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Batwoman: Victoria Cartagena Breaks Silence on Renee Montoya Casting

Batwoman only aired its Season 2 finale late last month, but the hit The CW series is already looking towards the future in a major way. Shortly after the latest season wrapped, some major casting details surrounding Season 3 were brought to light, including that fan-favorite character Renee Montoya would be joining the show. On Tuesday, fans finally learned who would be playing that role, with Victoria Cartagena — who previously played Renee on Fox's Gotham — cast in the part. Shortly after the news was announced, Cartagena took to social media to tease that she has "some unfinished business" with Renee, and that she's "very excited" to join the series' cast and crew.
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Gotham x Batwoman Season 3: Victoria Cartagena to play Renee Montoya

We have more casting details for Batwoman Season 3 —a familiar face will be appearing as Renee Montoya, a popular character from the DC Comics. Victoria Cartagena will be returning to Gotham City to play Montoya, TVLine reports. Returning, you ask? Interestingly, Cartagena portrayed Renee Montoya on Fox’s Gotham back...
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Batwoman Season 3 Casts Victoria Cartagena As Renee Montoya

Batwoman has cast actress Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya in the upcoming season 3 - or rather, Batwoman has recast Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya. Cartagena previously played the character of Renee Montoya on Fox's Gotham - though the report of her casting in The CW's Batwoman makes it clear that the two versions of the character are not connected - meaning the universes of Gotham and Batwoman are in no way connected. Sorry Batman fans. Still, for fans of Gotham, this Batwoman carry-over casting will be a fun Easter egg to enjoy. And, judging from the character description of this new version of Montoya, Batwomanwill be doing a very different take on the character:

'Batwoman' Season 3 Casts 'Gotham's Victoria Cartagena in a Fan-Favorite Role

Victoria Cartagena has been cast as Renee Montoya in the upcoming third season of The CW’s Batwoman, according to Deadline. This is the second time that Cartagena has played Renee Montoya after appearing as the character in the first season of the FOX series Gotham. Reportedly, Batwoman’s Montoya is a...

Gotham's Victoria Cartagena Joins Batwoman as... Renee Montoya

Victoria Cartagena has joined the cast of The CW’s Batwoman as Renee Montoya — the same DC Comics character she played on Fox’s Gotham. Though to be clear, this Renee Montoya is not actually the same TV character, since it was never suggested that the Fox series is any way a part of The CW’s Arrowverse.

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Batwoman: Victoria Cartagena cast to play Renee Montoya – again!

Exciting news over in Batwoman world. Actress Victoria Cartagena has been cast to play popular Gotham City cop Renee Montoya. If her name sounds familiar when connected to this character, well, this isn’t the first time she’s donned the badge. According to Entertainment Weekly, they’ve confirmed that Cartagena will in...