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Swae Lee, Saweetie, Jack Harlow, & YK Osiris at LIVONSUNDAY

Miami Beach, FL – April 25, 2021 – Swae Lee at LIVONSUNDAY…. thats a real crowd pleaser. So are Saweetie, Jack Harlow, and YK Osiris who were also spotted at the Miami Beach nightclub living it up like the weekend never has to end, because sometimes it doesn’t.
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YK Osiris Plots Return To Jamaica For Jah Vinci Collab, Vibe Alkaline & Koffee Hits

At this point it’s safe to say the YK Osiris is working for his Jamaican citizenship. YK Osiris is showing his appreciation to the people of Jamaica as he closes out on his Montego Bay vacation on Thursday. In an Instagram live video, Osiris vibes to Alkaline’s “Ocean Wave” as he shouts “Rastafari”! “Aye listen, take your girl on a Goddamn trip, she don’t want to be in that boring ass house, take her on a trip,” he invites his followers and other celebrity friends.

YK Osiris Loses $10K In A Matter of Seconds

YK Osiris is one of those artists who isn't shy about making his Ls public online. Over the past few months, Osiris has been embroiled in a ton of back and forths about his fashion sense, and despite all of the ridicule, Osiris continues to come back, showcasing how little he really cares about the backlash.

Yella Beezy Trolls YK Osiris After Singer Posts Shirtless Selfie

If there's anyone who knows how to take a few verbal jabs from his fellow entertainers, it's YK Osiris. The rising R&B star has often been the target of his industry friends who tease him for his comments or antics, and his recent post on Instagram warranted a response from Yella Beezy. Recently, we witnessed YK Osiris take hits from the likes of 21 Savage, DJ Mustard, and Lil Yachty as the singer was trolled over his custom-tailored Gucci jacket, and Beezy couldn't help but drop a facepalm emoji over Osiris's muscle-flexing post.
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YK Osiris Says A Female Fan Gifted Him $3K, “I Almost Cried”

YK Osiris says he almost cried when a female fan gave him $3,000. Jacksonville singer YK Osiris has been having a tough time among his peers in the industry over the last couple of weeks. The rapper/singer has been roasted online for sporting a fake Gucci fit, as well as for selling his collection of high-end vehicles in order to purchase a house. If that wasn’t strange enough, he followed up by spending $1000 on a haircut, which defeats the purpose of selling his vehicles. Fans are now wondering if the rapper had actually sold his vehicles after spotting a G-Wagon in one of the images he recently posted.
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Virgil Abloh Gifts YK Osiris With Louis Vuitton Jacket After Fake Gucci Incident

After a week of being dragged for a “fake custom Gucci outfit” from several rappers in the industry, YK Osiris received a new Louis Vuitton jacket from Virgil Abloh. “I love you big bro,” the rapper captioned a video where he showed off the latest fit. "I appreciate it bro," YK said in the background of the video, as he showed off the red varsity style jacket, which feature the words "Vuitton" embroidered on a patch across it. YK added that the menswear designer sent the jacket to him, himself.

YK Osiris Thinks It's "Selfish" To Have People Who Will Take The Fall For You

Almost every famous Rap artist has someone in their entourage who is willing to go the distance for them. We've heard stories throughout the history of Hip Hop and Rap of people who have done bids for or taken hits on behalf of a celebrity, but if you ask YK Osiris, that's not a boss move. The R&B singer recently shared a few thoughts about "bosses" who surround themselves with plenty of people who are dedicated to their cause without elevating those same individuals into licensed, credible positions.

Hitmaka Teases YK Osiris For Flexing Lil Tjay's Chain In The Studio

Just when you thought the teasing of YK Osiris was over, the rapper was once again made a playful target. We all bore witness to the cluster of trolling that occurred last week as Osiris's custom-tailored Gucci jacket became the focal point of conversation. The R&B singer's 'fit wasn't appreciated in all of its glory and soon, people like DJ Mustard, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, Yella Beezy, and others joined in on making fun of the rising star. Osiris seemed to take it all in stride, aside from a tense back and forth with Yachty, and after more memes and pot-shots were given, the light-hearted beef quickly dissipated.

