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Wolfgang Puck mistook Ariana Grande for random student when she asked him to go to a karaoke bar

With the years of cooking for the stars under his belt, you’d have thought celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, would be familiar with one of the world’s biggest singers. Ariana Grande dined at one of Puck’s famous restaurants with her husband, Dalton Gomez, and friends. Located in Hotel Bel-Air, the chef - who’s currently promoting his upcoming Disney+ documentary, Wolfgang - told Insider that he believed Grande and friends were high school diners, celebrating a day off from class.
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The Important Cooking Advice Wolfgang Puck Received From His Mom

Wolfgang Puck is widely considered the first "celebrity chef" (via Yahoo!). Long before we had the star-studded Food Network lineups, we had Wolfgang Puck and his best-selling cookbooks, chef-friendly line of cookware, and many successful restaurants (up to 20 to be exact), totaling a near $90 million fortune. Disney+ is now telling his story in a documentary (debuting June 25) that details the culinary great's rise to fame, beginning with what can only be described as a troubled childhood with a controlling stepfather while growing up in Austria.
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Chef Wolfgang Puck failing to hire staff despite offering servers $120,000 per year in some locations

Famed chef Wolfgang Puck said he is having trouble finding employees to work at his upscale restaurants despite some locations paying servers six figures per year. “People get paid really well,” Puck said. “Still, it's difficult to find people to work. At Chinois in Santa Monica, it's the same thing. I cannot open for lunchtime. Or even at Spago in Beverly Hills, you know, where people, waiters, make $120,000 a year. But I cannot find them.”
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‘Wolfgang’ Review: A Savory Documentary Portrait of Wolfgang Puck, the Defining Celebrity Chef

There’s a good story in “Wolfgang” that captures how a chef goes with the flow. It was a bustling night at Spago (the only kind of night Spago had in the ’80s), and in walked Joan Collins, at the apex of her “Dynasty” fame. She always ordered one of Wolfgang Puck’s most popular dishes: smoked salmon on a brioche. But all the brioche was gone, and Puck didn’t want to face the wrath of Alexis. So he improvised. He cooked a pizza without tomato sauce and spread dill cream on it, covering it with smoked salmon and topping it with dollops of caviar. Voilà! A Spago classic was born.
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Wolfgang Puck On Spago, California Cuisine, And How Backward American Food Was In The ’70s

I grew up with “Wolfgang Puck” mostly as a brand name, the words on the boxes of frozen pizzas I ate by the dozen. I suppose I had a vague notion of him as an apple-cheeked European man with a twinkle in his eyes, but I had no idea about California Cuisine or open kitchens or any of his innovations. When he showed up as a judge on Top Chef a few years back, an entire competitive-cooking concept that almost surely wouldn’t exist without him, it felt a little like we’d skipped a chapter on the Wolfgang Puck DVD. And yet there he was, the most entertaining Top Chef guest judge ever (if memory serves he made someone cry over a risotto).