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50 Cent's GF Cuban Link Apologizes To Vivica A. Fox: "I Take The Blame"

Rapper 50 Cent and actress Vivica A. Fox were once entangled in a two-year relationship that seemed to be pretty serious. Despite them dating over a decade ago, Fiddy seemingly left a lasting impression on his ex-girlfriend, who referred to him as the "love of her life" during a recent interview. The multi-part sit-down between Vivica and VladTV went live with different sections of their interview being uploaded on different days and, thus, people didn't get the full story right away.

Cuban Link Apologizes to Vivica A. Fox for Instagram Comment

Over the past week, 50 Cent’s old flame Vivica A. Fox made their early 2000s relationship a subject of headlines when she revealed that the rapper was the “love of her life.” Following the reveal, 50’s current bae, Cuban Link, hopped in The Shade Room comments and sparked a brief back and forth with Fox.
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Vivica A. Fox Sends One Final Message To 50 Cent & GF Cuban Link

Actress Vivica A. Fox got the internet talking this past week after her conversation on VLAD TV in which she brought headlines with her comments about her past relationship with 50 Cent. Her comments we released last week in which she discussed the beginning of their relationship. “We met after...

50 Cent's GF Cuban Link Shades Vivica A. Fox: "Respect Our Elders"

Vivica A. Fox called 50 Cent the "love of her life" during an interview this week with VladTV, which elicited reactions from the rap legend's current girlfriend. Sarcastically posting a violin emoji in response to the claims, Cuban Link had more to say after the world-renowned actress continued to flaunt her past relationship with Fiddy, sharing a Flashback Friday picture with him.
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Vivica A. Fox RESPONDS To Cuban Link After Vivica Called 50 Cent The Love Of Her Life, ‘Don’t Get Nervous!’

Vivica A. Fox caused quite a stir on social media. During an interview with VladTV, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent, is the “love of her life.” She said,. “The love that I had for him, and still to this day, will always—he was the love of my life. I will admit that without any reservations. He will always have a special place in my heart.”

Vivica A. Fox Fires Back At 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Cuban Link

Vivica A. Fox is firing back at 50 Cent’s girlfriend Cuban Link after she left a snarky comment regarding the actress’ recent VladTV interview. During the conversation, Fox referred to 50 Cent as “the love of my life,” which unsurprisingly caught the attention of Cuban Link who has been in a relationship with the television mogul since 2019.