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Remembering the firing of Yogi Berra after 16 games

Although they won 91 games, the 1983 Yankees couldn’t do better than third place in the AL East, which led George Steinbrenner to unceremoniously part ways with manager Billy Martin (again) at season’s end. Yankee legend Yogi Berra, who had managed the 1964 Yankees and the 1973 Mets to World Series appearances, took over the 1984 squad but got off to a disappointing 17-23 start. That may not seem like the end of the world, but the problem was that the Yanks were already 18 games out of first place, as the Detroit Tigers won 35 of their first 40 games. In the Pre-Wild card era, such a start effectively ended the season for every other AL East team, so despite the Yankees outplaying the eventual champions from that point on, the season was considered a disappointment.
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Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton sounds like Yogi Berra on Aaron Judge’s contract

NEW YORK —The first Yankees’ win of the season in the books, Giancarlo Stanton was among the key contributors taking a turn doing a post-game interview in the middle of the clubhouse. His leadoff homer the other way in the fourth momentarily tied up an exciting Opening Day, one in which the Yankees rallied from 3-0, 4-3 and 5-4 deficits before pulling out a 6-5, 11-inning thriller over the Red Sox.
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Yogi Berra Documentary ‘It Ain’t Over’ Wraps With Billy Crystal, Bob Costas, Derek Jeter, Joe Torre Among Talking Heads; Cinetic Boards Sales

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: Cinetic Media has boarded sales on Yogi Berra documentary It Ain’t Over, which has wrapped production and is aiming for a festival premiere this year. The film about the baseball icon features interviews with Billy Crystal, Bob Costas, Derek Jeter and Joe Torre alongside other baseball players, historians and broadcasters. The feature follows the life and heralded career of baseball Hall of Famer, Berra. The iconic New York Yankee is considered by many to be the greatest catcher to ever play the game, winning ten World Series Championships, three MVP awards, and appearing in 18 All-Star...
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It’s long past time that the Yankees dedicate a monument to Yogi Berra

Yesterday, I shared a brief history of a unique Yankees tradition: Monument Park. There, the greatest players, managers, owners, and broadcasters of the greatest baseball franchise are immortalized, allowing future generations to connect with the legends about whom they’ve only heard tales. It’s a fascinating story dating back almost 100 years, with moments ranging from light-hearted to solemn, comedic to tragic.
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Ken Morris: Yogi Berra can’t help you prepare for ongoing inflation

Prices are skyrocketing everywhere you look. A few days ago, within a short window of time, I heard three different people look at an item and express that the price was ridiculous. I understand people being shocked and dismayed, but they shouldn’t be surprised. Contrary to what the Federal...

Yogi Berra Quotes Investors Can Live By

Yankee great and Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra may be the most quotable athlete ever. The malapropisms attributed to him are legendary and, when viewed through a particular lens, are more useful than at first glance. While not likely to threaten Warren Buffett’s ‘oracle’ status, if Yogi hadn’t chosen baseball, he might have become a Hall of Fame financial planner.

Not Yogi Bear! It is Yogi Berra

It truly was, as Yogi Berra said, “never over till it’s over” in high school and college football last weekend. Nine of the 13 games on week six of the S. Preston Douglas & Associates Pigskin Picks contest were decided in the last minute or in overtime. Four of the victories were of the “walk off” variety. However, teams that were a clear favorite still came away with most of the wins (sans UNC, Alabama).
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Inspirational Quotes: Yogi Berra, Brene Brown, Oscar Robertson, And Others

Inspirational quotes about forming bonds with others, thriving on competition and embracing change in your life. It wasn't luck that I became a ballplayer. I never wanted to be anything else and I never considered being anything else and I worked my tail off for it. Yogi Berra, baseball player.

New York Yankees: The trash talk between Derek Jeter and Yogi Berra

When you play for the New York Yankees, the bar is simply set a little bit higher. After all, when your franchise has captured 27 World Championships, finishing second is not looked upon well. That expectation of winning is passed down throughout the Yankees organization as well. As Derek Jeter...

Yogi Berra – a national treasure 1952 World Series on Youtube

A national sports treasure. That’s what Yankees Catcher Yogi Berra was for so many years. Really, a national personality for so many decades. (You can tell when a person is getting older – they measure time in decades.) Just found Game 7 of the 1952 World Series on You. Just...

Editor’s Message: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” —Yogi Berra

COVID-19 is still raging in many parts of the world, in some states, and, I’m sad to say, it’s still with us in Monroe County. So even though life feels almost back to normal in Bloomington with most people maskless and restaurants and shops fully open, the threat persists and our economy could quickly be shut down again.
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FAITH: Yogi Berra, Fred Gailey, postage due and the Gospel

I have been fascinated with stamps ever since childhood. I recall going to the old post office in Newnan, GA and buying a few of the newest issues for only pocket change. A few of those managed to survive. I still look forward to the new issues. Some disappoint, and...

Column: The spirit of Yogi Berra visits us in Portage County

The late great baseball legend and philosopher Yogi Berra once said, “It’s deja vu all over again.”. Well, that’s certainly true for the Portage County Board of Supervisors, as they once again revisit the never-ending issue of county buildings. On July 12, the county’s Space and Properties Committee approved a...

Yogi Berra honored with Forever Stamp

UNDATED – Beloved by fans across the country, Yogi Berra (1925-2015) was one of the best Major League Baseball players of his era. Berra won a record 10 World Series with the New York Yankees and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. During his career, Berra won...