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Record number of toxic bufo toads posing threat to Florida pets

Pet owners need to keep an eye out for toxic bufo toads as they surge in numbers. The invasive species can kill your pet in as little as 15 minutes. Bufo toads, also known as cane toads, are moving into Florida by the thousands and can pose a significant threat to pets. They secrete a milky-white toxin, known as bufotoxin, from glands on the back of their heads.
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Caring for your pet when YOU have cancer

When you have cancer, caring for your pet can be a challenge. Help is available through CancerCare and Amie’s Place Foundation. CancerCare®, the leading national nonprofit organization providing free, professional support services to anyone affected by cancer, and Amie’s Place Foundation, a New York not-for-profit corporate foundation, which is dedicated to funding no-fee programs to support people who may need help caring for their pets, risk losing them in times of crisis, or face barriers limiting access to their pets when they most need each other, are excited to announce a diverse array of educational resources available on the CancerCare website to provide people undergoing cancer treatment who have pets with the critical information they need to care for themselves and their pets.
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Classics Bone Broths and Stews with Marine Microalgae Oil

Caru Pet Food offers Classics Bone Broths and Stews infused with marine microalgae oil for dogs and cats. The non-fishy-tasting oil, which is obtained from a sustainable, non-GMO algae strain, is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Prepared with 100% human-grade ingredients, the broths and stews are cooked low and slow, right in the carton, for a minimally processed feast. The functional formulas help support a balanced immune response, heart and kidney health, healthy joints, skin and coat health, and optimal cognition, the company states. They are also great for allergy-prone pets. The stews are made with high-quality protein from whole-muscle poultry, fish and meat.

5 Pawsome Tips When Looking to Adopt a Cat

Natures Menu has complied five important tips to consider this Adopt a Cat Month. – Tips aim to assist future cat owners in having the purr-fect transition into cat parenthood!. DATE: In honour of Adopt a Cat month, Natures Menu has shared five pawsome tips to help new cat owners...

Cost of living: Pet owners struggling with food bills says charity

An animal charity said it was helping people with pet food and rehoming more animals due to the rising cost of living. Woodgreen, based in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, has also taken in injured pets when owners could not afford the vet bills or insurance. Prices are rising by 9.1% a year...

Cats and Their Food

Our sweet Dooley. Photo by author. One day they love it and the next, know. But hopefully, for you people who share your lives with cats, the following article will help.

Furbo 360 Dog Camera Review: Is It the Best Choice for Pet Monitoring?

As a pet tech option, the Furbo 360° brings a host of favorable upgrades to those looking to stay more closely connected with their dog. Whether dealing with separation anxiety or the occasional trip away, it can prove an invaluable asset. While there's a few usability restrictions with the camera, most will find the Furbo 360° outweighs its cons.

Woman Tries Returning Unused Dog Food After Dog Dies, Company’s Response Is Beyond Sweet

There's good customer service, and then there are a few companies that go above and beyond to support their customers. When Anna Brose contacted Chewy, an online pet food and supplies retailer, she was simply hoping to return an unused bag of dog food after her dog, Gus, passed away. When she explained the situation to a representative, she was met with sympathy and consideration.

Chewy Sends Flowers to Customers Who Have Lost Their Pets

Losing a pet is really hard. They’ve been a staple part of the family, sharing their unconditional love all throughout their lives, so it’s important that you take the time to grieve, heal, and look back on the wonderful times you shared with your four-legged friend. For bereaved pet parents, is giving back to customers who are experiencing the loss of a beloved pet, and it’s the most wholesome things a company can do.

Shop at home and travel abroad with this Sam’s Club Plus membership

Some people love going to the store. You can try finding new deals, shopping for fun things for the house, or even picking up just enough groceries for a day or two. Sam’s Club does give you the chance to do that, or you bulk shop and get groceries and home goods for a full month in one trip. There are many ways to do Sam’s Club right, and now you can Get a Sam’s Club Plus Membership for 50% OFF! That’s only $50 for a membership that gets you in the door, extra deals on certain purchases, and a...