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Yngwie Malmsteen gives a guided tour of his current pedalboard

The Boss-heavy rig is relatively compact, and gives the Swedish speed demon easy access to 8 of his most-used live tones. Yngwie Malmsteen is currently in the midst of his Parabellum tour promoting his latest studio album, and the Swedish speed demon recently took time out during a soundcheck to showcase his current pedalboard setup.
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Yngwie Malmsteen says people who think his shredding is “emotionless” are “tone deaf”

Yngwie Malmsteen has fired back at people who label his shredding as “emotionless”, calling them “tone deaf”. In a new interview with Guitar World, the guitarist responded to the ‘speed vs emotion’ debate, saying, “I’m sure there are examples of empty fast notes. Those examples do exist. But if you listen to the way I play, and you hear a fast slur or a fast run, a fast arpeggio, or whatever I’m playing, if you slowed that down, it would have full harmonic value along with passion and expression.”
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Yngwie Malmsteen on growing up in Sweden as a musician: “You were told you’re nothing… to shut the fuck up and stay in line. It was like socialist fascism”

Yngwie Malmsteen has recalled growing up in Sweden in the 1970s and the conservative attitudes that he faced to artistic ambitions, comparing them rather unfavourably to his experience when he moved to America. Speaking to guitarist Cory Wong on his Wong Notes podcast, Malmsteen was asked about Sweden’s history of...
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Yngwie Malmsteen reveals the origins of his love for the Fender Stratocaster – and why he chose it over a Gibson Les Paul

Despite having limited six-string options as an aspiring shredder, the Swedish speed demon said he was drawn to the Strat for one reason in particular. Some players are synonymous with one type of electric guitar. Slash with the Gibson Les Paul, Eric Clapton with the Fender Stratocaster and Eddie Van Halen with his Frankenstein are just a few examples.

Orlando concert picks, June 3-8: Problem Pack, Yngwie Malmsteen, TWRP, T.S.O.L.

If you go out, be safe, be cool. Problem Pack, Super Passive, Hexorcism: This event marks the Falcon's first real concert since the pandemic, and it's a good native one featuring the sneering punk rock of Problem Pack, the synth-thick post-punk of Super Passive and the goth-gaze of Hexorcism. Go welcome the beloved Thornton Park art bar back into the live mix. (8 p.m. Friday, June 3, The Falcon, $3 donation)

Yngwie Malmsteen at The Hall Saturday night

SATURDAY 5/28. The Hall. 8 p.m. $25-$65. For two genres so often considered diametric opposites, guitar metal and classical music sure have a lot in common: demanding technical cadenzas, a tendency to glorify virtuosos and divas, a penchant for the epic and the operatic. And though Swedish superstar Yngwie Malmsteen — maligned or revered, depending on who you ask — was far from the first to make those connections, he did cement them into the 1980s pop culture zeitgeist. “When I heard Paganini,” he told Guitar World last year, “that was the biggest moment. Nobody was playing those crazy arpeggios. Everybody was just playing the box. But I wanted to play that shit on guitar.” He’s joined on this bill by musician and actor Kurt Deimer. Get tickets at

The Swedish Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, coming to SCV

Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, a world-renowned guitarist from Stockholm, Sweden, is scheduled to perform live at The Canyon Santa Clarita on Sunday, May 22. As a young boy, Yngwie originally had no interest in music, but that all changed on Sept. 18, 1970, when he saw a TV special on the late Jimi Hendrix.

WPDH Interview With Yngwie Malmsteen

WPDH spoke with 80's guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen ahead of his upcoming show at Sugar Loaf PAC. Speaking with WPDH's Tigman, Yngwie gives thoughts on past singers in his bands, along with some of his favorite guitar players like Ritchie Blackmore and Eric Clapton. Also discussed is Ferrari collection and the infamous Tokyo flight "You've Unleashed the Fury" incident. More is more. Check out the full video in the audio file below.

Concert Calendar (5/2-5/8) | Concerts, Parties, and METAL: Destruction, Yngwie Malmsteen, & more

Our time has finally arrived to hit up all the concerts! And May’s going to be nothing short of amazing. ‘sup, ya’ll? Thanks for checking in with your friend, that is I. Can you believe it’s almost that time again??? Summer. Concert. Season. I’m not sure about you, but this dude cannot wait for it. So have fun looking through this list and thinking about all the events you’ll attend as we enter a new month featuring some amazing shows. Also, there will be many more gnarly tours announced in the coming weeks, and you can count on me that they will be added to the coming show directories as fast as the internet can pump out information. May’s going to be awesome!

Concert Calendar (4/26-5/1) | Welcome to Bonkers, $6.66: Destruction, Yngwie Malmsteen, & more

Hey, ya’ll! Thanks very much for checking out this post. What on earth has happened to this April? Oh yeah, the almighty return of bands touring again happened. And it is way better than last year, which there’s no need to talk about here, considering we all know what went down. Anyway, things are looking up in 2022! Please take a look at all the new radness listed for you this week during your break, and I hope to see you attending gigs! Let’s make the final week of April really count.