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3D printer company Glowforge plans more hiring after raising $43M

Seattle-based 3D printer company Glowforge has raised $43 million. The round, announced Wednesday, will help the company shore up its cash reserves during uncertain times, according to Glowforge co-founder and CEO Dan Shapiro. He said the company plans to hire at least two dozen employees over the next few months, adding to the company's current headcount of roughly 180.

Nuclear fusion company Zap Energy raises $160M

Seattle-based fusion company Zap Energy has raised a $160 million Series C round. The funding, announced Wednesday, comes as Zap Energy aims to create a system that produces more energy than it consumes. The company, which is targeting carbon-free energy, said in a blog post Wednesday that last week it created plasmas, or the "the hot, dense form of matter found in stars," in its prototype.

Court records Leads - June 17, 2022

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