Wolfgang Weber


Wolfgang Weber picked up 700th win at the Brandon Bean Invitational

Wolfgang Weber believes his first victory as a head coach came some 40 years ago at Amphitheater. The wins kept coming and the Hall of Fame coach picked up his first state championship in 1985 and that was followed by another in 1986. He was the first coach in Arizona to win back-to-back state championships. Actually, he was the first to win two titles. In all, Weber earned eight state titles with Salpointe with his latest coming last season.

Hansen's Hundred, No. 32: Wolfgang Weber the father of Tucson soccer

Wolfgang Weber was going to be a chef. Correction: He was a chef. A good one. In 1973, Weber spent about $29,000 — $200,000 in today’s money — to buy a 70-seat coffee shop in downtown Tucson. He and his wife named it Benjee’s. Weber cooked full time and quickly developed such a reputation that the Tucson Citizen wrote a feature story on one of his favorite dishes, rinder-rouladen, which is basically a beef roll with an German twist.