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Missing zebras face more danger than Maryland's winter season

Two zebras intertwining their necks as if to embraceAlan J. Hendry/Unsplash. On August 31st, zebras escaped from a 39-member zeal from a private farm in Upper Marlboro. Prince George’s Animal Control has been working to corral the missing zebras by setting up snack stations around the county in the hopes of enticing the zebras back into captivity.
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This is part 2 to my last video! We continued the day strong landing flathead and blues, and even had an epic double up! Again these fish were all caught on cut bait. The live bait usually gets the flatties but not as of recently. Cut panfish has been killing the catfish. Cut bait has been the rule the last few weeks, but with the weather heating up it can change at any time. The Potomac river is always changing, so definitely bring as many baits as you think you’ll need. I am excited to start exploring new bank fishing spots so look forward to that in the future!

Washington 🏈 Nightly | Ep. 6.4 "WFT Sinks to New Low, BUT Hey, We Still Got A Game On Sunday"

#wfn #nfl #wft Tonight's episode of Washington Football Nightly begins with the disappointing news of the team announcing the retirement of the #21 of the legendary Sean Taylor, 3 days before they are set to do it; then "In Other News" we take our first look at the upcoming week 6 matchup vs. Kansas City Chiefs , the injury report from practice, and various individuals stepping up to the podium and more....


The live bait bite is back on! I am really hoping the flatheads and blues continue eating livebait. It is just so much more fun. Me and hazlife were able to get some nice fish! It is always a nice day when you are able to catch channel, blue, and flathead catfish from the bank. Bank fishing can be rewarding! The bait we were using was live sunfish and bluegill. As you can see haz almost lost his rod to a blue lol. The bites on the river this time of year are just so aggressive. The Potomac river bank fishing bite is in full swing! Get em before the spawn!


The big boys are still around! I always get a least one nice fish in this spot per trip. The blues and flathead were out in thick! All fish were caught on dead bait. Cut sunfish and bluegill was the ticket. The river is fishing amazing right now so be sure and get out there to get your fish! Bank fishing with cut bait is probably the most effective way to catch catfish. Whether it is fresh caught bait or frozen you should still be getting some bites. The Potomac is very easy to fish, and you can have some very productive days. There was so much action I needed to have a part 2 so that will be dropping in a few days! Also I was fishing 40-10 feet of water, but most these fish came in 20ft.

Washington Capitals Historic Night vs New York Rangers

The Washington Capitals picked up a huge victory over the New York Rangers on opening night, but it was also a historic night for the Caps. -Forward Hendrix Lapierre scored his 1st NHL goal in his 1st NHL game - Forward Alex Ovechkin moved into 5th all time in NHL goals scored - Head Coach Peter Laviolette won his 674th career game, making him the winningest American born coach in NHL history

WFT To Retire The Late Great Sean Taylor's #21....And the Fans Only Get 3 Days Notice....SMH❗

#seantaylor #nfl #wft At 2-3 the product on the field is in danger of becoming a joke, and as always the product off the field is beyond a joke, and once again the WFT shows why it's among the most poorly run franchises in all of sports; Sean Taylor, who has become a cult-like and a mythical figure in the organization over the last 2 decades will have his jersey #21 retired which is long overdue, however this excuse of an organization decided to tell the fanbase 3 days before they decide to do it.... WHAT A JOKE THIS TEAM IS.....

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Me haz and Tj headed out to a classic section of the Potomac river to catch some shad. The river was much more flooded than we all expected but we managed to get some fish! We all caught fish, although the bite wasn’t too crazy. I really wish you could keep hickory shad but you are not able to in the Potomac river. As you can also see I lost that fish at the end. My guess is it was a smallmouth, due to the way it was fighting. These fish are a lot of fun, especially when the river is high and flooded. Catching shad during the run is a very fun thing to do, regardless of conditions. We were all using small white grubs and jigs for the shad, as well as kastmasters. We did have some shad darts on deck but we didn’t need them.

PG County's unrestrained roaming zeal of zebras still eluding capture

It’s been nearly six weeks since the dazzle of zebras escaped from a private farm on the corner of Bellefield Road and Duly Station Road in Upper Marlboro. The zebras escaped from their 39 member zeal on August 31st and have been roaming Prince George’s County ever since. Animal control has set out feeding stations for the zebras hoping to entice them back into captivity but to no avail. While they have captured two of the five escaped zebras, three continue to roam the neighborhoods of PG County. They have been sighted in the area of Croom Road.


