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Noodle the TikTok "Bones or No Bones" Dog Dies at 14

Watch: 2022 National Dog Show: Meet This Year's BEST IN SHOW. Noodle, the geriatric pug who shot to social media stardom for his beloved "bones or no bones" ritual, has died at the age of 14, according to his owner, Jonathan Graziano. In a tearful update posted to his TikTok...

Fortnite Chapter 4 Crossovers Include Hulk, MrBeast, and Much More

Fortnite chapter 4's various crossovers have leaked online and they look to be some of the biggest Epic Games has done yet with the likes of Hulk and MrBeast being added to the game. Fortnite has made a name for itself over the years by being a virtual toy box. The game caught some flack upon release for imitating PUBG's battle royale gameplay and for abandoning its tower defense-esque mode that the game revolved around when it was released just months before. However, it quickly gained a ton of popularity which allowed it to collaborate with a ton of brands and massively famous people. Now the game largely revolves around these crossover events and it would seem chapter 4 is no exception.
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Catholic Church in Rome restores handshakes during mass

The Catholic Church reintroduced handshakes during mass, according to a report Saturday. The continued loosening of pandemic-era protocols by the church was relayed in a letter from the Italian Bishops’ Conference, publicized by the country’s public broadcaster, RAI, and other Italian media. “It will be possible to restore...
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Rams place Matthew Stafford on injured reserve, quarterback likely done for 2022

It appears the Los Angeles Rams are shutting quarterback Matthew Stafford down for the remainder of the 2022 season, as the team announced Saturday that they had placed their starting signal-caller on injured reserve. Stafford is technically eligible to return in Week 17, but with the Rams currently at 3-8,...
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Jumaane Williams’ NYC home entering final stages of foreclosure

Bank of America is demanding a Brooklyn judge force Public Advocate Jumaane Williams to pay up on the more than $600,000 he owes on a Brooklyn rental property, or put the property on the auction block, according to the latest filings in a years-long foreclosure battle. After years of court...

Rams put Matthew Stafford on IR, and why that is huge news for the Lions

The Los Angeles Rams announced on Saturday that starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is being placed on injured reserve, which likely means that his 2022 season has come to an end. And Stafford's former team, the Detroit Lions, figure to benefit from that development in a very, very big way. Stafford...

Angels Rumors: MLB Insider Predicts LA Signs All-Star Veteran Shortstop

The shortstop market is loaded with talent this offseason. From Carlos Correa to Trea Turner to Dansby Swanson and Xander Bogaerts, there are former All-Stars all across the board. The Angels are in need of a shortstop, and could make a huge splash to solidify their spot as a contender...

‘Narcosis’ Filmmaker Martijn De Jong On Combining Clairvoyance, Deep Sea Diving And Grief – Contenders International

Narcosis, The Netherlands’ entry for the Best International Feature Oscar, mixes a cocktail of themes perhaps for the first time ever: clairvoyance, deep sea diving and grief. Directed by Martijn de Jong and co-written with his life partner Laura van Dijk, Narcosis is about a young family that is hit by a tragedy and deals with it in a unique way. It won the Audience Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival as well as Best Film at the Nederlands Film Festival. De Jong calls Narcosis “kind of a mirror” to his own family, “but not at all biographical.” During Deadline’s Contenders Film: International awards-season event, he...

Final projections place Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl

Earlier in the week, a majority of publications projected Syracuse playing in AAC opponent in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl after SU finished the regular season 7-5. But in the past week, those projections have started to shift toward Syracuse playing in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York City. That would pit the Orange against a Big 10 opponent on Dec. 29 at 2 p.m. at Yankee Stadium.

Taco Bell Quietly Changed Its Guacamole And Fans Noticed

We get it – things change. It's inevitable. One minute you have a new favorite whipped peanut butter, and then just like that, it's gone forever from the shelves. There's nothing you can do about it because someone over in corporate probably said that the product wasn't working for one reason or another. Sometimes, the product remains but the recipe changes. But because there was no big fanfare to announce the change, you wonder if you're imagining things. So you're left scratching your head, asking when it happened.

China Spring Flexes Championship Muscles Over Anna

The China Spring Cougars (13-1) defeated the Anna Coyotes (13-1) in the Class 4A DI Region Final by the score of 31-14. In the matchup of the defending champion vs Cinderella, the champs showed why they are the champs. First Half Fight. The first half lived up to the billing...