Xzibit's 'Napalm' Weed Company Banned from L.A. Dispensary

Xzibit is learning a hard lesson about the rules of engagement when it comes to selling weed, and rule #1 seems to be ... don't name your company after a chemical weapon. The rapper/entrepreneur's company -- Napalm Cannabis -- has been dragged online because its name is a sore reminder of a chemical agent that was used in firebombs during the Vietnam War ... firebombs that killed and maimed innocent citizens, including the little girl whose photo became a symbol of the horror of the United States' involvement in the war.
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Xzibit’s wife files for divorce after six years of marriage

Xzibit and his wife are calling it quits after six years of marriage. Krista Joiner filed a divorce petition against Xzibit — whose real name is Alvin Joiner — in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, Page Six has confirmed. The celeb couple joins a lengthy list of celebs who’ve split up this year.
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Xzibit's Wife Files for Divorce

Xzibit's wife is apparently ready to get her walk on ... as in walking away from their marriage. The "Pimp My Ride" star's wife, Krista Joiner, might've yelled "D to the P" Monday morning, before filing her divorce petition in Los Angeles Superior Court. They've been married for about 6 and a half years.