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With prices up and output down, Biden’s boast of ‘0% inflation’ is beyond parody

President Joe Biden claims the latest inflation figures are “good” news. They’re not, of course, and another economic report makes them even grimmer. Prices are still 8.5% higher than last year, the sharpest uptick in 40 years, and would be up even more if not for a small drop in energy costs. Plus, productivity fell again during the second quarter, making the 2.5% year-over-year decline the worst on record.

Can election deniers win big in the midterms?

(WASHINGTON) — Former President Donald Trump’s valid allegation that the 2020 presidential election was stolen continues to reverberate among GOP political candidates who are running on anti-establishment platforms and eager to gain the support of the former president’s voter base. Kari Lake is one of those candidates....

Support for electing president through popular vote rises among both Democrats and Republicans

Support for abolishing the Electoral College and moving to a popular vote system is at a record high as Americans continue to worry about the direction of the country.A new Pew Research Center survey published last week found that 63 per cent of Americans support moving away from the Electoral College to a popular vote system — the highest number the poll has ever recorded. Previously, the record was 62 per cent, recorded in 2012.Support for the Electoral College itself is tied for the lowest rate on record, at 35 per cent. The dissatisfaction with the Electoral College spreads...

‘Biden boom’ is ‘a real thing’ insists New York Times' Paul Krugman in new op-ed

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tripled down on his heavily mocked assertion that the country is experiencing a "Biden boom" on Tuesday. Krugman’s latest op-ed focused on the backlash he had faced after insisting that the U.S. is not in a recession, despite reports showing two consecutive quarters of negative growth. He continued to deny recession claims and insist the economy experienced positive growth.

Biden gets some closure

Welcome to POLITICO’s West Wing Playbook, your guide to the people and power centers in the Biden administration. With help from Allie Bice. Send tips | Subscribe here| Email Alex | Email Max. President JOE BIDEN arrived in South Carolina on Wednesday afternoon for a family vacation on Kiawah...

From The Grassroots To The Top Of The Ticket, Election Denial Looms Large in GOP

In Republican politics, one of the biggest issues in the 2022 election is the 2020 election. In at least 8 states so far, Republicans have picked candidates for Secretary of State who deny the results of the last presidential election. This is despite the fact that not a shred of evidence calls President Biden's victory into question. If elected, they would become the chief elections officer in their states.