Texas coastline.

Victoria Welcomes a Massive and Intriguing Art Piece Downtown

A strange and enticing project has the Crossroads puzzled. What is this massive statue doing in Victoria? What is it, where did it come from, and why?. If you've been through downtown quite recently you may have noticed a large work of art is being constructed on about half a block in downtown Victoria.

Radical Night Time Swap Meet You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

I really d have to brag about our local library. The creative fun minds at Victoria Public Library are so innovative and push to host nontraditional events right in the library. SWAP MEET IN JUNE. Gather your books, DVDs, and even vinyl records for a unique experience. The Victoria Public...

Here is A Simple and Easy Way to Help Nourish Your Community

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 15th, for a simple and easy way to help nourish the Crossroads community. Would you be surprised to learn that those in need of our help with nourishment rarely look like what we imagine them to be? Hunger looks like the mother working two jobs to try to make ends meet as a single parent. She goes to bed hungry so her children can eat.

Get Yourself Together with This Weeks Fresh Batch of Horoscopes

Hello retrograde! How is your week panning out? One of you might be splendidly surprised about where a relationship is headed and another sign needs to get it together and realize their full potential, which one will you be?. Kathrine from Two-Spirit Tarot is going to break down this week's...

Horrific Decapitated Animals Won’t Stop Turning Up in Houston Streets

A disgusting and mysterious occurrence has been happening in a Houston neighborhood. Residents in the targeted neighborhood have become accustomed to a gruesome scene that keeps happening. According to Callie Markantonis a resident in the area, several years ago dead animals started appearing in the area. At first, people thought...

Texas Mom Gets 30 Years for Allowing 13 Year Old Daughter to Marry 47 Year Old

This horrible story comes from right up the road in Richmond, Texas. As reported by, Cherry Payton, 43, was convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a young child and sentenced to 30 years in prison last week. Prosecutors said that in 2017, the victim admitted to her doctor that she was sexually active with “her husband,” who she said was 47 years old. Payton, who was also at the doctor’s office, said the victim was married with her consent and the marriage was a part of her religious beliefs.

This Plane Makes a Terrifying Fiery Crash Landing in Houston Backyard

A terrifying crash destroyed one Houston family's yard. A bizarre plane crash sent four passengers tumbling down with a small aircraft nearby Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas. A small plane from Mexico was departing Hobby Airport as they continued on their route to San Antonio. Just minutes after their departure, the plane radios the tower in distress, "We are having problems with our engine. Please turn back to the airport if possible."

Dead Texas Mayor Surprisingly Wins Another Term

There was a surprising result in a recent election right down the road in Palmhurst, Texas. How surprising?! Well, Ramiro J. Rodriguez garnered 58-percent of the vote in election returns over the weekend. The only problem...Rodriguez passed away suddenly on April 6th. The longtime Mayor had served in office since 1999 and he was praised fro his service. However, the question the heck did he remain the ballot? Well, his death date came after the deadline to remove some one from the ballot, so his name was left on. So, maybe voters decided to vote for him as a tribute to the late Mayor Rodriguez or they weren't informed of his passing. As for the official results reports, "Ramiro Rodriguez Jr. defeated challenger Israel Silva in Saturday’s election. Rodriguez received 329 votes to Silva’s 234 votes."