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Vybz Kartel Proclaims His Love For Shorty In New Song “Love Ya Babymom”

Vybz Kartel proclaims his love for Shorty in a new track dedicated to the mother of three of his children. The dancehall hitmaker is showing love to the mother of his kids in a major way with the release of the official audio for his single “Love Ya Babymom.” The track was uploaded to his YouTube channel on April 29. The dedication to Tanesha is also a “Message to all real man,” as per the song’s lyrics.
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Jesse Royal Announces New Album & Taps Vybz Kartel For New Single “Rich Forever”

Jesse Royal says his sophomore album is on the way and his new single with Vybz Kartel, “Rich Forever,” is now out. It’s not a collaboration you’d expect, but it’s one that has been forged to show true unity and a message of hope. That’s how reggae star Jesse Royal has explained his latest single, Rich Forever featuring Vybz Kartel. The song comes from his anticipated sophomore album Royal, which is expected to drop on June 11th, 2021, by Easy Star Records. The single dropped on April 16. This single is the third release from Jesse Royal‘s upcoming album.
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Vybz Kartel Remind Critics He’s A Billboard Artist Long Before 2009’s “Romping Shop”

Vybz Kartel is reminding his critics that he has been a Billboard artist long before his 2009 hit, “Romping Shop” featuring Spice. The dancehall icon pushed back at a local blogger who insinuated that younger artists were making Billboard hits as if it was a new phenomenon. Vybz Kartel took to Instagram via his official account to school YouTube blogger BrandO of BrandO Music Review Show as he asserted that he had been a Billboard Superstar even way before the advent of social media.
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Vybz Kartel Issued Strong Response To Female Referencing His Son To Lizard’s Death

Vybz Kartel responds to a female on Instagram who reference his son Likkle Addi to Clive “Lizard” Williams’ death. Social media is a fair game for everybody, and once a post is made, everyone has the go-ahead to weigh in, including celebrities. Each person is entitled to their unsolicited opinion, and Instagram user @sashiboo1 did just that when she commented on a post made by the Instagram profile representing Dancehall icon Vybz Kartel.
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Yeah You” – Vybz Kartel Teaches His Son Likkle Vybz The Downsides Of Marriage

Vybz Kartel schooled his son Likkle Vybz about the downsides of marriages in their new video. “Yea You,” is the latest track sung by Vybz Kartel and his oldest son Likkle Vybz, which arrives with a new visuals. The track is from the Palmer’s recently released EP Dancehall Royalty. The opening of the video features Likkle Vybz in a stretch limo with a bottle of Moet in hand, vibing with a female while he deejays. The song is all about the prominence of the Gaza brand and also explores marriage and what happens after a divorce. The dancehall icon sings, “Married to the money, gold digger? No never When yuh get divorced yuh ah get embezzled. Half ah yuh money when di case done settled.”
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Bounty Killer Snubs Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Aidonia, Names ‘Pure’ Alliance Members

Bounty Killer is giving a shout out to the “pure four” Alliance members, leaving out notable dancehall stars Mavado, Aidonia, and Vybz Kartel. Bounty Killer is always showing love on social media to both fans and other artists. The dancehall Godfather has never expressed any reservations about acknowledging other industry players regardless of rank. While we are fully aware that there is no bad blood between him and the previous members of his Alliance entourage, Bounty aroused suspicion in the minds of some fans when he posted a throwback photo of the Alliance squad sans Vybz Kartel, Mavado and Aidonia.
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Vybz Kartel vs. Aidonia: A History Of Beef Between 2 Dancehall Giants

Vybz Kartel and Aidonia have been beefing for years and are unlikely to make peace anytime soon. Over the years, fans have continually been entertained by dancehall and the many clashes that have emerged. Some have been short-lived and resolved definitively. Others have endured and kept going. Dancehall veterans Beenie Man and Bounty Killer were once sworn enemies and now are close friends. Very little can ever be mentioned in dancehall without bringing up Vybz Kartel’s name. He’s dominated the genre for the better part of two decades, and in that time, he’s also had his share of feuds. Due to his lyrical skill, many have been quashed in no time. While many fans know about his ongoing disdain for Mavado, they may have forgotten his ongoing war with Aidonia has a deep past. This feud goes way back to the 2000s and ignited in the 2010s. For long periods of time, both artistes have nothing to say to each other, and then they reignite the war and trade blows.