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Springfield speedster Mike Antico would make Whitey Herzog proud

Springfield Cardinals’ manager Jose Leger has a sign for baserunners when he doesn’t want them to steal. He won’t be using it much with his new leadoff man. Mike Antico was promoted to Double-A Springfield on Friday and the speedy outfielder that swiped 37 bases at Peoria (High-A) went straight to work.
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1983: A year after winning the title, Whitey Herzog gave an inside look into his in-game style

In 1983, Whitey Herzog allowed 5 On Your Side to mic him up for an entire game day. What we got was a look inside one of the best baseball minds in history. The Cardinals won their ninth World Series title in 1982 with a 7-game win over the Milwaukee Brewers. The next year, manager Whitey Herzog opened up his clubhouse to the 5 On Your Side cameras for an all-access pass.

'I like everything about 'em': Whitey Herzog breaks down the 2021 Cardinals

ST. LOUIS — Whitey Herzog is still the most incredible baseball mind in St. Louis. The 89-year-old Hall of Famer and former manager of the Cardinals watches just about every single game and knows the players' statistics and tendencies likely better than they do themselves. So, we sat down with...
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On July 6, 1990: Whitey Herzog quits as Cardinals manager

Editor's note: When Whitey Herzog quit as the Cardinals manager back in 1990, he had a simple reason: "I can't get the guys to play." Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel wrote the story of the White Rat calling it quits for the next day's edition of the Post-Dispatch.

Catching up with Whitey Herzog

Fox 2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne talks it over with Hall of Fame manager Whitey Herzog. They cover numerous topics including how baseball is trying to get back to normal with at least some fans in the stands. Whitey also shares some great stories, like catching a first pitch during his playing days from then President Eisenhower. Enjoy the conversation with Whitey Herzog. You’ll be amazed by the White Rat’s still sharp memory at 89 years old.

Whitey Herzog shares home opener memories

ST. LOUIS–Longtime Cardinals Manager Whitey Herzog is among thousands of people at Busch Stadium for Thursday’s home opener, their first appearance back at the ballpark since 2019 after 2020 wiped fan attendance and did away with many of the home opener traditions we’ve come to treasure over the years. Herzog...