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Talking Volumes: William Kent Krueger on 'Lightning Strike'

Hometown writer William Kent Krueger and host Kerri Miller delved into what it means to go back into the life of a character he knows so well as part of the Talking Volumes season finale at the Fitzgerald Theater. Krueger’s latest book is “Lightning Strike.” Hear their conversation at 11 a.m....
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Talking Volumes with William Kent Krueger

10 East Exchange Street , St Paul, Minnesota 55102. Talking Volumes, a partnership of Minnesota Public Radio and the Star Tribune, spotlights books with feature articles, live broadcasts with the author, in-person readings and discussions, and more. Talking Volumes is hosted by award-winning journalist Kerri Miller. William Kent Krueger. Krueger...
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Literary calendar: William Kent Krueger discusses ‘Lightning Strike;’ Scott Studwell presents ‘Viking for Life’

TESSA BRIDAL: Introduces “The Dark Side of Memory,” stories of those who were disappeared by the Uruguayan government in the mid-1970s, based on her interviews with families about their loss and their resilience. Bridal, who lives in the Twin Cities, was born and raised in Uruguay. Now an award-winning author of books such as “The Tree of Red Stars,” she discusses the multi-generational impact of the extremist military dictatorships in Uruguay and Argentina during the Cold War. 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, Theatre in the Round, 245 Cedar Ave., Mpls.
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Excerpt: 'Lightning Strike,' by William Kent Krueger

Cork was deep in thoughts so terrible that he didn't notice at first the sound in the trees. Or rather, the lack of sound. Usually in the mornings, at the first hint of light, the birds began their chatter. Only a few at first, but by the time Cork was halfway through his route, it usually seemed as if the whole of avian existence had been aroused. As he walked now, he suddenly became aware that the soft click of Jackson's paw nails on the pavement and his rhythmic panting were the only sounds. He stopped and listened more care- fully. Not a single bird.
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"Lightning Strike: A Novel" by William Kent Krueger

Once was a time when you couldn’t wait to be big. Eager to make decisions, set your own bedtime, eat what you wanted for dinner, so many of your sentences started with “When I grow up....” and now you have. Is it all you thought it would be? Or, as in the new novel, “Lightning Strike” by William Kent Krueger, is adulthood stormier than you wanted?
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Recommended reading: ‘Lightning Strike’ by William Kent Krueger

This book is a mystery and coming-of-age story wrapped into one. One of Krueger's most beloved characters, Cork O'Connor, remembers back to a summer when he was a 12-year-old boy and his father was sheriff of Tamarack County. The book grabbed my attention by the end of Chapter One. Suicide or not suicide? Evidence but things don't quite add up.
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Review: 'Lightning Strike,' by William Kent Krueger

——— The tamarack tree is one of the most stunning conifers in the North Woods of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In the fall, a tamarack boldly stands out from the crowd when its needles turn golden yellow. In Tamarack County, fans like me of William Kent Krueger's acclaimed Iron Lake mysteries know that Sheriff Cork O'Connor is not unlike the tree after which his bailiwick is named.

William Kent Krueger continues Cork O’Connor saga

After writing 18 books in the Cork O’Connor series, mystery novelist William Kent Krueger vows he’s nowhere near finished with his marquee fictional character. Just fresh from the release of “Lighting Strike” in late August, St. Paul’s Como Park author said he had plenty of material for this Cork O’Connor prequel and is under contract to write at least three more books in the mystery, crime detective series.