Wendy Sherman

Dan Rodricks: At the UN, Baltimore’s own Wendy Sherman slams Russia and Putin for creating war and food crisis | COMMENTARY

The Russian ambassador had heard enough about global food shortages caused by his nation’s invasion of Ukraine so, when it was his turn to speak, Vasily Nebenzya offered a classic Kremlinesque retort: He blamed the West. If not for the West’s “unbridled sanctions hysteria” against Russia, Nebenzya told the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, there would be no threat of starvation among ...

Wendy Sherman leads the Biden administration's strategic dialogue with Russia

If Russia chooses diplomacy over conflict in Ukraine, you may start hearing the name Wendy Sherman more often. She's the deputy secretary of state and has led the Biden administration's strategic dialogue with Russia. As NPR's diplomatic correspondent Michele Kelemen reports, it's a tough assignment in a world where China and Russia are both challenging the U.S.-led global order.