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Portland Daily Round Up: PPB sees 19 shootings over weekend, Hardesty's re-election campaign 'exceeding early goals'

(Nathan Howard/Getty Images) (PORTLAND, Ore.) Hello Portlanders! It's Monday, Oct. 25 - Here's your daily round up of all the news happening in the City of Roses. The Portland Police Bureau responded to 19 shootings over the weekend that left at least two people dead, some injured and several people arrested. According to police, at least 95 shell casings were recovered from all of the incidents, as well as some firearms. Of the 19 shootings, the majority had no injuries or arrests.
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Hiking the Angel's Rest Trail, with a SPECTACULAR view of the Columbia Gorge! Chasing Lake Missoula

The Angel's Rest Trail is a beautiful trail east of Portland that has a number of spectacular views of the epic landscapes found in the Columbia Gorge, made more epic by the vast and powerful Lake Missoula floods 15,000-13,000 years ago. A remarkable place to wander in wonder! New to this series? Start the Lake Missoula story here on NewsBreak! <a href=""></a>

Poldex Predicts Camas-Washougal Mayoral Race

Camas WA - if you have not found a reason to vote for a Camas-Washougal Mayoral candidate, do it for Poldex. While use with much success in the past, we were looking forward to using The CotoBuzz Journal's Poldex(c) for the first time in the Mayoral Race in the Camas-Washougal area.

Horror at the Drive-in: a Live Action Horror Experience!

October is in full swing and I've found the perfect event to amp up your spooky season!. Have you ever been watching a scary movie and thought, man, I'd love for these monsters to be at my window right now? Well, this is the perfect event for you. The Cinema of Horrors Haunted House teams up with Treadway Events and Entertainment to bring you the Cinema of Horrors Drive-in, a live-action horror event where movie monsters come to life and scare you in your car! The haunted drive-in features over a dozen classic horror and thriller movies, including quite a few family-friendly choices (hello, Hocus Pocus!).

How many police officers does Portland really need to be effective?

Arguments for increasing or decreasing funding need to include consideration of the city's exponential growth. The debate over the Portland Police Bureau and its staffing levels is heating up as the police union, city council, advocates, and citizens grapple with the bureau's performance handling issues related to livability and public safety.

Here's how the Portland City Council could use the fall budget windfall to help average citizens get a break

There are lots of long-term needs, but the City could also try some new things that would help make a difference. The City of Portland is about to enter into its Fall Budget Monitoring process, commonly known as the "Fall BMP". Due to revenue that is higher than forecast in this year's city budget, the City Council is looking to spend millions of dollars on projects that they feel are important.

What are those little white boxes popping up on porches all over Portland?

New service aims to help recycle items that can't go in the blue bins. Have you seen strange little white boxes on porches in your neighborhood?. My dog was eating grass when I noticed a white box on someone's porch, emblazoned with the name "Ridwell". As we continued walking, I noticed that there were several of these Ridwell boxes on porches all over my neighborhood so I decided to do some research. I figured they were a delivery service like Alpenrose, but it turns out that Ridwell is something totally new: a recycling pick-up service.