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The Unexpected Dessert Recipe Yolanda Gampp Is Most Excited About In Her New Book - Exclusive

When it comes to extravagant and outlandish recipes, Yolanda Gampp takes the cake. The "Crime Scene Kitchen" judge has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of baking, especially when it comes to giant cakes. Gampp, also known for her popular YouTube channel, "How To Cake It," is releasing her second book — "Layer Up!" — filled with seven chapters of jaw-dropping dessert recipes that are each dedicated to a certain flavor profile.
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The Real Reason Yolanda Gampp Took A Break From How To Cake It - Exclusive

When in doubt, cake it out. Or, at least, that's what Yolanda Gampp does. The "How To Cake It" star is well known for her passion for baking, along with her extreme cakes that take fondant to the next level. With 4.32 million subscribers to date, the YouTuber has amassed some loyal fans throughout her amazing cake-featuring series. Now, the "Beyoncé of Cakes" has more recently taken to Instagram to show off her skills.

Yolanda Gampp Reveals The Novelty Cake She Is Most Proud Of From How To Cake It - Exclusive

If YouTube is your favorite pastime, then you likely know of Yolanda Gampp. The "How To Cake It" star is notorious for pushing the boundaries when it comes to baked good recipes. Whether it be giant cakes or fancy desserts, Gampp is the ultimate guide to baking your best. In fact, her new book, "Layer Up!" is just her latest passion project that contains her famous "stuffed cake" recipes (aka cakes filled with your favorite desserts) — there's even a cake made with key lime pie that's included in the mix.

Yolanda Gampp Takes Cakes To The Next Level With New Recipe Book - Exclusive Interview

You know the saying, 'the bigger the better.' Well, when it comes to baking, Yolanda Gampp is no stranger to that term. In fact, the "Crime Scene Kitchen" judge is known for her extreme novelty cakes on her popular YouTube channel, How To Cake It. Now, Yolanda, nicknamed the "Beyonce of Cakes," is releasing a recipe book for giant cakes with a sweet twist. If you pre-order "Layer Up!" now, you will receive a free pecan pie layer cake mini course taught by Yolanda herself.