10 Popular Phrases You Didn’t Know Were Invented by TV Shows

There are many popular phrases in the English language, but have you ever wondered where they came from? While many slang terms have roots in various traditions, literature, and even movies, there are quite a few that come from television shows. It makes sense, after all — with so many people tuning into the same series, a few phrases were bound to enter the American lexicon.
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Is Rihanna Performing at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Rihanna will finally make her grand return to music next year as she headlines the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show!. The "Where Have You Been" singer made the announcement Sunday (Sept. 25) via Instagram, where she uploaded a simple photo of her hand holding an NFL football. Below, here's everything...
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Where to Get the 12-Foot Giant Skeleton for Halloween

Home Depot's iconic 12-foot-tall skeleton is back just in time for the 2023 Halloween season!. Though the outdoor 12-foot tall skeleton decoration is currently out of stock at Home Depot, there is still hope for those wishing to snag the spooky, larger-than-life decor. The behemoth Halloween decoration debuted in 2020,...

Uber Driver Drops Cheating Husband and Mistress Off at His Home With His Wife and Kids

Could you imagine your Uber driver outing a cheater to his wife and children?. Dallas-Fortworth area TikToker @perfectly_unbroken claimed that she dropped off the cheating husband and his mistress at his home for his family to learn of his infidelity. In a viral TikTok that gained 7.9 million views with over a million likes, she shared the story of her recent Uber drive.

‘Drag Race U.K.’ Star Cherry Valentine Dead at 28

George Ward, who performed under the drag name Cherry Valentine, has died. He was 28. His family announced his passing early Friday morning (Sept. 22). "It is with the most heart-wrenching and deepest sadness to inform you that our George — Cherry Valentine — has tragically passed away," his family shared in a statement.

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Explained: Answering the Film’s Big Questions

The following post contains spoilers for Don’t Worry Darling and is meant to be read after you’ve seen the film and you’re as baffled by parts of it as we are. Even the trailers for Don’t Worry Darling make it clear something is going on in the town of Victory. Everyone there is beautiful, happy, successful, but everything is just a bit too clean, a bit too organized, a bit too artificial. Alice (Florence Pugh) lives the happy life of a 1950s housewife with her husband Jack (Harry Styles) until the day she witnesses a strange incident outside of Victory. Then she begins to suspect all is not as it seems, and that Jack’s boss Frank (Chris Pine) may have some sinister tricks up his perfectly cuffed sleeves.

Dua Lipa Caught in Mexico Earthquake During Afterparty (VIDEO)

Dua Lipa found herself in a scary situation when she was caught in the middle of an earthquake this week. The quake took place Thursday (Sept. 22) right after the singer's sold out show in Mexico City. She was at an afterparty at the time of the quake, which was caught on video and shared on social media.

Johnny Depp Is Dating His Defamation Trial Lawyer: REPORT

Johnny Depp is back in the dating game. The Pirates of the Caribbean star is reportedly dating lawyer Joelle Rich, who previously represented him in his 2020 U.K. defamation case. An insider gave details about the alleged romance to Us Weekly. "Their chemistry is off the charts. It’s serious between...

Jax’s Viral Hit ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Packs a Powerful Message for Anyone Who Struggles With Body Image (EXCLUSIVE)

Pop singer Jax has sparked a national conversation with her viral hit Victoria's Secret. In the infectious song, the 26-year-old calls out lingerie brand Victoria's Secret's former billionaire CEO, Leslie Wexner, for profiting off of young women's insecurities and contributing to negative body image. "I know Victoria's secret / And...

‘Call Me Maybe’ Model Suggests Justin Bieber’s Coffee Collab Was Satanic Scheme, Singer’s Facial Paralysis Part of ‘Elite’ Conspiracy

You might remember Holden Nowell from Carly Rae Jepsen's iconic "Call Me Maybe" music video, which became a smash hit in 2012 after being promoted by Justin Bieber. In the video, Nowell plays Jepsen's hunky love interest neighbor, who the Canadian singer fantasizes about until she finds out — in a comedic twist ending — he has a boyfriend.