This is part 2 ! Last video you all saw me get on an insane bite for flathead and blue catfish. It did not end there! We continued slaying throughout the day, and ended up getting the trifecta! Channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead! We caught mostly flathead, but that was the end goal of the trip. All fish were caught on cut bait once again, and not a single bite on live bait. Catching flathead from shore can be so much fun given you’re in the right location. Who would like to see a tutorial? I have been thinking of making a how to catch flathead from shore video covering bait, location, and tackle. The Potomac river can be tricky to fish for flathead, so I am willing to help others. Much more flathead content to come! I hope you all are enjoying the spring catfish bite! Do not let catfishing from shore limit you! Get out there and put in the work to find those juicy spots!


To say we got the year started is an understatement. The flathead were out thick this day! Usually the ratio from blue catfish to flathead catfish is more, but it was the opposite today. One after another, the bite was nonstop action! There is something special about catching flathead from shore and hiking to find the fish. I should also note that all of these fish were caught with dead bait. We had a few bites on live bait but no hookups. Flathead catfish really don’t get huge in the Potomac, so I was happy with the 13lber that I was able to catch. Also I apologize for the mic issues; they have been plaguing me recently. We were able to end the video on a big blue catfish weighing 32lbs. The fight was insane. Drag peeling and good head shakes. Bank fishing can have some epic days out on the water so you never know what to expect. River fishing for flathead can be very challenging in this section of river, so in order to find some good spots yourself, you should do some research.

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Not only is D.C. the "Capital of America" but it's also the capital of some of the weirdest laws.(Pxfuel/Royalty-free) Washington, D.C. — The first time I visited the District, my pal turned on some Go-Go. "Welcome to Go-Go City! " she said with a smile. Indeed, of all the cities I've ever set foot in, there's nothing quite like D.C.


This was a very fun day of bank fishing. We got a 11, 14, 19, 25 and a few 8s and 5s. The blues and channel were out in thick due to the recent rains. I always like to get quality rather than quantity so I was excited to get a little bit of both. We were using carp and shad as bait but the bait that was most successful was shad. I had to move spots once but when I did the big catfish started coming! Never be scared to move spots especially when bank fishing. I know it is a hassle at times but, you can find yourself on a hot catfish bite! This is a section of the Potomac river that is very rocky and deep, but the big fish were pretty shallow. Most of the catfish were caught in 15-20ft of water. The wind picked up throughout the end of the day, but it did not pose too much of a hassle. Bigger baits was the ticket for the bigger fish, and man were the takedowns crazy. Always a good day when your catching channel and blue catfish from shore!

Washington DC CATFISHING | Potomac River

A very hot bite bite on the Potomac river in Washington dc. The fish were biting quite finicky today but I was still able to end the day with 11 blue cats. Blue catfish are the most common species here in the Potomac river, so they are relatively easy to catch. Fresh bait such as shad, carp, eel, and sunfish do very well on the river. If you want to learn how to catch a fish on the Potomac river, be sure and check out my WEBSITE down below. It is an easy to understand guide for catching fish from the bank in the Potomac. Bank fishing can be tricky if you do not have the right knowledge but, the Potomac river is an easy river to fish. There are a multitude of bank spots ranging from Washington dc all the way to solomons. Go get out there and catch you some blue catfish on the Potomac river today!

Top Reasons NOT to Move to Potomac, MD! (Unless you can handle them)

What are the absolute worst things about moving to or living in Potomac, Md? I grew up in Potomac, MD and loved it. In fact, when deciding where to raise my own family, I chose Potomac! Potomac is in Montgomery County and is one of the best places to live in Maryland. Living in Potomac offers residents a dense suburban feel while not being too far from Washington D.C.. In Potomac there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The public schools in Potomac are very highly rated. But…it’s not for everyone. Potomac is highly competitive and very expensive. While you can get more land for your money than its neighbor, Bethesda, you also need to upkeep that land. Your commute will be longer and your cost of living will be quite high. These are just some of the reasons you may not want to pick Potomac. In this video, we go through the TOP reasons NOT to move to Potomac (unless you can handle them!).