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William Hague: Leadership after confidence vote ‘like driving on M1 with flat tyres’

William Hague has described Boris Johnson's continuing leadership following his survival of a confidence vote as "like driving on the M1 with two flat tyres."The former leader of the Conservative Party told Times Radio that it would be difficult for Johnson to proceed as party leader after 148 Tory MPs voted to remove him."You can say you're at the steering wheel, but is it really viable? You're not going to get to the end of the motorway", Hague said.Click here to sign up to our newsletters.
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William Hague: Boris Johnson has been rejected and should exit No 10

Former Conservative leader William Hague says Boris Johnson has experienced a “greater level of rejection” than any of his predecessors and should quit the premiership.Tory MPs voted by 211 to 148 in support of the Prime Minister as part of a confidence vote which has left him wounded.“While Johnson has survived the night, the damage done to his premiership is severe,” Lord Hague wrote in The Times.Deep inside, he should recognise that, and turn his mind to getting out in a way that spares party and country such agonies and uncertaintiesLord Hague“Words have been said that cannot be retracted, reports...
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William Hague attacks Boris Johnson as weak and immoral over obesity plan U-turn

William Hague has attacked Boris Johnson’s decision to shelve his obesity action plan as weak and immoral, warning Britain will pay a high price for it.The former Conservative leader said the U-turn – delaying action on cheap fatty foods and TV advertising of them – will be added to the “long history of failed obesity strategies”.Tory MPs who pushed the prime minister into the climbdown are “acquiescing in a future of higher dependence, greater costs, reduced lifestyle choice and endless pain,” he warned.Lord Hague said: “For the government to give in to them is intellectually shallow, politically weak and morally...

Tory conference: Sajid Javid mimics teenage William Hague

The health secretary has recalled the first time William Hague came to national attention when he addressed a Tory party conference as a teenager. Later to become Conservative Party leader, and foreign secretary, the 16-year-old Hague spoke at his party's 1977 conference. Saijd Javid warned a 2022 conference that his...

Northern Ireland violence ‘final warning’ to improve relations with EU, says William Hague

The former Conservative party leader William Hague has said the recent violence in Northern Ireland should be the “final warning” to the UK government to improve relations with the EU.Lord Hague urged both No 10 and Brussels to “create a better atmosphere” and come to an agreement over the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol.Last week’s rioting has been put down to several factors, but the underlying tension over recent months has been loyalist anger at the post-Brexit trading arrangements enshrined in the protocol.“We are going to bump along from one crisis to another. And the latest very worrying...