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William Regal On Working With Comedy Wrestlers Like Danhausen & Santino Marella

William Regal has done his share of working opposite comedy acts in wrestling, and he discussed working with the likes of Santino Marella and Danhausen recently. Regal touched on the topic during his discussion with B/R Report, and you can see some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):. On working with...
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William Regal Reveals Who Came Up With BCC Name

Who exactly came up with the name Blackpool Combat Club, the AEW group consisting of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, William Regal, and Wheeler Yuta? In an interview with Chris Mueller of B/R, William Regal revealed the answer. “So the name, the Blackpool Combat Club, it was Jon’s idea,” Regal said....

William Regal Reveals Who Came Up With The Idea For Blackpool Combat Club

William Regal talked about the development of the Blackpool Combat Club faction in AEW, during an interview with The Blackpool Gazette:. “I would love to claim it was my idea, but it wasn’t. It was Jon Moxley’s idea. I was initially planning to take a year off, I wasn’t going to do anything because I haven’t done anything other than wrestling for the last 39 years. All of a sudden, I heard Jon’s name was involved which piqued my interest even more and it’s ended up how it’s ended up. Straight away there was a chemistry there because in real life there’s a chemistry there. People know a lot about me and Bryan but they might not know as much about me and Jon but these are stories we can tell over time. Jon came up to me and said he’s got a great idea for a name, because he had come up with different Blackpool things. I told him it’s not about me, it’s about the two of them, I’m just a spare part here and riding on your coattails. But he insisted we called it this. That meant a lot because Blackpool has given me everything good in my life and I’ve done everything I can do to make sure that, regardless of where I went, I was always billed from Blackpool.”
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AEW's William Regal on Blackpool Combat Club, Keys to Success in Pro Wrestling

When it comes to pro wrestling legends, few are as universally respected by fans and wrestlers as William Regal. His career in the industry spans more than 30 years and includes runs with several different promotions, including both WCW and WWE at the height of their powers. Nowadays, the former...

William Regal Donating Proceeds Of T-Shirt Sales To Shinjiro Otani’s Recovery

As previously reported, Otani suffered a serious cervical injury during a recent ZERO1 show and the last word was that he couldn’t move. He did have successful surgery on his cervical cord, however. In a post on Twitter, William Regal announced that he would be donating proceeds from his Pro Wrestling Tees sales to Otani.

William Regal On His AEW Run So Far: I’m Still Getting My Feet Under Me, But I Couldn’t Ask For Anything Better

William Regal is finding his footing in All Elite Wrestling, and he’s enjoying the ride so far. The veteran spent two decades with WWE before he was released this past January. He then signed with AEW and debuted at the Revolution pay-per-view in March. Since then, he has been featured alongside Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley; together, the trio is now known as Blackpool Combat Club, a group that recently added Wheeler Yuta into the mix.

William Regal Explains How He’s Like A Jazz Performer In The Ring

AEW’s William Regal recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho, where he discussed what it has been like joining the company. The former NXT General Manager was released by WWE in early January, however, he quickly got back into the business. Regal debuted for AEW at Revolution and has been working in the Blackpool Combat Club faction.

William Regal To Debut New Podcast

As seen below, pro wrestling legend and AEW talent William Regal will be debuting a new podcast called “Gentleman Villain” in the coming weeks. In the audio clip they provide as a preview, Regal says that the show will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and various other podcast platforms. The full-text description can be seen below: