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This Is What Yolanda Gampp Typically Eats In A Day - Exclusive

Yolanda Gampp might be the queen of cake. On her popular YouTube channel and blog, How to Cake It, she can recreate almost any food or object out of sweet treats. While she spends her days baking and decorating flawlessly, Gampp told Mashed in an exclusive interview that she tends to lean on someone else when it comes to cooking meals. As it turns out, what she eats in a day largely depends on her husband, who Gammp describes as "the cook in our house." But that's usually just for dinner, Gampp said.
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Yolanda Gampp Shares Her Worst Kitchen Mistakes - Exclusive

No matter who you are or how long you've been whipping up amazing meals or desserts in your kitchen, there's always something else to be learned. And it's during that learning process that so many kitchen mistakes happen. At least, it seems that's what happened to "Crime Scene Kitchen" co-judge and cake designer Yolanda Gampp.
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Yolanda Gampp Reveals The Big Mistake Bakers Make Under Pressure - Exclusive

If there's one woman who can do it all in cake, it's cake designer and baker Yolanda Gampp. While you've likely seen her creations come to life on her popular YouTube channel, How to Cake It, you can now watch her discuss the technical side of baked goods as a judge on Fox's "Crime Scene Kitchen." The series asks bakers to investigate a kitchen where there's evidence of something that was just baked and then attempt to replicate each dessert themselves. But no matter what the bakers are creating, it always seems there's one contestant who has trouble getting their dessert set in time for judging.
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Yolanda Gampp shares that this cake is always her favorite choice

Dessert lovers swoon over the sugary creations from Yolanda Gampp. While her realistic cakes often have people looking in awe and wondering how sugar and flour can be transformed into that picture perfect confection, the truth is that one cake brings her back for seconds, thirds and more. Which cake is her hands down favorite?
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Cake Decorator Yolanda Gampp Is One of the 'Crime Scene Kitchen' Judges

Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to cooking competition shows, Fox is rolling out Crime Scene Kitchen. Hosted by Joel McHale and featuring chef Curtis Stone and cake decorator Yolanda Gampp as the judges, it follows teams of chefs as they try to figure out what recipe was recently made in a kitchen, which is now a "crime scene" of the former meal. Then, they have to re-create it for the judges.
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Yolanda Gampp, the Queen of Cakes, brings her expertise to Crime Scene Kitchen

One look at a Yolanda Gampp cake and many people are left speechless. While the celebrated baker shares her talents with legions of fans, Gampp is bringing her signature style to the new FOX culinary competition, Crime Scene Kitchen. As these teams of bakers have to solve the clues to each baking mystery, food television fans will devour each and every last morsel of the sweet competition.
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Yolanda Gampp Dishes On Crime Scene Kitchen And How To Cake It - Exclusive Interview

Even if you have not been fortunate enough to catch Yolanda Gampp as a guest judge on many baking shows, chances are you've seen the incredibly talented Toronto-based cake designer and decorator on her YouTube channel and blog — How to Cake It. From her famous take on the Popeye's chicken sandwich to her beloved turkey cake, and even the hyper-realistic watermelon, Gampp has turned tons of heads with her insanely detailed cake versions of many popular food items. Though the baker is very skilled at solving problems in her own kitchen, her latest project required her to judge the resulting dessert from contestants who had to decipher clues to guess what had been made in the kitchen.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yolanda Gampp

A show of hands from all our friends who love cake? That’s everyone, is it not? You cannot NOT love cake. It comes in every flavor, every variety, every texture, every color, every size, every shape. It’s everything. You can have a full cake, a cupcake, a carrot cake, a gluten-free cake, a flourless chocolate cake, a mousse cake; we could go on, but we feel like you get the point. Yolanda Gampp is a woman who loves cake. She’s a woman we love because she loves cake. So, who is this amazing cake-baking Canadian who is making a huge name for herself in the world of all things cake-related? Let’s find out.