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Wolf Blitzer to Host CNN Plus Nightly Show ‘The Newscast’

CNN staple Wolf Blitzer is set to host a new nightly show for WarnerMedia’s upcoming subscription streaming service CNN Plus. Blitzer, who will remain in his post as the anchor of “The Situation Room,” which airs at 6 p.m. ET on CNN every weekday, will lead “The Newscast with Wolf Blitzer” on CNN Plus when the platform launches this spring. Per CNN Plus, “On ‘The Newscast,’ Blitzer will give it to you straight, hitting the headlines you need to know on this traditional evening news show with a sleek, modern twist. The old-school nostalgic approach featuring original reporting from around the world,...
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Wolf Blitzer To Anchor Nightly Newscast For CNN+

Wolf Blitzer will anchor a nightly newscast for CNN+, the network’s upcoming subscription streaming service. Blitzer, who anchors CNN’s The Situation Room, will anchor The Newscast with Wolf Blitzer. The show will be among the live offerings when the streaming service debuts in the spring. He joins other CNN figures like Anderson Cooper, Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner in signing on for streaming shows, along with other personalities like Chris Wallace, Audie Cornish and Kasie Hunt. CNN has been announcing new programs for the service just about every day in recent weeks, with word on Tuesday that Rex Chapman would also be...
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CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and Wolf Blitzer Hit Biden Admin Over ‘Confusing’ Covid Guidance: ‘Erosion of Trust’ in the CDC

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Sanjay Gupta dinged the Biden administration over what they called “confusing” messaging by CDC chief Rochelle Walensky over the coronavirus. During Friday’s CNN Newsroom, Blitzer, filling in for Jim Sciutto, summarized that Walensky has said that the changing guidance isn’t about messaging, rather “changing science.”

Wolf Blitzer Mocked For Posting Misleading Photo Of D.C. Gas Prices

Wolf Blitzer fueled a lot of Twitter mockery after he posted a photo of the high prices at a Washington, D.C., gas station. On Tuesday, the CNN anchor posted a photo showing that a gallon of gas at a particular Exxon station ranged between $4.29 and $4.79 ― which most people will agree is very expensive.

Wolf Blitzer Called Out for ‘Misleading’ Photo of Gas Prices at DC Exxon

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer faced stiff backlash on Twitter when he posted a photo depicting high gas prices at a DC Exxon station that many users found misleading. Gas prices have become a go-to rejoinder for critics of President Joe Biden and a symbol of concerns over inflation, and many Twitter users saw Blitzer as throwing fuel on the fire when he posted a photograph that featured $4.29-per-gallon regular (and $4.79 super) at an Exxon station.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer mocked for reporting on Cop26 from Edinburgh – as conference gets under way in Glasgow

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer has found himself on the wrong side of some Scots after tweeting that COP26 was happening in Edinburgh, instead of Glasgow.Appearing to confuse Scotland’s two biggest cities on Monday, Blitzer tweeted an image of himself in front of Edinburgh Castle, where he said COP26 was happening. “I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit,” tweeted the veteran anchor. He added: “COP, by the way, stands for ‘Conference of the Parties.’ It’s the 26th time they have gathered to discuss and take action on...