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Ukraine and Russia: What you need to know right now

Aug 6 (Reuters) - Russia and Ukraine accused each other on Friday of shelling Europe's biggest nuclear power plant as fighting raged again in the crucial border region of the Donbas and three more ships left ports carrying previously blockaded Ukrainian grain. read more.
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China-Taiwan news – live: Top Taiwan official found dead as China accused of attack simulation

A top Taiwanese defence ministry official was found dead on Saturday as the self-governing territory accused China of carrying out a “simulated attack” with the country’s warships and planes conducting missions in the Taiwan Strait.Ou Yang Li-hsing, the deputy head of the Taiwan defence ministry’s research and development unit, died from a heart attack on Saturday in his hotel room, reported state media.The room had no signs of ‘intrusion’ and his family had a history of heart disease, said the official Central News Agency.Meanwhile, the defence ministry tweeted on Saturday that multiple Chinese craft conducted missions in the Taiwan...

Do you believe the Garden of Eden was in Bristol, Florida?

The Garden of Eden By Isaak Van OostenPublic domain on Wikimedia commons. Every state has legends attached to them. Whenever there's a true story, there are bound to be fibs, tall tales, and rumors to go along with it. Some people believe they are true. Others like to play into the fun and may even think, "what if?". Others believe it's complete tinfoil hat nonsense.

Top Taiwan official leading missile production found dead in hotel room, report says

A top Taiwan defence ministry official leading a missile production unit was found dead on Saturday morning in a hotel room, reported government-controlled Central News Agency (CNA).Ou Yang Li-hsing, who was the deputy head of the Taiwan military-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, died from a heart attack.The official was found dead in a hotel room in southern Taiwan but there were no signs of ‘intrusion’, according to CNA.His family had a history of heart disease and he also had a cardiac stent, said the report.News of the official’s death comes amid heightened tensions after US House...

Three Men Arrested After Wilmington Police Find Loaded Gun, Drugs

WILMINGTON, DE — Wilmington Police have arrested three men on gun and drug charges:. Authorities state that on July 27 at approximately 4:27 p.m., police on patrol conducted a vehicle stop in the unit block of East 24th Street. Police made contact with the operator, 23-year-old Jabrei Chase, and two occupants, 22-year-old Elijah Collins and 23-year-old Jerry Toston of Newark. Following a brief investigation, police recovered a loaded .40 caliber handgun, 90 grams of marijuana, and $553 in currency. Police took all three subjects into custody without incident.

Psychedelic ‘brain spas’ may flourish in Denver

(Denver, Colo.) “Brain spas” may flourish as decriminalization of drugs converges with emerging medical research claiming psychedelics can improve health. That’s the prediction of Anna Wexler and Dominic Sisti of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia. They authored a paper “Brain Wellness ‘Spas’—Anticipating the Off-label Promotion of Psychedelics” that appears this week in Journal of the American Medical Association.

14-Mile Engine Classic Car Sells for Over $400,000 as New Owner Gets a Piece of History

A Pontiac Trans Am recently sold at $440,000 during an auction in Pennsylvania over the weekend. The vehicle, a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE version of the classic automobile was in pristine condition as it was listed under Mecum Auction House in Harrisburg. Having had only two previous owners over its forty-five-year history, the price was the most ever paid for the Special Edition car.

Concern growing over potential serial bomber in South Land Park

SACRAMENTO — A potential serial bomber is targeting a Sacramento neighborhood.Multiple neighbors in South Land Park said that they felt the explosion rock their homes."It was such a powerful sound that it rattled the windows of my home, and it scared the heaven out of my dog, my wife, and my daughter," said Eduardo Monterrubio, whose home was damaged by the bomb.When Eduardo went outside to check his home, he found that the blast blew a three-foot hole in his backyard fence. The detonation tore off shards of splintered wood, and the boards blistered with what appeared to be shrapnel.His home backs up to a drainage canal at an Interstate 5 underpass. He says it's not the first time someone has set off explosives in the area."They keep throwing bombs underneath the freeway, and they make dents over there [underpass] on the ground, and it happens maybe every two months," Eduardo said.Someone also shot out the streetlight above where the bomb went off, leaving bullet holes in the plastic. Police are asking that anyone with security cameras check to see if there is any suspicious activity. They are not releasing information on the type of explosive that was used.

Taiwan says China military drills appear to simulate attack

BEIJING (AP) — Taiwan said Saturday that China’s military drills appear to simulate an attack on the self-ruled island, after multiple Chinese warships and aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait following U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei that infuriated Beijing. Taiwan’s armed forces issued an alert, dispatched air and naval patrols around the island, and activated land-based missile systems in response to the Chinese exercises, the Ministry of National Defense said. As of 5 p.m., 20 Chinese aircraft and 14 ships continued to carry out sea and air exercises around the Taiwan Strait, it said. The ministry said that zones declared by China as no-go areas during the exercises for other ships and aircraft had “seriously damaged the peace.” It emphasized that Taiwan’s military does not seek war, but would prepare and respond for it accordingly. China’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement Saturday that it had carried out military exercises as planned in the sea and airspaces to the north, southwest, and east of Taiwan, with a focus on “testing the capabilities” of its land strike and sea assault systems.