Russian strikes hit Kyiv as G7 meets

Russian strikes hit a residential building in Kyiv on Sunday in the first attack on the capital in almost three weeks, Ukraine said, calling for increased support from G7 leaders meeting in Germany. The high-profile attacks come as a week of Western diplomacy kicked off with the G7 summit in Germany, which will be followed by a meeting of NATO leaders in Spain.
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UK will give £10m to rebuild Ukrainian railways to help export trapped grain out by train

Boris Johnson’s government will pledge £10million to help rebuild Ukraine’s railways in a bid to use trains to export grain trapped by Vladimir Putin’s blockade in the Black Sea.The prime minister is set to call on fellow leaders to take urgent action to get essential food supplies out of Ukraine at the G7 Summit in Germany on Monday.Mr Johnson said the United Nations’ plan to get the grain out of Ukraine is a “non-starter” because Russia will continue to use food supply as a bargaining chip to ease sanctions.The PM argued that allies need to now consider plan B, as he...
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Poland to protest after Russia removed its flag from war memorial

WARSAW, June 27 (Reuters) - Poland is to send a protest note to Russia after it removed a Polish flag at the Katyn cemetery, which commemorates Polish military officers killed by Soviet forces in 1940, the government said on Monday. An estimated 22,000 officers and intellectuals were killed in Katyn,...

Ukraine’s Missiles Are Blowing Up Russian Supply Hubs—Some Inside Russia

Russian military warehouses, vehicle staging areas and transport ships keep blowing up inside Russia-held territory in Ukraine—as well as along the border in Russia itself. Yes, Ukrainian attack helicopters and explosives-laden “suicide” drones are responsible for some of these attacks. But it’s evident that Ukrainian brigades firing old Tochka ballistic missiles are responsible for many—if not most—of the Ukrainian deep strikes targeting Russian logistical infrastructure.