Warren Barnes

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Remembering a man named Warren Barnes

Warren Barnes is gone but not forgotten. A victim of a senseless tragedy, murdered on Feb. 27. A gruesome death that doesn’t need to be rehashed on this day. Warren Barnes didn’t have a roof over his head. As a homeless man, he was a recognizable figure in the downtown area. A friendly face who always had a welcoming and kind word to offer. A man who loved to read and feel the warm sun on his face.
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Tribute to “reading man” Warren Barnes is installed in Grand Junction

An imaginary south wind has bent an iron-work tree over a curved metal chair and riffled the pages of a sheet-metal book titled, “And You Also.”. That was a signature comment of Warren Barnes, a gentle, homeless 69-year-old who was a downtown fixture known as “the reading man” because he so often sat along this breezeway absorbed in a book. Passersby would stop to chat about what he was reading and, if they bid him, “have a good day,” he invariably responded, “And you also.”