Svalbard’s polar bears persist as sea ice melts — but not forever

On a sunny day in April, during the Arctic’s peak tourism season, guides Timo Virma Virta Santucci and Teemu Tissari led a group of visitors out onto the sea ice. They had just crossed the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago, located about halfway between Norway and the North Pole, when they spotted a mother polar bear and her two cubs.

'An air of hope': Sri Lankans see cricket as a welcome distraction from the country's economic, political woes

Sri Lankan fans take a selfie during a cricket match with Australia in Colombo. When it comes to cricket, Australia and Sri Lanka are usually bitter rivals. But in late June, after Australia's cricket team won a match in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, Australian cricketers got a surprising response from spectators: Sri Lankan fans cheered while wearing the bright yellow colors of the Australian team.

'I want people to have uncomfortable conversations': A new documentary explores Chinese and Black relations in the Jim Crow South

In the American South during the Jim Crow era, Chinese-run grocery stores were a fixture in segregated Black neighborhoods. Crystal Kwok is the director of a new documentary, "Blurring the Color Line," in which she outlines her family’s experience in Augusta, Georgia, and the relationships between Chinese Americans and Black people during that time.

'It is pure magic': Pakistani song 'Pasoori' climbs the charts in India and beyond

A catchy, toe-tapping tune about the difficulties of unrequited love and distance is making waves in Pakistan, India and across the globe. Since its February release, the song “Pasoori,” which translates to “difficulty” or “conflict” in Punjabi, has racked up more than 250 million views on YouTube and on Instagram. And, the audio has been remixed at least 350,000 times by fans from all over the world.

Meet Peru’s Quechuan hip-hop star

Renata Flores often wears traditional Quechua clothing in her music videos and promotional photos. At 13, Renata Flores was participating in an “American Idol”-style show in Peru but it got canceled, so she posted her song on YouTube. It was a cover of “House of the Rising Sun” by the British band The Animals, translated into Quechua.

Could Colombia’s incoming president legalize cocaine?

Legislators in Colombia are discussing a controversial bill that would regulate the use and distribution of coca leaf and its derivatives, including cocaine. The bill was first proposed in August 2020, and would set a legal market price for the coca leaf, while allowing the government to buy coca harvests directly from growers.

President Biden’s visit to Israel focuses on regional security

President Joe Biden first traveled to Israel back in 1973 when he was a newly elected member of the US Senate. On Wednesday, he arrived for his 10th trip there, and his first as president. The top agenda item for Biden is regional security. Scheduled meetings with Israeli officials focus...

Son of Conti: Ransomware tries its hand at politics

It has been a busy spring for the Russian-speaking ransomware group Conti. After an unprecedented leak of its internal chat logs earlier in the year that had experts predicting the group’s demise, Conti — or at least some subset of it — came back with a vengeance.