Xzibit's Estranged Wife Says He's Lying to Avoid Paying Huge Spousal Support

Xzibit is lying to the court about his financial situation simply to avoid writing some big checks to his estranged wife for spousal support ... at least according to her. The former "Pimp My Ride" star's estranged wife, Krista Joiner, claims in new legal docs Xzibit is making it seem like he's fallen on tough times when in reality he's got millions in cash.
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Dizzy Wright refuses to hold back in "24 Hours" featuring Xzibit and DJ Hoppa

"24 Hours" is a no-holds-barred record from indie rapper Dizzy Wright who teams up with veteran West Coast rapper Xzibit and producer DJ Hoppa. The result is a mid-tempo ominous and punchy track that blends rousing rock drum grooves and a cinematic texture that blends perfectly with the commanding vocal performance from both rappers. Dizzy opens it up on a grand note with his spirited flow and vivid lyricism as he aims shots at naysayers and opposition who procrastinate instead of activating their goals. Xzibit follows suit and seals the deal with a commanding performance and lines like "What you gonna do with the time you got/My back's against the wall like a Basquait" that questions anyone who has thoughts of stepping to the duo. "24 Hours" is produced by DJ Hoppa, Puda and Soy is Real.

When Papa Roach plays their new song for Xzibit

In this quick clip you can see Jacoby Shaddix playing some jams for Xzibit and they both agree… “this S gonna go crazy.” Here’s a taste of ‘Stand Up.’. I think @officialxzibit likes our song #StandUp 🙌🏼😂🔊🔥 #paparoach #xzibit #newmusic.

Jacoby Shaddix and Xzibit carpool karaoke-ing

Who knew Xzibit was such a huge Papa Roach fan?! The band posted this clip of Jacoby and X singing along to Last Resort Carpool Karaoke style. WARNING profanity (obvi) P.S. is Jacoby lip syncing? <3 Lauren. Watch it here:
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Dr. Dre Plays New Album For Xzibit and Diamond D

Dr. Dre plays 2 hours of music from his possible new album for Xzibit and Diamond D. Anticipation is continuing to build surrounding the mysterious Detox album, which may or may not be happening. N.W.A. icon and production mogul Dr. Dre has been talking about this project for years, at one point even admitting that it may never see the light of day. However, recent stirrings on social media have fans conjuring up new hope for the project once again.