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Is no one going to mention how confusing and out of it Biden was?

President Biden’s topic was one of utmost importance Wednesday — crime and gun violence. But you wouldn’t know it from the way he spoke. He slurred his words. He called the ATF “the AFT.” At one point, he talked about the history of the Second Amendment and “the blood of patriots” before concluding that someone would need nuclear weapons to take down the government. If you weren’t confused, you were horrified.
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Another GOP voter accused of casting a ballot for a dead relative

In the wake of Donald Trump's defeat last fall, Republicans launched a desperate search for illegally cast ballots to help justify the GOP's conspiracy theories. But as regular readers know, despite all the hysterical rhetoric, only a handful of legitimate allegations have been raised -- and some of the most notable examples involve Republicans casting illegal ballots on behalf of dead relatives.
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New polls show GOP willingness to subvert 2020 election

(CNN) — New polls released Thursday show just how far Republicans were willing to go to support then-President Donald Trump's unprecedented efforts to subvert the 2020 election. The research was conducted by the Democracy Fund, a nonpartisan foundation that studies voter attitudes toward democratic institutions and works to strengthen democracy...
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Michigan Republicans eviscerate Trump voter fraud claims in scathing report

In a highly anticipated report released Wednesday, the Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee rebutted former President Donald Trump's voter fraud claims, debunking claims of malfeasance in the state's election last fall and affirming that Joe Biden was victorious. The report is the product of an eight-month inquiry and concludes there...
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The Democrats Are Already Losing the Next Election

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell knew that winning reelection in her swingy Florida district would be difficult. But it wasn’t until one night in February last year that the 50-year-old Democratic representative started to worry. That was the evening when then-presidential-candidate Bernie Sanders, in a 60 Minutes interview, showered praise on Cuba’s literacy programs under the Castro regime. “Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it?” the senator asked Anderson Cooper. Watching at home, Mucarsel-Powell was aghast. “How ignorant can you be?” she remembers thinking. “It was a complete insult to the Cuban diaspora that had fled that country.” Right away, she condemned Sanders’s remarks, but in her South Florida district, which is home to thousands of Cuban and other Latin American immigrants, the damage had been done. Republicans used Sanders’s comments to raise money for her opponent, Carlos Gimenez, and to paint Mucarsel-Powell as an ally of the “Castro-loving socialist.” She lost her reelection bid by three points.
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Trump calls Michigan GOP-backed 2020 election investigation that confirmed Biden’s win a ‘cover up’

Former President Donald Trump labeled the Michigan state Senate’s election investigation that confirmed President Joe Biden’s victory a “cover up" Thursday. Trump, who acknowledged Monday that he hasn’t conceded the November race, ridiculed the state Senate Oversight Committee's investigation, the results of which were announced a day before. He called...
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Biden Border Patrol chief booted as VP Harris announces trip to border

Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott on Wednesday informed colleagues that he was asked to step aside amid a surge in illegal migration along the US-Mexico border. Scott shared his decision on the same day as Vice President Kamala Harris announced her first trip to the border to view the effects of this year’s surge in migration, though it’s not immediately clear if his decision was connected to Harris’s plans.
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Energized Trump probes pose problems for Biden

Six months after former President Trump left office, new disclosures are peeling back layers to his conduct in the White House, teeing up investigations that could create a headache for a Biden administration that is eager to move out of the shadow of its predecessor. A new trove of documents...