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Pokemon Masters EX – Daily Type Rotation: Type Team-Up, Tapu Bulu in Legendary Arena, and Falkner Spotlight Scout live now

A new event, Daily Type Rotation: Type Team-Up is live now in Pokemon Masters EX. New type battles will be added every day during this event and the first battle will be: “Challenge the Flying Types.” There will be brand new trainer conversations and first clear rewards for all of these missions and it will be live until August 27.
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Pokemon Unite Update Fixes Bugs And Adjusts Various Pokemon

Pokemon Unite released last month and it’s already getting its first game update to fix some bugs, text issues, and also implements a test feature for spectating. While the game has received some pretty harsh criticism for its monetization being predatory to children by being incredibly aggressive and essentially pay to win, it still remains incredibly popular. The game also received its first additional Pokemon available for players to use within the game, and somewhat surprisingly, it ended up to be Gardevoir. So, now that we’ve got our first Pokemon Unite update out of the way, what exactly did it change? What’s with this Spectate feature? If you’d like to access the patch notes from the game’s official website.
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Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock Part 3 Explained

Niantic Labs has finally unveiled its plans for UIltra Unlock Part 3 in Pokemon GO. The mischievous Pokemon from this year's Pokemon GO Fest, Hoopa, has opened portals throughout the neighborhood—allowing species from Galar to appear for a limited time. For two weeks at the end of August, a handful of Galarian Pokemon will be available for capture in-game alongside a few new shiny variants. These Pokemon can be encountered in the wild, as a reward for completing themed Field Research tasks, and hatch from special 7 k.m. eggs.
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Pokemon Go boycott: Player strike goes viral over Niantic decision

The ongoing feud between the Pokemon Go player base and title developers Niantic is set to reach boiling point on August 5, with thousands of furious trainers plotting a “Pokemon NO Day” boycott to protest unpopular Exploration Bonus changes. Pokemon Go is, of course, a game designed to get people...
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Pokemon Go Fans Push for Niantic Boycott and "Pokemon No" Day

Last weekend, Pokemon Go players were furious when developer Niantic went through with changes to the distance required to spin PokeStops. Niantic lessened the distance needed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but has now reverted back to the original proximity. For the immunocompromised and younger players that are still ineligible for the vaccine, this is making it harder to fully enjoy the game. Days later, the backlash against the game has not quieted down, and "Boycott Niantic" has been trending on Twitter as a result. Some fans have even suggested a "Pokemon No" day, where players refuse to open the game on August 5th!
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Farming Sim Monster Harvest Delayed To End Of August

Monster Harvest has been delayed to August 31. While this is unfortunate, it is better to delay a few weeks instead of releasing an unfinished product. I’m sure we all remember the Cyberpunk 2077 debacle here. Here is a note from the team:. We know you’ll be disappointed and we...
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New Pokemon Snap version 2.0.0 update footage

New Pokemon Snap delivered its new 2.0.0 update last night, and we now have a closer look thanks to Good Vibes Gaming. Check out plenty of footage in the video below. You can learn more about this week’s New Pokemon Snap update here.
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Will Niantic Nerf Remote Raiding In Pokémon GO?

"Boosted damage for Trainers battling remotely in raids." That is currently listed as an Exploration Bonus in Pokémon GO that is set to expire in 28 days. What exactly does this mean, though? Well, one thing it doesn't mean is that Remote Raiders currently do more damage than trainers raiding in person. In Pokémon GO, Remote Raiders are designed to do less damage, and this current buff makes them equal with in-person raiders. So, in 28 days, will Remote Raiding be nerfed? It isn't all that clear yet. Let's see exactly what Niantic has to say.
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How to find Snorlax and complete the Snorlax Dash request in New Pokemon Snap

Snorlax has traditionally been an annoying obstacle in Pokemon games, and in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll once again have to get this large, lumbering Pokemon to move. It isn’t acting as an obstacle, however — this is all for science. You will find Snorlax in the Secret Side Path course of Florio Nature Park, but finding it and completing the related Snorlax Dash will take a bit of extra work.
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There’s a Pokémon Advent Calendar & It Includes a Sleigh For Pikachu—Get It Before It’s Gone

Gotta catch ’em all. There’s a Pokémon advent calendar, and it includes a sleigh for Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and more animated monsters. Created by Wicked Cool Toys, the Pokémon advent calendar includes 24 pockets that fans can open as they count down the 24 days to Christmas Eve. Inside the pockets are 24 two-inch Pokémon toy characters from the Nintendo video game’s eight generations. Among the Pokémon are action figures of Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee and Mimikyu. The calendar also comes with a sleigh to fit the Pokémon, as well as a snowman Pikachu dressed in a red knitted hat and...
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Pokemon GO Wooloo and Skwovet Spotlight Hours and events explode in August

Today we have the full set of Pokemon that’ll appear in Pokemon GO as Spotlight Hour Pokemon in the month of August, 2021. This lineup previously included potentially Shiny Magnemite (for an event on August 3), Shellos East Sea, and Shellos West Sea. Those Pokemon will appear on August 10 and August 17 on Tuesday (both times) starting at 6PM local time. The final two Spotlight Hour events were revealed this week: Skwovet and Wooloo!
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TCG Spotlight: Some Of The Best Dialga Pokémon Cards Part 2

In honor of the current Dialga raids in Pokémon GO, let's take another look back at some of the most iconic Dialga cards from the Pokémon TCG including both vintage and modern. We'd love to hear from you, so chime in with your top Dialga picks in the comments below. Also, don't miss our first selection of the best Dialga cards right here.
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How to Catch Falinks in Pokemon GO

Several Galarian Pokemon, including Falinks, have been transported into Pokemon GO as part of the third Ultra Unlock. Niantic Labs announced that trainers will finally have the chance to encounter the royal wolves Zacian and Zamazenta as part of the Ultra Unlock reward from the Pokemon GO Fest this year. That's not all—a handful of other Galarian Pokemon have snuck their way into local neighborhoods, as well, thanks to the mischievous new Pokemon, Hoopa. Among these are fan-favorite Wooloo, Dubwool, shiny variants of Galarian Meowth and Sirfetch'd, and Falinks.
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How to unlock the Secret Side Path, Mightywide River, and Barren Badlands in New Pokemon Snap

The Lental region in New Pokemon Snap has a number of biomes to explore and take photos in, and an August update shows that there is more for players to discover. New locations coming with the title update include the Secret Side Path, Mightywide River, and Barren Badlands — the latter two are easy to come by, but as the name “Secret Side Path” implies, you’ll have to do some more sleuthing to find the hidden pocket monsters that inhabit this area.
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Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour for Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Initially announced on January 31st, 2020, Niantic announced it would begin testing new types of events during February 2020 – Pokémon Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour. After testing and user feedback, Niantic combined both events into one and announced what Pokémon and bonuses would be featured in advance. Now,...