Picasso painting fetches $67.5M at auction

A painting by Pablo Picasso sold at auction for $67.5 million on Tuesday. The piece, "Femme nue couchée," was painted by Picasso in 1932 and depicts his lover, Marie-Thérèse Walter, as a sea creature. Sotheby’s, which held the auction, had previously estimated the painting would sell for...
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Bidder in Asia buys Basquiat painting from 1982 for $85M

Boutique auctioneer Phillips sold a 16-foot-wide, red-and-peach painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat for $85 million in New York on Wednesday. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa put the untitled 1982 painting up for sale, and an Asian telephone bidder represented by a Phillips representative based in Taipei won it after a four-minute competition.
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How to Choose a Paint Roller

Painting a room is a common DIY project that many people undertake on their own. They pick up paint, a paint tray, a paintbrush, and a paint roller, then get started painting the walls. However, if you haven't tackled a paint project before, you may not know that paint, paint trays, paintbrushes, and paint rollers come in several different types. Choosing the wrong paint tray can slow down the project, while selecting the wrong brush can leave you with a streaky finish. For these reasons along with several others, it's important to learn more about the paint and tools you need before starting a project.

The Best Acrylic Paint Sets to Bring Your Canvases to Life

Click here to read the full article. Acrylic is a favored painting medium for both beginners and professionals alike for its easy setup, quick-drying properties, and malleable nature. Made out of pigments suspended in acrylic polymer, acrylic paint is water soluble but becomes water resistant when dry. A highly flexible paint medium, acrylic will provide a crisp, graphic paint edge that can be easily used to create thick paint strokes or thin washes, and it is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces. Depending on your project ambitions, you will want to consider key factors such as color...

Mom colors each room for less than $14 with leftover and tester paints: "Having a bright home is very uplifting"

A mother of three has turned her home into a colorful and inspiring place after hand-painting each room with tester pots of paints, which are often free. Heidi Pettitt, 44, who lives in Walsall, in West Midlands, England, gave a new look to every room in her home and enjoyed the process of transforming her house and seeing what the best decoration could be for each space. By mixing up colors and positive vibes, she managed not to repeat any combination and had lots of fun while getting rid of the magnolia color she couldn't stand.

Painting Trim: 6 Things to Know Before You Start

A home with beat-up trim is like an outfit with scuffed shoes—you can deal with it, but it looks sloppy. Painting the trim in your home—whether it’s wainscoting, chair rails, or crown molding—is a way to revamp a room without a major overhaul. “Trim is almost like the jewelry in a space,” says designer Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors in Hermosa Beach, California. To add real flair, think outside the classic white palette and explore how color plays with depth, elevating the entire space.

Dugout painting in Madrid

The members of the 5 and 6 girls softball team and boys baseball team in Madrid helped prepare the dugouts at their field on Saturday, May 7. ``We were able to give our main dugouts a paint job and the kids had a blast doing some team building and helping out their town,'' said Christopher Pryce, 5 and 6 girls softball coach. Above, a few of the volunteers at work. Photo submitted by Christopher Pryce.

This Iconic Ernie Barnes Painting ‘The Sugar Shack’ Sold At Auction For $15.3 Million

The iconic Earnie Barnes painting The ‘Sugar Shack’ familiar to millions as it was featured in the TV sitcom ‘Good Times’ and on Marvin Gaye’s Album cover of his 1976 release ‘I Want You’, sold to auction at Christie’s in New York City for $15.3 million to Bill Perkins last Thursday, May, 12th, to an energy trader, who says he’s been waiting his whole life to buy that work of art. The sale, set an auction record for Barnes’s body of work by more than 27 times the artist’s previous record. The 10-minute action brought in 22 bidders before the Houston-based energy trader Bill Perkins made the final offer and beat out the others. “I would have paid a lot more,” Perkins told The New York Times following the auction. “For certain segments of America, it’s more famous than the Mona Lisa.”

26 Impressionist Floral Dresses That Are as Pretty as a Painting

Florals are not necessarily a groundbreaking concept, but there was a painterly quality to the print this season that seemed almost Impressionist era-inspired. Since most designer’s mood boards begin with a piece of artwork as a reference, it comes as no surprise that our favorite floral prints for summer could have been plucked from a Claude Monet masterpiece or straight from a Pierre-Auguste Renoir landscape. When applied to a romantic yet modern day silhouette, Impressionist floral dresses are the no-fail option when creating a dreamy summer wardrobe lineup.