Young King Records, Home of YK Osiris, Inks Distribution Deal with EMPIRE

Young King Records, most known for 3x Platinum-Selling R&B star – YK Osiris and owned by music manager and veteran Chris Williams, have tapped EMPIRE for a distribution deal, kicking off in 2021. This deal, brought to fruition through music industry vet – Tina Davis, will name EMPIRE, a premier, all-encompassing label, distribution & publishing company, as the official distributing partner for Young King Records. With years of experience in developing upcoming acts, Young King Records will use this partnership to continue to drive the momentum of their independent label, while cultivating rising R&B and Hip-Hop acts. The first artist this distribution partnership will develop is, Prince Party. “I’m very excited about my union with EMPIRE. I love how they push their artists and I am excited to see what’s next,” Young King Records founder, Chris Williams, states.

DJ Akademiks Is Sick Of YK Osiris – Accuses Him Of Lying And More

According to Hot New Hip Hop, this past week hasn’t exactly been a great time for YK Osiris, who has reportedly been taking a lot of heat on social media, including from the commentator, DJ Akademiks. The outlet says Osiris recently tried to flex but failed to impress with a brand new Gucci jacket.

21 Savage Moves On From Trolling YK Osiris, Sets Sights On Yung Bleu

21 Savage isn't done trolling on social media, following a roast of YK Osiris, earlier this week. Savage is now going at Yung Bleu, saying the rapper looks "like a pumpkin." "Why you holding yo chain up with yo jacket tho dam my brudda lookin like a pumpkin," Savage wrote on Instagram with a picture of Bleu sporting a custom Gucci jacket.
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YK Osiris Continues To Roast Mustard, Lil Yachty And Meek Mill Over Their Comments About His Gucci Jacket– Mustard Responds

The Innanet is undefeated when it comes to roasting. Earlier this week, YK Osiris stepped out in a custom Gucci jacket, and everyone had something to stay about it. There has been an ongoing roast session for over 24 hours, and it started with Grammy award winning producer Mustard commenting on his jacket, saying it was fake. This led to Osiris taking to his Instagram story to defend himself by explaining that the jacket was actually custom-designed. He said, “Y’all n**as so stupid. Made by Exclusive Game. Y’all know my boy—customized jacket. Y’all n**as be talking all that bullcrap. Gucci! Stupid little boy.”
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Mustard On Why He Trolled YK Osiris: "That Outfit Is Horrible"

YK Osiris is back in the news and, as usual, it's unfortunately not for his music. The "Worth It" artist has been attracting headlines for the last few months because of his social media antics. It all ramped up when he started his backyard boxing matches, and then it took another spin when he made those comments about Drake and Lil Wayne on Clubhouse. Then, he claimed to have traded in his Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce for a Hyundai before trending again for a questionable outfit, which many claimed was fake.

YK Osiris Trades In His Lambo & Rolls-Royce For A Hyundai

If you've been tuned into YK Osiris on Clubhouse, you likely already know that the 22-year-old artist has been going through some mental turmoil as of late, speaking vulnerably about his struggles at the moment. The successful artist has opened up to 21 Savage and others about how he's been feeling lately, and he's seemingly trying to make some changes in his life to feel more fulfilled. That starts with his latest move, trading in his expensive foreign cars for a trusty Hyundai.

YK Osiris Criticized For "People Don't Know Drake Or [Lil] Wayne" Comments

Clubhouse is the new social media hub on the block, and for users that have been granted entry into the app, they'll find commentary by not only industry professionals, but artists themselves. It's common to come across rooms where rappers and singers engage in debates about the music industry, influencers, and impactful artists, but recent comments made by YK Osiris have given some rap fans pause.