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Family of boy who fell to death at Orlando theme park claims YK Osiris lied about paying for funeral

There is controversy this week between the family of the boy who fell tragically to his death in an Orlando theme park last month and an R&B and Hip Hop singer from Florida. That’s because, according to reports, the family is claiming that YK Osiris, a Def Jam signed artist from Jacksonville, used the death of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson “for pure clout,” and did not follow through on a promise to make a large donation to help fund his funeral.

YK Osiris Allegedly Lied About Paying For The Funeral Of The Teen Who Died At A Florida Amusement Park

Last month, YK Osiris committed to doing a good deed by saying he would pay for the funeral of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson who fell to his death after getting on a ride at ICON amusement park in Orlando, Florida. Last week, during an interview with TMZ, he said that was in touch with Sampson’s family in order to go through with his plan of covering funeral costs. “I feel like it was just a devastating thing for the parents, for everybody in his family, so I had to make it happen,” he said. “Somebody had to make it happen. In the celebrity world, we got too much power and we got [too] big [of a] platform to not help with things like that.”