Trump and Republicans’ terrible, no good, very bad week is about to get worse

This is a bad week for Donald Trump and the Republican party. Already, the 45th president suffered twin humiliations and a third one looms. On Monday, the FBI enforced a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, the center of his universe. One day later, a federal appeals court upheld the right of a House committee to his tax returns. Trump is also slated to appear on Wednesday at a court-ordered deposition conducted by New York’s attorney general.
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Mike Pence says FBI search of Trump's home raises 'deep concern,' urges Garland to explain

Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed "deep concern" about the FBI's search of ex-President Donald Trump's resort home Mar-a-Lago. Pence's tweets echoed complaints by the former president's supporters that the DOJ and Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland are unjustly targeting Trump and his allies. Trump and his supporters have attacked...

Hillary Clinton's response to Mar-a-Lago search was perfectly petty

UPDATE: (Aug. 12, 2022, 2:05 p.m. ET): NBC News on Friday obtained a copy of the warrant used in the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, as well as the related property receipt. The FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents in the search, according to the documents.

The FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago is prompting elected Republicans to openly acknowledge that Trump will likely run for president again

Many elected Republicans are furiously condemning the FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. Many of them are acknowledging something that they usually don't: that Trump is likely to run again. Some are more forthright, while others simply refer to Trump as Biden's "top political opponent." As elected Republicans condemn the...
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Trump lawyer who was at Mar-a-Lago for FBI search describes the scene

Lindsey Halligan, a Florida-based attorney for former President Donald Trump, was at Mar-a-Lago and spoke with CBS News about the FBI search. Here's her description of what transpired:. Halligan received a call at around 10 a.m. Monday that FBI agents were at Trump's Palm Beach home, Mar-a-Lago, and they had...

Democrats Just Got a Sign That Midterms Might Not Be So Brutal

Democrats got a bit of good news in Tuesday’s elections that suggests this fall’s midterm elections might not be as brutal as the party once feared. In Minnesota, Democrats lost a special election by just four points in a mostly rural southern Minnesota House district, a much closer margin than then-President Donald Trump’s 10-point victory in 2020.

US loses half its fighter jets, tons of warships in China war game

American military strategists are actively gaming U.S. military response scenarios to a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2026. The wargames have already found that the U.S. would have to lose more than 900 fighter jets — up to half of its fighter jet fleet — and a large number of U.S. warships to turn back China, a new report revealed Monday.