What being beautiful means in 25 countries around the world

Across the world, our ideas of what makes someone "beautiful" vary immensely.If you ever needed proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, look no further than this one collection of photographs.Journalist Esther Honig asked Photoshop editors around the world to edit her face according to the beauty standards of their country, and the results are very revealing.Esther told Buzzfeed her project, Before & After, “made her shriek,” when she saw the finished looks.Sign up to our free Indy100 weekly newsletterHere is the original photo Esther sent to the experts:Here are the finished, Photoshopped images:ArgentinaIn accordance with this...
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Philippines President-Elect Marcos in Australia for a Private Trip

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr made a private trip to Australia on Tuesday, his spokesperson said, drawing some protesters onto the streets of the city of Melbourne. While he was there, Marcos received a phone call from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who congratulated him on winning...
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Filipinos protest Marcos Jr.'s private Australian visit

Members of Australia’s Filipino community protested Tuesday outside a Melbourne apartment building where the Philippines' presumptive next president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., was reportedly visiting his son.Marcos Jr. was making a private family visit, spokesperson Victor Rodriguez told reporters in Manila.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison telephoned Marcos Jr. on Tuesday to congratulate him on his victory in May 9 elections, Rodriguez said.Rodriguez was critical of the small group of protesters on the sidewalk outside the Melbourne apartment.“It’s embarrassing for Filipinos. It’s not a Filipino trait to shame or embarrass his fellow Filipino in another country,” Rodriguez said.“I think the best...

The Philippine election is the latest example of illiberalism’s popularity

Last week, voters in the Philippines went to the polls — and, by an overwhelming margin, chose the son of the country’s deposed dictator as their next president. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., widely referred to by his nickname, Bongbong, ran on a ticket with Vice President-elect Sara Duterte — the daughter of incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, a populist most famous for his policy of extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers, who pushed the Philippines toward authoritarianism during his six years in office. Neither of these candidates ran away from their parents: on the contrary, they embraced them. And voters in the Philippines rewarded them for it.

Sabetha WWII veteran celebrates big century milestone

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A World War II veteran hit a big milestone on Monday, May 16. Edward Garber, Sr., turned 100 years old Monday. His family celebrated with open house on Sunday, May 15, at the Vet’s Club in Sabetha. Garber served with the Army in the Pacific...

Philippine central bank to kick off tightening cycle on May 19

BENGALURU, May 17 (Reuters) - The Philippine central bank will kick off its tightening cycle on Thursday, much earlier than previously thought, joining peers around the world in a race to tighten monetary policy to tackle rising inflation, a Reuters poll found. With economic growth in the Southeast Asian nation...

Indonesia lifts outdoor mask mandate as COVID-19 wanes

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia is lifting its outdoor mask mandate because its COVID-19 outbreak is increasing under control, President Joko Widodo said Tuesday. However, a mask mandate remains in place for indoor activities and public transportation, he said. Widodo also said all fully vaccinated travelers will no longer...
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Moth species encountered for first time since 1912 at Detroit Metro Airport

U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities recently revealed an encounter with a moth species at Detroit Metro Airport that was last seen over 100 years ago in 1912. The discovery was made in September after an inspection of a man's personal belongings led to the moth's interception, according to a Monday release from CBP.

Missing Picasso May Have Been Spotted in Imelda Marcos’s Home in the Philippines

Click here to read the full article. A Picasso that was lost years ago may have been spotted in the home of Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines who has been widely accused of corruption. Marcos’s son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., is the presumptive president-elect of the Philippines. Following a landslide victory on May 9, Marcos Jr.’s win has been met with growing concern in the Philippines, where his family previously plundered billions of pesos under his father’s dictatorship. After his win, the Marcos family released footage of him visiting Imelda. Hung on the wall in her home are...