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William Jackson Harper Makes Some Noise

William Jackson Harper’s love for percussion began in church. As a child, the actor would watch in awe as the house drummer of his local congregation performed during the weekly service. And while he was too shy to join the small group of churchgoers who took turns on the drum kit after the ceremony, he still found his own way to get in on the action.
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‘A Man In Full’: William Jackson Harper, Tom Pelphrey & Aml Ameen Among 6 Cast In Netflix Series

Click here to read the full article. William Jackson Harper (Love Life), Tom Pelphrey (Ozark), Aml Ameen (Boxing Day), Sarah Jones (For All Mankind), Jon Michael Hill (Widows), and Chanté Adams (A League of Their Own) have been cast opposite Jeff Daniels and Diane Lane in A Man in Full, Netflix’s six-episode limited series from David E. Kelley and Regina King based on Tom Wolfe’s 1998 novel. In A Man in Full, when Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Croker (Daniels) faces sudden bankruptcy, political and business interests collide as he defends his empire from those attempting to capitalize on his fall from grace. 2022 Netflix Pilot...
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William Jackson Harper and the Therapy of Acting

Bakari Sellers is joined by actor William Jackson Harper to discuss the impact and popularity of his role in HBO’s Love Life (4:04), his new role as Noah in Peacock’s The Resort (5:40), and who he’d put on his Mt. Rushmore of acting (13:49). Host: Bakari Sellers.

How I Travel: William Jackson Harper Reads to Calm His Flying Nerves

All products and listings are featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. In the new Peacock series The Resort, William Jackson Harper stars as one half of a married couple spending...

Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper on The Resort's mystery: 'You'll never see what's coming'

They may be playing an imperiled couple on The Resort, but there's nothing but love between William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti. "Cristin and I get along really, really well, and we make a lot of weird jokes. We have our own little shorthand. I think that it's hard to dismiss how you feel about a person entirely when you're acting with them," Harper tells EW of his co-star. "It's my hope that even with the tension of their marriage being very high, that there's maybe just little sparks of the things that they may have liked about each other at the beginning, just because I just adore Cristin to death."

With ‘The Resort,’ William Jackson Harper Is Keeping Things Weird

Click here to read the full article. When William Jackson Harper first read the script for “The Resort,” he had many questions. Set on a tropical resort, the story bounces between two timelines and is difficult to categorize — and that ambiguity appealed to Harper. “Is it primarily a relationship drama or is it a dark comedy or is it an adventure?” says Harper, who stars in the new Peacock series opposite Cristin Milioti. “The thing that drew me to it was that it was weird.”More from WWDA Look at William Jackson Harper's Role in 'The Resort''House of Dragon' Red Carpet PhotosPhotos...

William Jackson Harper Talks True Crime and “The Resort”

“What do you do when you aren’t happy, but nothing’s really wrong?” William Jackson Harper muses over Zoom. He’s answering a question about the appeal of his new project, Peacock’s The Resort, which he is co-leading with Cristin Milioti (Black Mirror, Made for Love). The ambitious new series is written and produced by showrunner Andy Siara, the screenwriter behind the trippy time loop rom-com Palm Springs that was an early pandemic hit, and Allison Miller (Angelyne). With The Resort, Siara has once again found a way to draw out the creepiness of a seemingly beautiful location. Harper’s Noah and Milioti’s Emma are a married couple celebrating their tenth anniversary with a vacation to Akumal, Mexico where Emma finds a phone in the woods and — out of a growing sense of listlessness and a desire to not address the staleness of her relationship — decides to investigate its previous owner, a college student who went missing 15 years earlier. This small but important decision takes the pair down a rabbit hole that ironically begins to repair their marriage while endangering their lives. In lieu of traditional couple’s counseling, the eight-episode miniseries takes the twosome on an adventure that is part conspiracy thriller and part dark comedy.

William Jackson Harper heads down to Puerto Rico to film ‘The Resort’

You may know William Jackson Harper from shows such as HBO’s “Love Life” and Netflix’s “The Good Place” but what you may not have known was how he wanted to quit acting. The actor shared that he had been beaten up enough before he landed on “The Good Place” and thought it would have been […]

‘The Resort,’ Starring Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper Among Many Standouts, Takes on More Than Meets the Eye: TV Review

Click here to read the full article. To say that “The Resort” has more to offer than it seems is saying something, considering just how much it already has at first glance. Created by “Palm Springs” writer Andy Siara, and with a stacked cast led by the always killer Caitlin Milioti (“Palm Springs,” “Made For Love”) and William Jackson Harper (“Love Life,” “The Good Place”), the series unpacks a mystery that only gets wilder, deeper, and more disorienting with each passing episode. One of the year’s most intriguing TV surprises, “The Resort” will deserve a bigger audience than it’ll likely...

‘The Resort’ review: An old flip phone, a luxury vacation and a mystery with William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti

An old flip phone is found by an American woman while vacationing in Mexico with her husband in “The Resort” on Peacock. The couple has arrived at this lush hotel on the Mayan Riviera for their 10-year anniversary. She, in particular, is looking for anything to distract from the boredom and bickering that’s settled over their marriage. And that phone — a banged-up relic from the early 2000s — ...