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Emails - Wayne Dyer

Sometimes we get an email forward that is spot on. Recently I received one explaining that we could go to the store and buy a pound of sliced ham that was wrapped in plastic, a loaf of bread in a plastic bag, a gallon of milk in a plastic jug, a pack of napkins in a plastic wrapper, a side salad in a plastic container, a plastic bottle of mustard, and a plastic bottle of ketchup. But, they won’t give us a plastic bag to carry it home because the bag is bad for the environment.
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Couple Questions - Wayne Dyer

When in the history of the world has the climate not been changing? What benefit will a Vermont state tax of seventeen cents a gallon on gasoline and home heating oil have for climate change?. Wayne Dyer. Groton, Vt.
Groton, VTCaledonian Record-News

A New Buzzword - Wayne Dyer

There is a new buzzword, equity. Equality used to be the goal, but no more. Now it is equity that matters. It seems like equality relates to opportunities and equity means outcomes. Laws requiring equity would result in a more totalitarian government. Watch the news and see how often legislators are using the term.
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Practice What You Preach - Wayne Dyer

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) - Vermont Governor Phil Scott in his 3rd inaugural address Thursday called for unity to get through the current political divisiveness and also the strength of Vermonters to get through the COVID crisis. “The challenges we face demand the very best of all of us, that we...