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Wolfgang Puck Is Bringing Back LA’s Best End-of-Summer Party With His Star-Studded BBQ

Click here to read the full article. Since 2012, some of the culinary world’s biggest names have come together for an all-star barbecue at the Hotel Bel-Air, hosted by Wolfgang Puck. Over the past couple of years, however, the pandemic hasn’t allowed them to do so. Now, the star-studded event is back, with the lineup for this year’s soirée just announced. Puck, who oversees the hotel’s signature restaurant, will be joined by an impressive number of guest chefs, with Francis Mallmann and Nancy Silverton leading the bill. Both chefs have joined in on the fun before, with this being Mallmann’s fifth...
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Emmy Contender ‘Wolfgang’ Reveals How Wolfgang Puck Survived Nightmarish Childhood To Become Superstar Chef

Click here to read the full article. On a recent Sunday morning, lines to get into Spago Beverly Hills ran around the block, from Canon Drive onto Clifton Way. Crowds at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant aren’t unusual – in fact, they’re commonplace – but this was an unusual occasion: an opportunity to hear from the chef about the Emmy-contending documentary Wolfgang, directed by David Gelb, and the tantalizing prospect of sampling Spago cuisine. Before almond-encrusted salmon, wienerschnitzel, succotash, creamy mashed potatoes and other savory dishes were served, Puck spoke of his decision to open up for the Disney+ documentary. He said...
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Adam Richman and Wolfgang Puck Judge a Chicago Tavern-Style Pizza Battle | Pizza Wars

If you think Chicago-style pizza is all about deep dish, you've got another thing coming. On this episode of Pizza Wars, Nicole Russell faces off against Not Another Cooking Show's Stephen Cusato to see who can make the best tavern-style pizza this side of the Windy City. And for a pizza battle this legendary, it's only right to bring in a couple of iconic judges: culinary juggernauts Wolfgang Puck and Adam Richman. Can Nicole and Stephen change Wolfgang's mind about Chicago-style pizza? Will Adam hand Nicole another much-needed W? Watch an all-new episode of Pizza Wars and find out!

Wolfgang Puck Asked TikTok About Steak Tartare And People Have Lots To Say

When a celebrity chef asks you if you are up for steak tartare, it might just ignite a conversation. And that is just what has happened on Wolfgang Puck's Tiktok channel. Puck is well known for his flagship restaurant Spago, catering for the Oscars, and his signature smoked salmon pizza. The Austrian-born chef has been a part of the California culinary scene for nearly 50 years, per Puck's website. He showed off his skills to the Hollywood community at Ma Maison. However, when you add raw meat to the equation, sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are at your craft.

Wolfgang Puck Just Revealed His Favorite Savory, Egg-Free Breakfast

If you have a busy morning but want to grab something to eat, you can quickly throw together a breakfast sandwich to eat on the go. If you don't like or can't eat eggs, then breakfast sandwiches might not work since scrambled eggs are often one of the main ingredients. While you might also check out an article on breakfast recipes for when you're not in the mood for eggs, sometimes you might just feel the need to consult celebrity chefs for their recommendations.

What Wolfgang Puck Would Do If He Weren't A Chef

It seems that Wolfgang Puck was born to cook. With multiple James Beard awards, two Michelin stars, and a sizeable portfolio of successful restaurants, his name is synonymous with the term "master chef" (per California Museum). For nearly 30 years, Puck has catered the Oscars' Governor's Ball, preparing delicacies and celeb favorites on Oscar Night for Hollywood's heaviest hitters. He has also written an impressive library of cookbooks and has appeared on a lengthy list of talk shows, chatting with hosts Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and David Letterman, not to mention guest roles on "The Simpsons" and "Frasier."

Why Wolfgang Puck Thinks Servers Should Make Six Figures

Workers across America have been trying to get their wages raised for sometime. According to NPR, Target employees' hourly rate just got bumped up to a maximum of $24. The Fight for 15 movement also helped lead the push for a $15 minimum wage across the country and has notably stood with food workers across California, Starbucks workers who continue to unionize across the U.S., and many more groups.

The Problem Some TikTok Users Have With How Wolfgang Puck Likes His Steak

"This is how I like it," Wolfgang Puck wrote in the description of a TikTok video showing the world the steak he just cooked. It should be an uncontroversial statement. But the image of him cutting into the steak and displaying the meat's purple center apparently inspired such strong emotions in some of the 420K people who watched that they had to comment. Perhaps it was the floating text that read "Is this cooked enough for you?" that did it.

Restaurant Roundup: Wolfgang Puck restaurant opens in TMC; Upside Pub to open in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest

In this week’s Restaurant Roundup, Wolfgang Puck is back, a new neighborhood pub will open in the GOOF this summer, and a health-conscious eatery will open in Bridgeland. Also, Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken restaurant is coming to Houston, Katy will gain a Cheesecake Factory, and a marijuana-themed sandwich chain opens this month.

Wolfgang Puck Shares His Mother’s Treasured Ravioli Recipe

Before his many restaurants and TV appearances and frozen dinners, Wolfgang Puck was a young boy in southern Austria without much to his name. Both his mother and grandmother were cooks, his mother a professional one, and they instilled the love of the craft in him from a young age. One of his favorite dishes growing up was known as Käse Nudeln, a potato and cheese ravioli-like dish common in his region of Austria.

After 15 Years, Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck Once Again has a Houston Restaurant

Way back in 2004, Wolfgang Puck opened a location of his Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express chain in the Carillon center in the Westchase District. The celebrity chef, who’s also known for catering the Academy Awards, opened a second location in Sugar Land, but by 2007, both were closed. Now, 15 years later, and perhaps emboldened by a successful catering operation he started in Houston in 2019, Puck is back. His new restaurant is called III (“Three”) by Wolfgang Puck, and it’s in the former Third Coast Restaurant space on the top floor of the John P. McGovern Commons Building at 6550 Bertner in the Texas Medical Center, right above the fountain.

Wolfgang Puck Says This Dish Is A Celeb Favorite On Oscar Night

Oscar attendees not only get to strut their designer-labeled stuff on the red carpet, rub elbows with fellow A-listers, and possibly take home a coveted Academy Award. They can also top off the evening in epicurean ecstasy enjoying the expertly prepared food of Wolfgang Puck at the event's most well-known after-party. Held at the Dolby Theatre, this year's Oscars Governor's Ball will be featuring dishes ranging from Miyazaki beef to Maine lobster pot pie to cacio e pepe macaroni, says ABC.