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Review: ‘Wings On My Shoes’, Will Hoge

Will Hoge is an artist who resists the easy sell. His Nashville home base designates him country, but his music suggests otherwise. There’s a solo-Paul Westerberg raggedness to his records, an unapologetic candor, and discontent that sends him beyond Music Row. When recommending his music, I describe him as a thinking person’s musician, a label that rings as a backhanded compliment. But Hoge has never been one to pander through pregame or after-party anthems. And while he does deliver the occasional heartbreakers– “That’s How You Lose Her”, “Through Missing You”, and “Better Than You” come to mind– his albums succeed more as indictments of the American Dream than songs of a disillusioned romantic. Modern American Protest Music (2012), Small Town Dreams (2015), My American Dream (2018), and Tiny Little Movies (2018) are cathartic essentials for anyone working towards a better South, but perhaps unwelcome hectoring for anyone content with the status quo.
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LISTEN: Will Hoge, “It’s Just You”

In Their Words: “It’s the only co-write on the album. Adam Landry and I connected for that one. It was in the depths of COVID where you couldn’t be inside with people, or within 6 feet and all, so we sat outside and wrote on my back porch. It was so nice to connect with an old friend and write a song with real joy in it even in those really dark times. … I didn’t realize how much this touring lifestyle had afforded me a certain level of built-in vulnerability and connection with people. Normally, you get into a van with a group of musicians, and you naturally hang out during the weeks that follow, and there’s a communal aspect. There’s a feeling of being connected. I’d gotten used to that, and without it, I went through something of a nervous breakdown. I needed to recenter myself. … I always want to embrace change — to accept new things artistically — but at the end of the day, I can try to run from this idea that I love good, guitar-based rock & roll music, or I can wear that badge of honor. I’m in the ‘wearing the badge of honor’ phase now.” — Will Hoge.
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Will Hoge set to take the stage at the historic Astra Theatre on Saturday, June 18.

Will Hoge will be rocking the Jim and Pat Thyen Performance Stage when he gets into town on Saturday, June 18. Hoge performs a mix of country, southern rock, and Americana songs, and the Grammy-nominated artist has a very impressive resume that he will be putting on display for all those in attendance. The music will kick off at 7:30 pm EST with Molly O-Leary warming up the stage. O’Leary’s style has been described as a combination of indie/rock/folk/Americana.


Get ready to party like a rock star with electric amped hits from WILL HOGE! All Ages!. For two decades, Will Hoge has carried the torch for American rock & roll, carving out his own blue-collar sound rooted in amplified guitars, melodic hooks, southern soul, and rootsy stomp. It's a sound that nods to the best moments of the past — the punch of Tom Petty's anthems; the countrified twang of Buck Owens' singing; the raw, greasy cool of the Rolling Stones — while still pushing forward into new territory, with Hoge's storytelling and larger-than-life voice leading the charge.