Kamala Harris coming to Nevada for labor convention speech, abortion talks

Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Nevada later this week to address a major organized labor convention and speak to state lawmakers about reproductive rights. A White House official speaking on background confirmed that Harris would travel to Las Vegas on Wednesday to address the annual convention of the United Steelworkers labor union. Her remarks are expected to focus on the “shared vision” between the labor organization and the Biden administration, highlighting the steelworkers’ contributions to the federal infrastructure law passed last year.
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Why doesn’t Donald Trump release the FBI search warrant for Mar-a-Lago?

Much of the Republican Party was up in arms ahead of Thursday about why neither the Department of Justice nor the FBI had released a statement regarding the search of former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach residence on Monday night.FBI Director Christopher Wray had been the only related person to make a public comment regarding the action taken by the bureau, and that was only to say he couldn’t discuss the topic.There are also calls for a copy of the search warrant to be released by investigators showing why the FBI was able to enter Mar-a-Lago and leave with...

Is Trump being investigated over national security concerns under the Espionage Act?

The FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida has left both supporters and critics of the ex-president alike questioning why the Justice Department would take such an unprecedented step.At a press conference on Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland could do little to tamp down on the speculation, citing federal laws restricting his ability to speak about the case. He did, however, announce that the Justice Department had filed a motion to unseal the warrant and make it public record.Adding to the speculation is the the refusal from Mr Trump himself to produce a copy of...

A year after Biden's Afghanistan exit, accountability in short supply

WASHINGTON, Aug 10 (Reuters) - (This August 10 story has been refiled to make clear in paragraph 17 Austin chose to impose no accountability) As weary U.S. military planners wrapped up the evacuation and pullout from Afghanistan one year ago, officials across the government steeled themselves for intense public scrutiny into how America's longest war ended in shambles with the Taliban retaking power.

Trumpworld smells a rat. Has someone in his inner circle flipped?

With each passing day, it becomes harder for a casual observer to distinguish between the post-presidential life of Donald Trump and that of late-season Tony Soprano.In the past week alone, Mr Trump’s home has been searched by the FBI as part of an investigation into his handling of classified documents, he pled the Fifth Amendment in a separate case into his business dealings in New York, and now, according to several reports, he is trying to flush out a rat in his inner circle.“Trumpworld is abuzz with speculation about which close aide or aides has ‘flipped’ and provided additional sensitive...

Trump took the fifth more than 440 times in deposition with New York AG’s office

Former president Donald Trump on Wednesday declined to answer over 440 questions during a deposition with investigators working for New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office, instead choosing to invoke his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination each time.According to multiple reports citing sources familiar with what happened during the Wednesday session, Mr Trump only answered one question — he provided his name when asked after he was sworn in as a witness. The ex-president had announced his intention to avail himself of his fifth amendment protections earlier on Wednesday at the end of a lengthy, rambling statement filled with...

Trump news - live: FBI chief breaks silence on Mar-a-Lago raid as Trump pleads fifth and hunts for informant

As the fallout from the FBI’s raid on his residence at Mar-a-Lago continues with rumours of a Trumpworld informant tipping off authorities, Donald Trump today pleaded the fifth amendment in his sworn deposition to the long-running New York State probe into his real estate dealings.Mr Trump has repeatedly condemned the probe as a politically motivated “witch hunt”. His children Ivanka and Donald Jr both recently gave depositions in the civil investigation after months fighting against subpoenas for their testimony.Meanwhile, reports have revealed that before its raid on Monday, the FBI had already obtained surveillance tapes from Mar-a-Lago via a...